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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Dec 17, 14:34:04
My mom tends to have this attitude of "I'm definitely right, and you're wrong/don't know what you're talking about/misremembering because I'm always right" no matter how many times it turns out she's wrong. I can't deal with it. It just bugs me.

And today, I got annoyed with her doing that over a really dumb argument: the cat we used to have, who she named Samuel... was he all gray or was he a tabby/Siamese mix that kinda looked like a white tiger? She said he was all gray. I told her she was thinking of Samson, a friend's cat that was living with us when we lived in another house. I even asked her "The cat we had when we were living in the other house?" and she said "Yes." Samson, the all gray cat, was in the other house. Samuel, the white tiger looking cat, was in the house we're living in now.

Not to mention that my mom has been having memory issues due to her medications... and yet she tells me that I'm the one who's remembering wrong and insisted that she's right.
Whatever. Not worth arguing about, but really, it annoys me when she insists she's right no matter what I say and it later turns out that I was right but she doesn't bother to learn from it.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Dec 09, 06:10:26
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2016 Dec 08, 13:16:06
Wichita Falls is so cold, so incredibly cold. I walked from my dorm to the DFAC this morning at 0530, which is a 5 minute walk. My face was completely numb by the time I got there.

Is this Norway? I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and accidentally crossed the Atlantic.

Apparently, the entire USA is getting hit by an arctic blast. Just a couple days ago, Hawaii got 2 feet of snow in some places.
It's just gonna get colder. Get ready.

Thank goodness I own a couple of thick, really warm jackets despite living someplace where it rarely gets cold enough to warrant such coats. You never know when there'll be freakishly cold weather.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Nov 17, 09:48:28
Okay, so it turns out that MMD won't open any files on my laptop whatsoever, not even models that it used to open back when I had Windows 8.

Other people have had a problem where MMD just plain would not open at all in Windows 10, but that's not my problem. It opens just fine, but it won't open the models! Not PMX, not PMD, nothing!

No matter what I search, I cannot find anything that matches my problem (which is pretty much always the case when I try to Google for a solution to my problems, which is also annoying!!), so I decided to register an account on an MMD forum so I can make a thread on there and ask for help.

Guess what. :l
As per usual, when I try to fix a problem I'm having, a whole bunch of obstacles pop up in my way because my problems never want me to solve them.

I can't post on that forum until I activate my account with the activation link they sent in an email.
But I haven't gotten that email.
I double checked that I typed in the right email address without typos, and I did.
I checked my junk folder and inbox multiple times.
No email.
So I looked around their website for a way to request they re-send the email.
And their Terms of Service says one account per person.

Edit: So, I'm a dumb thing that annoys me.
I haven't used MMD in so long that I forgot that, in order to load a model, you don't go to File > Open, like a reasonable person
No, the button to open a model is way down at the bottom of the window, for some reason
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Nov 14, 18:53:00
I'm so frustrated right now.

How do people find solutions to their problems by Googling it?! That NEVER works for me, and I don't know why! I hate it so much!!

I have version 9.26 of MikuMikuDance, and it won't open PMX files! It looks like this is the latest version, and I read that MMD natively opens PMX files starting with version 7.39, so why doesn't mine open them?! It's so frustrating!!
Can't bring myself to change my lock screen yet (I love seeing the Birth By Sleep trio's wayfinders when I wake my laptop), but I changed my background.
Spoiler: show

It's Ruby, poking at a will-o-wisp while she walks through the woods, in RWBY volume 4 episode 2!
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Oct 31, 10:55:49
For some unknown reason, my sinuses seem to be draining a ton in my sleep, and I think that's why my throat hurts when I wake up every morning lately. Also kind of explains why my stomach has been upset. Ugh...

Edit: Oh, also, I really wish Rooster Teeth would just write the RWBY Youtube video subtitles themselves and lock everyone else out of editing the subtitles.
Please. I'm begging you!

Fans tend to put dumb jokes and their own commentary into the subtitles, which makes it confusing for the people who actually need the subtitles due to being deaf or hard of hearing or their first language not being English.

On top of that, the RWBY wiki keeps getting people who show up and edit things and get into edit wars trying to change everything to the spellings they found in the Youtube subtitles, which have a tendency to be wrong, as we recently found out from the volume 4 World of Remnant videos.

