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Name: Flamestriker
Cutie Mark:
Gender: Female
Age: Mare (About 19 years old)
Personality: Kind of shy but cheerful and kind.
Appearance: Look at the picture.
History - Her cutie mark story: When she was just a filly she had abnormally large wings bigger than the other fillies', and no known parents, so other pegasus fillies and colts made fun of her. She soon left Cloudsdale so she wouldn't be bullied but passed out from overburdening herself. She passed out in a forest which was on fire. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't fly because she strained her wing. The only option she had was to brave it and jump through the fire. When she did she was surprised that she wasn't burnt. She got her cutie mark on that day, a flame, and now she helps rescue residents and ponies in the middle of a fire.
Residence: Cloudsdale
Race: Pegasus, but she has a little residence in Ponyville which is closer to the place she works, the fire station.
Job: She works as a firemare.
Powers: She is fire-proof, so even if she was set on fire she would be in the same condition. This allows her to work as an efficient and valuable firemare.

Name: Snowflake
Cutie Mark: A snow crystal. I'll have a pic soon.
Gender: Female
Age: Well, she was born in the times that Equestria didn't exist, but her age after the incident is 9.
History: Snowflake was brainwashed by her parents in the old age that every other pony race is evil but then she was frozen and when she was found she managed to survive because of her talent. She now struggles to get along with other races.
Cutie Mark Story - Snowflake was lucky to have survived after being frozen for over 1000 years, and her talent came purely because she did survive which.
Residence: None (she travels)
Race: Pegasus
Job: None.
Powers: She can survive being frozen and any level of cold.

Name: Cleft
Cutie Mark: A treble cleff
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Personality: Brave but intelligent and cautious at the same time, and can be a bit hasty at times.
Appearance: I'll have a pic of that soon.
Cutie Mark Story - Cleft originally lived in Trottingham but was moving due to her mother going to Ponyville for work for a better pay, and she was so sad. Once she moved she was sad but her spirits were raised when she heard of a talent show! She loved talent shows. So she decided to perform but she didn't know what to do. As soon as she was on stage she decided to sing. And her singing was beautiful. She did not win firt prize, but she did get second and her cutie mark.
Residence: Ponyville, near Sugarcube Corner.
Race: Earth pony
Job: None. just a student.
Powers: She has an AMAZING singing voice, and she is pretty good with the harp, too.
And she hates people assuming she makes fissures, because her name is Cleft. Her special talent is song, not tearing the ground asunder.

Name: Dipsy Dye
Cutie Mark: A rose coloured splodge
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Personality: Flighty and naive, but very compassionate and aware of other pony's feelings.
Cutie Mark Story - Dipsy Dye was depressed and dull. She only wanted to find out what she was supposed to do. Her mother and father wanted her to be graceful like any other unicorn, but she never found it fun. One day though she did art in class, which was rare in her class. They were supposed to be neat and tidy, but she found it fun and started getting dirty and messy. She even provoked a paint fight! With that she was sent home, covered in paint, but when she was washed off there was two splotches on her flank that did not wash off. She had got her cutie mark for painting, and she was glad it was messy!
Residence: Canterlot.
Race: Unicorn
Job: Artist
Powers: She has paint powers, and make the figments on her page to actually come to life and animate, though they can not escape the page.

Name: Shade
Cutie Mark: None
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: Very hyper and happy, always enthusiastic.
History: Shade was a spy for the changelings but then she betrayed them. She now lives in ponyville and hopes to fit in.
Residence: Ponyville
Race: Changeling
Job: None
Powers: She can change into a pony looking a lot like Flamestriker except a blue version of her cutie mark.