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Canterlot Archives / Re: Is this all?
2015 Mar 14, 19:53:57
I'd like to see some kind of spaceRP, perhaps in a space station, on a colonized moon, etc etc.

Panacea remained still for a few seconds after the guard had left, then slumped back into her chair, scooting forth to her desk. The mare played around with the papers before returning to her work.
"Mhmmm..." A loud, audible drone of intrigue escapes the mare as she turns and sorts through the few racks, eventually nabbing a small baggie with her mouth. Panacea paces over to the table and sets it down, sorting through it for a moment before saying "Here, your medicines..." Her hoof lands on it and shoves it forth towards him.
"We, er, SHOULD have them, the medicines that you need, now... What's your name?" Panacea quickly corrects, clearing her throat. The mare doesn't move from her spot, and a curious expression riddles her face.
Her hoof raised, and lazily shook, beckoning Maple over to the desk. "Nooowww, what's your name? We should have them, whatever it is," Panacea's voice droned out as the mare rose from her seat and landed on her hooves, scuffling over the paperwork on her desk.
The droning of the mare's voice emanated through the room, before it formed into "Come in?" The pony in question relaxed for a moment back into the chair, tapping her hooves together in a bout of alertness.
Panacea lifted her head up from the amounts of paperwork on the front desk and set the pen down onto the counter, correcting her posture and uniform as she calls out to the door.

At the clinic door a voice could be heard from inside, slightly distant and muffled. "Come in."
By whatever time it was at the time, Panacea would've been working, doing what must be done and little more. She would, simply, be hanging around the medical area of the facility, to put it simply.
Not entirely oblivious, the mare's head sharply turned to face the disruption, but her eyes spotted nothing of interest. Had to be the wind, the now oblivious pony thought. The same determination that had been with her was rejuvenated as she again snapped her head forwards and strutted onwards. In truth she was weary, fatigued from the constant late nights and early mornings with little time between to rest.
   Panacea sat in her own living quarters, separate from those of the guards, yet alike with her civilian coworkers who had decided working as full time doctors on the base was a good idea. What she was thinking when she signed up for the position she did not know, nor did it matter to her now. Now all that mattered was work, and so the green haired mare abruptly rose in the well ventilated yet dimly lit room, donned her white lab jacket and her issued white side cap with a large, red cross embroidered on the front of it, then strutted to the door and pounded it open to step out into the blue. A fierce determination which seldom crossed her laced her every movement. She was going to get to work, and she was going to get through a day's worth of work, no matter the odds.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: How do I chat?
2014 Aug 11, 02:27:15
I must sleep!
I wouldn't worry about the status of the chat box, personally. It'll be up eventually.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: How do I chat?
2014 Aug 11, 02:24:10
Last time the chat box wasn't up for a few days. It's not even up for me yet!  ^-^
Off-Topic Archive / Re: How do I chat?
2014 Aug 11, 02:15:57
The chat box was disabled for the open server weekend, and should be online... soon?
(( I think I'll get back into the hang of things... ))
Panacea was lounging around the medical area, occasionally looking over the book that the AI had given her. Even though it was a foals book, she didn't understand what the words meant, but could make out the pictures in it. She did recall mentions of a library, but didn't give much thought to it.
I've found myself particularly lost, so when there's a proper time, I think I'll insert my character there. Time zones make all the difference.
Panacea had just woken up due to her fairly unorthodox sleep schedule, and she stepped out of her room to immediately head for the medical area.
Forgot I had to go somewhere. I'll be back later...
Wait a minute, did a time skip occur in the story? Just asking for a little bit of clarification.
Awoken by the violent shaking of the entire city, Panacea rolled out of her bed. She stumbled to the one and only window in the room, tiredly peaking out of it to see, if she could, what was going on.