The fandom had some problems with it being hard to figure out how to spell the names of the continents and such that were revealed in the new World of Remnant videos. The RWBY wiki's regular users sat down, discussed it all, and did some research. Since the locations in RWBY have real words for their names (though, Vytal is an intentional misspelling of Vital, to look cooler), the wiki users did some research to look for real words that sound like the ones we heard in the WoR videos.

The wiki came up with: Sanus, Onym, Solitas, Alsius, Windpath, and Kuchinashi.
Youtube came up with: Sanas, Aunima, Solitas, Alsius, Windpath, and Kuchinachi.
With the premiere of the first episode, the wiki changed Onym (a suffix) to Anima. To be fair, in the WoR video, Qrow didn't enunciate that last "a" very well at all.
So many different people kept going onto the wiki one after the other and trying to edit every instance of "Sanus" to "Sanas" and pointing to the Youtube subtitles as their source, and the users kept having to explain over and over again that fans write the subtitles.
Miles Luna (co-writer of RWBY) later tweeted: Sanus, Anima, Solitas, and Alsius.
So, it turned out the wiki was right.

And now..
Youtube subtitles: Xione Village
Wiki: Shion Village
Who's right?! Most likely the wiki. Shion is a flower that, in flower language, means remembrance, and considering that episode 2 is called Remembrance... yeah.
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2016 Oct 21, 08:36:21

It all started, as many things do around here, with Gavin having an idea...
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2016 Oct 13, 06:04:45

A wild Snorlax blocks your path!
Apparently, that's a gigantic plushie. It's amazing. I kinda want one.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Oct 12, 15:27:23
Quote from: Night Pony on 2016 Oct 12, 04:02:35
Makes sense but it should really be the other way around. The game should emulate the show's moves with more spinning rather than the other way around.

Gorilla to be honest reminded me something from [PROTOTYPE]  game with his infected type patch on his right shoulder.

Ah, according to the concept art, the red patches on its shoulder are actually burns. Seems that Grimm had been through a lot.
But yeah, it didn't remind me of that meme, but tons of fans everywhere sure did...

I think (and hope) they only did the Grimm Eclipse moves for that Character Short.

10-11 more days, man.
Kinda sad that it seems no one recorded the volume 4 opening or the episode 1 clip they showed at NYCC. All we have is people telling us what they saw, and we can't confirm any of it because there's no video, so we just have to go with it.

On the bright side, though, it seems that Miles was telling the truth when he said that volume 4 will have some light and fun stuff like the previous volumes and won't be all dark and serious all the time. The episode 1 clip apparently had a bit of silly banter about our traveling characters' team name.

However, annoyingly, apparently there are certain shippers making a fuss about Sun being there for Blake. How dare he help his friend because it threatens a fan ship, am I right?!
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Oct 12, 01:01:54
Quote from: Night Pony on 2016 Oct 11, 16:15:49
Ruby's swings in the Volume 4 trailer are nothing like the ones in Red trailer.
They are slow, wide and looks more like you'd do with a greatsword than a scythe.
It's bugging me.

Apparently, a bit of it was them trying to emulate what you can do in the video game, Grimm Eclipse. She even uses one of the special moves at one point.

Now, what really annoys me is how the new gorilla Grimm was instantly ruined by that meme. *Sigh*
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Oct 07, 23:03:45
Call me the Dead Sea because I'm super salty right now. :\

Every once in a while, especially a week or two before a new volume premieres, the RWBY crew holds a Q&A somewhere on the internet. They've been holding their Q&As on various different platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. This time, they held it on Tumblr and gave 7 days of time (they announced it on Sept 30, answered questions on Oct 7, left their Ask Box open that whole 7 days) for people to submit their questions.

So, out of the surely countless questions they received over the course of those 7 days, how many did they answer?

That's not what I'm salty about, but it is kind of annoying. Why give people 7 days to submit questions and then only set aside enough time to answer 36 questions? Why?

