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I have my doubts that anyone currently active on these forums knows me, but after my departure on January 30th of 2014, I have returned!  I will probably not be an active participant in any threads, but I have reconnected with my account here and will occasionally have a look at the RP and art boards.
If anyone reading this remembers me, feel free to say hi!  I will respond to PMs or comments fairly quickly.

If you do not know me and are just checking for ponies to welcome to the forum, don't feel obligated to give me any such attention; my prime here passed long ago. X3   I wish you all the best, and perhaps I may return to action here soon!
Of course it isn't.  It's just not his "right" to be on this board. x3

[4:00:39 PM] The Wandering Magus: "Sorry folks, you can take it up with Perry at your own peril.  If you want to contact me, talk to Wave and try getting skype.  We can continue this RP elsewhere."
Magus won't be able to come back and continue this RP... not here, at any rate.  Would anypony here like to continue?

(I can provide additional information via Skype: "trojan.pon3")
All right, I'm a little loco in the coco right now, so I'll give everypony the short version!

Wandering Magus ain't coming back, but he wants this thread to carry on!

Congratulations, Asterian; by his own order, you're the new Wandering Magus.  Please have everypony vote on the next class, by text right here or by a new OOC thread that you can control in relation to polls, and figure out who on the teacher board can teach the most wanted class.

As made apparent from my latest RP post, I won't be coming back here either, so there's that, too.  Any of you can contact me on Skype (trojan.pon3) if you need any more info.
Have fun, everypony!
Introductions / Re: Leave of Absence Thread
2014 Jan 30, 14:29:48
Leaving indefinitely!  Stay safe, everypony!
Wavelength looked almost crestfallen.  "So it hasn't been tested?" he asked sadly.  After a moment's pause, something in his saddlebag emitted a single electronic chirp sound.  "Oh, sorry... I didn't think this'd happen, but I've gotta go right now... have a great class!"  Wavelength gave Dark Hooves an uncertain smile and wave, then galloped off to the registration office and told the mare at the desk to remove his name from all classes.  He had to return home.
Wavelength's eyes widened.  "Oh?  With that much concentrated heat, they must be taking a whole lot of heat from the environment... could a dragon chill something by breathing--or bending, as you said--fire near it?" he asked eagerly.
Wavelength gave half a smirk at the notes.  "Well, nothing quite that extreme, just a sort of "what do you know of this" kind of question...  What do you know about dragon fire and its formation?" he asked.  "I can't make up my mind whether to call it magic or chemical-based..."
Wavelength gave a polite smile and replied.  "I was just hoping to compare thoughts and such on the recent class.  Would that be all right with you?  It should only take a couple minutes."
Wavelength looked over at Dark Hooves and took note of the book's cover.  Something related to dragons... so his mind would be on the class that just got out.  Truth be told, Wavelength still had his mind on the magitronics class, but he had a thought or two about the dragons.  He approached Dark Hooves and stood off to the side, obviously there to talk but not appearing to be in any sort of hurry.
Wavelength dropped by his cart and took a moment to look at his schedule for the next class he'd be a part of.  After gathering the necessary materials for that class in his saddle bag, he went ahead and waited in the west courtyard.  The class wouldn't be starting for a while, and maybe he could make a friend or compare ideas while waiting.
Ryo brings up a good point.  Between classes, there's often a half hour or more for students to interact or study.  A lot can happen in half an hour.
Two reminders:
One, there is an OOC topic specifically so that out-of-character chatter doesn't happen in the RP thread. lol
Two, the founder of this RP will be able to return within two days, and will resolve this standstill.

Please post any comments about the RP in this thread, not the RP thread. x3
This is true.  I should be meaner.
lol Your pictures are adorable as ever, by the way! x3
"Hey Blue Pony!"  "Who, me?"  "No, Blue Pony!  I know you're a blue pony, but that's her name, not yours."
Technically I don't see any ponies, but... that hand tho... 10/10
Yeah, I checked the members list... your old account's still here... eh, I can't do anything for ya... just sit tight and wait for an admin, I'm sure they're working the problem now. x3
That's odd, no site ever took more than five minutes to reply to such a query from me... I haven't tried it with Legends of Equestria before, though.

Good to see you again, by the way!  Hope you can get your account back!
Nice headphones, but aren't we supposed to be ponies here? lol