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How doomed is Equestria and the mane 6?
Here's a touchin' story.

I went to a high school with... not the best budget. We were assigned textbooks at the beginning of the year, and we are expected to return specific ones at the end of the year; one of them being our senior History textbooks. Say what you want about the books being out of date because of this, but this actually does delay some students' graduation. If you lose the book, you need to pay $80(!) for a replacement. Until then, you cannot graduate. Finally, to make sure they know who still owns a book, they handed out cards for us to fill out (our name and the number of the book).

So where's all this going? I think you know. I never returned my History textbook.

We had two teachers in my History class; the main guy and his assistant. The main guy was the one that handed out the books and the cards. I got mine as normal. But sometime around February my family had to move. I lost a few things in the move (notably my Pokemon Diamond with everything I've ever worked for in previous generations in it, but I digress) including my History textbook. Come the end of the school year, I still couldn't find it. Seemed like I would have to pay the fee or miss graduation.

... However, that wasn't the case.

In the middle of the school year, the main teacher had to get a hip replacement so he had a substitute for the rest of the school year. This substitute didn't know much about the whole card thing, so she accidentally handed all the cards back to the students. Seems like a silly move, when I noticed something very peculiar about my writing.

It was in pencil.

I used this opportunity to erase the number and grab a spare history textbook off the shelf and replace the number with the number inside the new book. I got away free. Nobody ever noticed I switched the numbers to this day.

So, why am I bringing this up now?

Well, last weekend my mother went and dug through my closet filled with boxes that still haven't been unpacked since the last two(!) times we moved. She opened it and found a bunch of old school books that I had, both in grade school and high school. One of them was the very textbook I lost. I laughed so hard at the sight of it, and my mother gave me the strangest look.

I plan to return the book this Friday. Hopefully they don't sue me.

The end.


Anyone else got any troublemakin' stories?
(( This roleplay is not a jump-in. ))

-Stick to the story at hand(hoof).
-No godmoding.
-Your character can be cruel, but please keep it safe for these forums.
-I know I'm forgetting a few things. I will let you know if something I don't want happening pops up.


You wake up on the ground somewhere in Ponyville. You don't know how or why you got there, but you can't remember anything from the passed few days.

Ponyville is bustling with life and excitement, but there's just one problem: They can't see, hear, or feel you. It's like you no longer exist.

The only clue you have is a mysterious watch bound to your right fore-leg...


You cannot communicate with any pony except the ones that also have the watches on their fore-leg. Everything is a blurr. The last few days seem like they never happened...

Some things seem to be missing...
Snow Dash: Icy has disappeared from existance.
Rigor Mortis: Your cutie mark has disappeared.
Midnight: Your necklace is missing.
Vick: Your cloud shovel is gone.
Morgan Sententia: The hidden blade is nowhere to be found.
Moonlight Gamer: Every single game you once owned has vanished into thin air.

What is going on...? You wake up not yet knowing your possessions are missing, confused from the situation.

It's the middle of the day. Nobody seems to pay you any mind.

Spoiler: The Watch • show
Everypony's watch was the same. It was fastened tightly onto the leg with absolutely no visible way of detaching it.

It looked odd. It only had a small screen covered in nothing but static, and two buttons below it - a Black one and a Red one; both had skulls on them. The red one doesn't seem to be able to go in...

Spoiler: The Current Mission • show
The watches gave a few beeps. Text appeared on the screen.

Form a pact, then find the library.

Time Limit: 60 Minutes

Upon reading it, a forceful sting was felt on the underside of your right hoof. The time limit that appeared on the screen appeared on your hoof. And it was ticking down.
Resolved Issues / Stay Logged In For:
2012 Sep 26, 07:48:18
I logged into this on my school computer, and noticed this was missing. Where is it?

I ask because I don't want to stay logged in forever when I log into here. Sometimes I forget to log off. Normally I set it to stay online for 1 Hour so that it logged me off automatically when my classes neared the end.