Especially when they favored the same exact kind of questions that they've been favoring in pretty much every single text Q&A they have held for a while now! That's what I'm salty about! Because all it ever is, is:
- Mostly a bunch of voice acting questions that all end up so similar that they blur together
- Stuff like "I love you guys." "I love you Barbara" "I love the roosterteeth girls. This isn't a question I just love them" "You got any music recommendations?" (What?!! Seriously?!!! Why did these get answered?!)
- "What would the characters' favorite memes be?" "What anime would the characters watch?" "What houses in Game of Thrones would the characters be in?" (I have nothing against these questions)
- Often at least one "Did you ever think you'd (blablablah) such a popular show?" question
- What's your favorite character to write for/character/outfit/Grimm/moment/etc (These get asked so often)
- If you could voice any character/If you could voice a different RWBY character/etc (These also tend to get asked)
- What's the best part about making the show/working for Rooster Teeth/etc
- Maybe a small few questions about the show proper/upcoming volume/volume that just finished

Why am I salty that those questions get favored so much?
Every time CRWBY (crew + RWBY, the RWBY crew) announces a Q&A, the people who frequently use the RWBY wiki get together, discuss what kinds of questions they should ask, and list what they're going to ask.
And the only Q&A, in a long time, where CRWBY has actually answered any questions that wiki users have asked at all was the Facebook Q&A, and that was probably only because the wiki admins used the RWBY Wiki Facebook page to ask the questions. Even then, CRWBY only answered a small few of the more important wiki user questions, and I only recall them giving a serious, definite answer to a couple of those.

The wiki users are frustrated because they feel ignored. It's tiring trying to ask serious questions about things we're curious about, things we're confused about, things that would improve the wiki's articles, and things that the fandom has been arguing about, only for those questions to almost always be ignored in favor of what I listed above.

In total, the RWBY wiki got 2 pieces of info out of those 36 answers in the entire Q&A: The village from the Volume 4 Character Short is on the outskirts of Vale and the short takes place before volume 4. The "How long is the timeskip?" question wasn't useful because they already said months ago (in, like, July, I think?) that the timeskip is 6-8 months.

So, yeah, I'm incredibly salty.

P.S. Don't give 7 days to ask questions and then only answer 36 of them and have those 36 mostly be a concentration of the same stuff you always answer in every single Q&A.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Oct 05, 00:19:15
Felt sick today. Took a nap, woke up starving with an empty stomach but feeling like I needed to puke, so I was left with a really bad conundrum. At least I fended off my dizziness (from low blood sugar) by sipping some soda.

Feeling sick is so annoying, though.

Also, on an off topic note, I've discovered that total starvation makes me crave apples, since that's what I ate the first couple times in my life that I woke up in that "So starving that standing makes me dizzy" state.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Sep 30, 13:16:18
Rooster Teeth released a short preview clip of the RWBY volume 4 trailer (which comes out October 3rd), and it's so nice to see it in HD instead of on a projected screen (or in a shaky camera recording)! The benefits of switching from Poser Pro to Maya are immediately clear! :3
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Sep 30, 13:13:59
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2016 Sep 29, 20:35:44
I have a friend at college who's indifferant to RWBY, but says he despised Volume 2, claiming it's all just "filler".
...Ok, I may have forgotten most of the little things, but I'm PRETTY FREAKING SURE it wasn't just "filler". It's called character development...
Also, it took me three tries before I had to scroll and check how "volume" was spelt... :facehoof:

Yeah, volume 2 mostly focused on developing and letting us get to know the characters, as well as setting up for volume 3. You kinda need to know about the characters you're watching, so you can understand their motivations and personalities. They took the time to get into why Weiss, Blake, and Yang want to be Huntresses and even had them grow and develop from realizing, for themselves, what their true motivations were, rather than just the surface.

Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2016 Sep 29, 22:15:24
ROFL, What would a petition do?
It's a free country, it's not like the government will come and shut them down.

I always love it when those little rule makers try something "Law" related and they forget that it means nothing.
It's like some dude reported Bakasan94 for banning him.
He claimed it was "Against the law" because he had freedom of speech. lol

The internet is not America, You're American rights are not portable, little celdurps. :)
The server host can do whateeever they want.

Pfft, Freedom of Speech just means we can't be arrested for saying things the government doesn't like. Like, I could say "The president talks in a really hilarious way, and I can't take him seriously, especially with his big Dumbo ears" and he couldn't have me arrested just because he's unhappy that I'm making fun of him. :P Seriously, the colonists had that problem with the king (that and "I disagree with the king's latest decision *gets arrested*").
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Sep 29, 19:34:09
Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2016 Sep 29, 11:07:16
Laptops aren't meant to be on 24/7 like desktops are.
I turn mine on and off daily.

I put mine into sleep mode when I'm not using it. Unfortunately, my laptop has this stupid thing where, if I shut it down, when I boot it back up and check how long Task Manager says my laptop has been on for, it pretty much acts like my laptop didn't get shut off at all. The only way to reset the counter to 0 is to restart.

