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well kind of, i just re-found this website from trying to go on an other website and got suggested to me, not because i had an email telling me i was mentioned. so just a heads up for the other mentioned peoples, they might not get the message if they arent using the same email they used to make their account.
i do sometimes, simply to keep my jigglypuff and king Dee meister fresh. i dont do much though, mostly playing against bots
as the blast came her way, she rose her head looking the other way. she looked left and right without seeing the attack. seeing the previous trainer flee, she cheered and went back in as the dragon pulse hit the can sending it flying.
she never noticed or listened to the people and pokemons outside, she almost ran out of ammo when she found a broken/used great ball. she started sweeping it, removing the dirt and residue from the trash that she threw out as she planned to keep it for later use, since pokeballs have lots of small metal bits that she can use.
she hops head first in the trash can to dodge the flames. now completely dirty and covered in old greace and food, she kept throwing things, not really looking where they were landing, hoping it would scare them away. it didnt take long before the almost completely emptied the garbage can of what was throwable.
she hoped on the edge of the can to try and reach out inside. as she heard the trainer aproach, she growled and picked up the first thing she could land her paw on, which was an empty bottle,  and threw it toward Peace.
(( ITS ALIVE!!!))

Minccino was roaming around town, searching garbage cans and bushes to seek trash that she could recycle.
(for now, since you guys seem to be on your way, ill just wait before continuing this little thing i got going :P)
she calmed down after taking deep breaths, but stayed on alert, just in case. further down the cave, a screech, most probably from an other bat-like pokemon, came echoing down the cave's walls. chills went up Minccino's spine as she rushed to the human to hide behind his leg.
Quote from: Julien999 on 2016 Mar 07, 16:48:58
((??? Wait, did they followed them into the hole??? So confusing!))
(same thing i wondered :P)
a wild swobat flew by the group. although it ignored everyone, Minccino went intantly aggressive fearing the sneak attack.
as the repel's effect completely faded, sound of other pokemons walking on the rocks and bat pokemons' wings sprung up as they weren't repulsed by the repel's horrible smell anymore. the sounds came from everywhere, as it looked like a lot of the wild creatures were simply hiding. Minccino slowed down as danger could jump out of anywhere.
she grumbled to herself as she finaly got up and started walked deaper in the cave as the repel's effect was almost over.
(repels op, what can i say  :])

after 'intensive' search of not finding where the disk was hidden, she sat down, a bit grumpy and dissapointed.
she shook her head back into senses and looked at Ace. "Mincc?" she walked around him slowly, trying to find where the threat went.
as the disk went back to Ace, she stood there, mortified, not really knowing where it went.
she backed away as the top device came around her. thinking it could hurt her, she fling the empty Repel to stop the top in its track.
she stared a bit at the stylus, never having seen anything like that before. she chased Ace and tried to take it from him without him noticing, but being so small, all she could do was just hop, barely touching it.
after a few minutes, the group came to an intercetion. the pokemon stopped to see which way to go, but the echo was blurring which way the sounds of outside came from. she became more and more worried looking back at the group, then back at the 2 ways again.
the minccino walked down in the cave, ears perked up, trying to pick up the sound of a water flow or high winds to signal an exit. at the first sound she found, she followed it with no secound toughts.