It was a neat little feature that I had use for. What happened to it? Could we get it back?
We've got it in the calender. That's about it. How many people look at the calender?
Can we get some sort of notifier on the top or bottom of the front page or something to show who's having a birthday? That'd be smashing.

The old type of forum I used to go to (An InvisionFree forum) put who was having a birthday right above the Users Online section on the main page. Perhaps the same could be done here?
I still play it, but the experience system is a drag. I'm a level 20 Beginner, speccing to be a Technical Engineer.

Anyone else play?

Andrew Price, artist for the upcoming official, Hasbro-licensed My Little Pony comic book just got done with an interview for Celestia Radio, where he dished out some nifty details on the project. I've condensed it for you here.

-Will be released in November, no set street date yet

-1st issue will have 8 different covers, 6 drawn by the artist. The covers will all form one wide huge image. Each cover will feature one mane 6 pony, with other characters in the background.

-Price: $3.99

-22 pages

-Content will be separate from the show, but will not contradict it. Major events from the show will not be ignored, but the story will have some freedom from the show's plot. "It'll be up to the fans to decide what is canon."

-There will be no fan-derived stories, characters, or in-jokes due to legal reasons. This means no Cupcakes, Anthropology, nothing from fimfiction, and no popular fanon. (Yessssssssss!!)

-The artist avoids fanfictions entirely, but enjoys the artwork the fandom produces (Double yesssssss!!)

-Artist found out that Lyra and Bonbon were put together based on complementary colors looking good next to each other. This was told to him by an animator on the show.

-Best pony: Luna

-Favorite Mane 6: Applejack
I may or may not use these for roleplaying. I have my reasons to not use them.

Spoiler: Minty • show

Name: Minty
Sex: Female
Age: Foal
Race: Unicorn
Fur Color: Mint Green. Her snout has a tint of red.
Mane Color/Style: White; smooth like her mother's.
Tail Color/Style: White with a red stripe; short and jagged.
Eye Color: N/A
Cutie Mark: N/A
Personality: Very baby-ish, like a foal would normally act. She can say few words; some are completely incoherent 'baby speak'.
Brief History: Her mother was an average pegasus. Her father was a creature not of the natural world. The result was Minty - a seemingly normal unicorn, with one detail standing out: her eyes. Or, lack of. She's shown signs that she can see clearly regardless of this handicap. Her mother, scared she would be seen as a monster, gave her shades to wear to block out her "eyes". She soon died of natural causes only a few weeks later, and Minty went missing. She now wanders dark forests mindlessly. She has forgotten about her parents, her home, and everything except one thing; she can't remember why, but she will never take off her glasses.
She can use magic, but not at will. It is unpredictable and uncontrollable even for her.
Spoiler: show

Cutiebone drew the image. I put the glasses on. I know it's a bang-up job.

Spoiler: Faith • show
Name: Faith
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Race: Earth Pony
Fur Color: Deep Sky Blue
Mane Color/Style: Two different streaks of blue; both slightly darker than her coat. She ties her mane back with a bow so it doesn't get in the way.
Tail Color/Style: Two different streaks of blue; both slightly darker than her coat.
Eye Color: Lime Green
Cutie Mark: A shield - representing protection.
Personality: A bit of a tomboy; she's very strong-willed and very brave, but also extremely stubborn and has very little sense of urgency; she will not back down from the most dangerous threats, even if it's futile. She is very smart, though she sometimes becomes so full of herself that even after previous tactical plans she tends to rush the problems head-on. She always goes with the flow unless a fight to protect those close to her is involved. In other words, she fights for her friends.  To a stranger she may seem snotty and arrogant, but she really does mean well. [right]She also has a Scottish accent.[/right]
Brief History: What she says: Her father was a Royal Guard, but died in the line of duty. She's vowed revenge against the evil dragon that slain him. She trained for years and years until she had the strength and courage to enter the dragon's lair and single-handedly crushed him like a bug. She wanted more dangerous challenges as such, so she went out to seek dangerous jobs that require strength and will. Her cutie mark originated from her determination, and appeared when she slain the dragon.