I saw a post where someone said they find it disturbing that, they assume, Miles and Kerry (the writers of RWBY) either never took college writing classes or decided that Rooster Teeth is too good for college. And they went on to wonder if they could make a petition demanding that Miles and Kerry resign for their inexperience.


Here's the incredibly ridiculous thing about that opinion:
Monty Oum - The creator of RWBY, who was praised for his animation skills, especially the action scenes and their choreography... did not take college classes to learn how to animate. In fact, he taught himself.

Jeff Williams - The man who writes the songs for RWBY (writing the lyrics and, I believe, composing the music of said songs), who has been praised for the songs he writes... did not take college classes to learn music. He tried to, but he ended up teaching himself. Each time a new RWBY soundtrack goes up in iTunes, it rockets its way up the list. Even back in volume 1, when RWBY had its bumps and issues, people still agreed that the songs were great.

Monty Oum and Jeff Williams self-taught instead of taking college classes. So, you can sit right down and zip up that mouth, good sir.

Just because you didn't learn how to do something in college, that doesn't mean you're bad at it. :\

I would share my view of why the writing had its snags prior to volume 3, but... I am quite paranoid that I could get some negative responses for being "disrespectful", when that is not what I intend from my views. I try to view it as objectively as possible, using information from crew members themselves. >.<
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Sep 29, 10:19:40
It's getting back to where Youtube videos wanna take a little bit to load again, so I guess I should restart my laptop soon. *Sigh* Why does this happen?
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Sep 27, 09:30:32
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2016 Sep 26, 14:15:49
I think it's time to bring up the elephant in the room. I don't really keep up with all the super in-depth lore, so I don't know if it's been explained yet, but...WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE MOON?!

They haven't really said. We don't know if there is any lore behind that or if they made it broken just because it would look cool. Apparently, while they were planning RWBY, Monty went up to Miles and Kerry and went "What if... the moon is broken?" That, and the fact that the moon rotates to make the phases, is pretty much all they've said about it.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Sep 26, 12:52:56
Rooster Teeth announced the release date for the RWBY Volume 4 trailer!!

October 3rd! :D

They also posted a screenshot from the trailer. It'll be the same video that was shown at RTX, but I've heard that they added more to it and polished it up to look even nicer. Also, apparently, this trailer will have completely original footage instead of clips from volume 4, kinda like how the Red, White, Black, and Yellow Trailers were original footage! SO! Definitely need to see this!

It looks even more beautiful now that it's animated in Maya instead of Poser Pro!! ovO
That's a screenshot! I'm not kidding! :3 I remember that shot from the RTX version of the video! They also posted a gif on Twitter, showing Ruby standing on that cliff while a pair of giant Nevermores (basically, giant raven monsters) fly over her, but I can't save that or copy the image URL for it.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Sep 26, 07:13:37
Quote from: LunarDusk on 2016 Sep 25, 14:03:13
Hue, I'd say the same for both of you  :]

I was on a sim called Gaia Online which is pretty much beyond dead these days and I ran across an avatar that caught my interest which caused me to type in "I see you...Ghastly". Then someone next to my avatar says Thats not  Ghastly thats a pokemon, and I say yep Ghastly is a pokemon. At this point im just under the assumption of troll until the part they just say that "I play pokemon GO I know what I'm talking about." which I responded, I played Pokemon since 2000 and ones from 1998 and if they did play pokemon go then they would be able to recognize those form the kanto region. Then they just say that I didnt and I'm like 10 and Pokemon Go is the only version thats playable finishing off with I've never played pokemon.

(yes I screen shotted the conversation)

Then theres the part where I list the games I played which is kinda long
" Yellow, BLue, Red, Gold, silver, Crystal, Stadium1/2, Colosseum, XD, RSE, Fire Red, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum< Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red/Time/Darkness/Sky, Heartgold, Black, White2, X, Alpha Sapphire." Then they just say "Get real, those aren't even real games. You're just listing fake ones, the only games that exists are X and Y and the rest was on anime."

At this point im just facepalming

I'm done... lol

:facehoof: Could still be a troll, but could also be a kid who only just now learned about Pokemon.

Though, it kinda reminds me of that time I was playing an MMO called Perfect World, and there was someone talking in the chat, trying to be a show-off and acting like they knew everything. They were saying that they could tell what level someone was by what equipment they had, bragging on and on and complaining that some jerks defeated them in PvP (which, on the server I was on, you could turn PvP on or off).

On Perfect World, all the races can have items that make them fly, but the Flying Elves start out able to fly from level 1 because they start out with a free set of wings. Well, someone whose character was a Human flew by on their flying mount, and that person who was bragging about how much they knew about the game claimed that person was hacking and that only Flying Elves could fly and said they reported that player. o.O
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Sep 24, 22:14:47
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2016 Sep 24, 15:31:44
Spoiler: show
I'm getting about sick of the imaginary 'SJW' conspiracy alarmism in the gaming community. These attitudes are so insanely illogical I don't even know where to begin. Any time there's a female character in a video game who isn't 'attractive' by the consensus standard, male gamers the world over get uptight about it.

Overwatch is probably one of the most prominent recent examples (Though certainly not the first). People got their jimmies rustled over such non-issues as Tracer's victory pose being changed to be less racy, or Zarya existing in general because her whole character was somehow "SJW pandering". It's as if they're incapable of appreciating a female character for the character itself and only care about how she looks. Not only is this ridiculous in itself, it's also insanely hypocritical given these folks' tendency to use artistic freedom as justification for all the skimpily-clothed female characters in gaming.

Dudebros: "Game developers should be able to design their female characters however they want!"

*devs choose to design non-racy female characters*

Dudebros: "OMG SJW CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!11"

Anyone who isn't currently being fitted for a fedora should be able to see how incredibly stupid and sexist this attitude is. Yet if I point that out I get labelled as a "white knight" (whatever that's supposed to mean) and down-voted into oblivion.

Yep, I completely get what you mean.

And, I'm someone who's generally for there being some variety in the characters in any entertainment media because, frankly, I've gotten kind of bored with there being so many shows, movies, and games that have pretty much all or most of the characters being similar or the same. It gets a bit bland. Things are more interesting to look at if there's variety. If all the female characters are that same generic type of "female who most males find really attractive and likes to wear clothes that show off too much", it's boring and bland. And yes, I also appreciate when there's variety in the male characters.

Of course, obviously, there are exceptions. Like, if I'm playing a game that takes place in Victorian England, I don't want there to be some random Japanese guy for no reason other than having variety and such. It just wouldn't make sense.

I've actually realized that one thing about MLP is that the mane six have variety. In the beginning, there was an even split of races (2 unicorns, 2 pegasi, 2 earth ponies). There's variety in their coat and mane colors. There's even variety in their personalities and occupations. This variety makes them each their own pony, separate from the other five, and it makes things much more interesting.

It's annoying when someone keeps trying to argue something and won't listen to anyone else, even to the point of ignoring logic. And then, when they're backed into a corner and they don't have anything else to argue, they resort to something really silly like "Dictionaries don't define things."
Wait, what? :I

Even more annoying is when someone resorts to "The writers could be lying! Writers lie, you know!" when they literally don't have any way to keep arguing their view or theory! Now, in the MLP fandom, yes, that could work because the MLP crew have lied to us before ("Nooo, Twilight's not going to become an alicorn princess" :/), but in the RWBY fandom, that does not work.

And if you try that "The writers could be lying" argument in front of fans who've been listening to and reading every single thing the writers have been saying since 2013, you're gonna have a bad time. The RWBY crew NEVER intentionally lies. Yes, some things they've said before have turned out wrong, but that was because of plans changing. Sometimes, when you're making a show, plans change and you can't foresee that happening. But at the time that they said it, it wasn't a lie.
Spoiler: Spoiler example • show
For example, when they said we wouldn't see Ozpin in action any time soon. At the time, that was true.

So, why did we see Ozpin face Cinder in the volume 3 finale?
Easy explanation: Monty once said that Ozpin does not get in on the action unless he absolutely positively needs to. Monty came up with the idea for the Maidens after they finished production on volume 2. So, at the time that we were told we wouldn't see Ozpin in action, the Maidens didn't exist yet. Once Cinder gained the full Fall Maiden powers, she became so powerful that Ozpin absolutely positively needed to step forward and get into the action.

So, trying to keep arguing for your theory that Qrow is really Ruby's dad with "Monty could've been lying about Ruby and Yang being half-sisters" is not going to get you anywhere. He didn't lie. Taiyang is the father of both Ruby and Yang. I personally don't mind the theory that Qrow could've had a crush on Summer, but he is most definitely not Ruby's father.