In reality: She grew up on a farm attacking crows that got near the crops. She saved the farm from a tornado by tying it down to the ground and holding it with her massive strength, where she earned her Cutie Mark. She soon decided to go out and see the world, and she's been traveling ever since. She does mercenary work to get by.
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: Dollar Bill • show
Name: Dollar Bill
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Race: Earth Pony
Fur Color: Forest Green
Mane Color/Style: Green; it's smoothed backwards and cut short.
Tail Color/Style: Green; short and basic.
Eye Color: Turquoise
Cutie Mark: A dollar - representing wealth.
Personality: Although he is rich, he doesn't like the attitude the wealthy generally have. He's very kind-hearted, humble and well-mannered - something his heavy accent wouldn't make one think. As an Earth Pony, he takes pride in his strength and his hometown, Stalliongrad. He uses the money he has sparingly; he is very humble and feels like it is not his money to spend. He doesn't enjoy hearing his full name and would much rather be referred to as 'Bill'.
Brief History: His parents named him Dollar Bill because his color scheme looked similar. Both of his parents were rich. He was very sheltered from what his parents always called the 'cold, dark, poor world'. He always snuck out at night when he was young and made a few friends this way. He did this for years until his parents passed away. His father told him right before he passed on that they knew he was sneaking out at night, but they couldn't tell him because they had a reputation to keep. Bill didn't quite understand this. When they were gone, he inherited their fortune. His Cutie Mark originated from donating a large portion of his late parents' wealth to an orphanage that was closing down - his mansion is now used to take very good care of the fillies and colts without homes.
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: Valerie • show
Name: Valerie
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Race: Unicorn
Fur Color: Light Blue
Mane Color/Style: Light Green; she braids her mane back.
Tail Color/Style: White; somewhat disheveled, but rather fluffy.
Eye Color: Red
Cutie Mark: N/A
Personality: Valerie is not good with other ponies. She is very fidgety and stutters a lot. She's an extreme klutz both with her hooves and with her magic. She is very frail and rather shy, but very kind-hearted. She has a grand desire to help ponies in need, but she can never bring herself to make even the slightest eye-contact.
Brief History: She doesn't say much about the past, however good or bad it might have been. All that is known about her is that she took a job at a hospital to help sick and injured ponies. However, she was extremely incompetent at what she did. Her boss doesn't like her very much, but her determination has kept her from getting fired. She wears glasses because her eyesight is poor.
Spoiler: show

Will post more when I feel like it.

Are you telling me there's more than one of you?

Because if so, that would explain quite a lot.
Video Games Archive / Generic RPG Gam
2012 Aug 14, 19:43:35
No. That's not a typo. That's the title of this RPG Maker game I threw together in a short month.

That's your party. Your goal is to make it to the end.

Download it here.

Follow the ReadMe in the folder and enjoy.

Awful game is awful ><
Game made bad on purpose ><
Why is this not possible? Especially if the topic in question has been present for more than a few days and has 0 posts in it. Locking it only takes up unnecessary space, and calling a moderator to delete it is more of a hassle than it should be.
Guild Archive / [Herd] The Herdless
2012 Jul 31, 10:36:17
The idea behind this herd is simple: All the benefits of being in a herd while not being in a herd.

You don't have to talk to anyone.
You don't have to interact with fellow herd members.
Just pretend we're not there.

If all you want is the bonuses that come with the herd, but don't want to be involved with herd activity (i.e. you're a loner like me), this is what you've been looking for.

(I made this because some games have other benefits to being in a guild aside from an easy chat room. Like, stat bonuses, store benefits, etc. Even if that's not the case for this game, it'll still be easier to recruit ponies for dungeons and quests.
That, and I don't want to have to deal with some of the people here.)

If you want to join in on this horrible idea, let me know.
Video Games Archive / Ever play QWOP?
2012 Jul 29, 15:04:46
There's a pony version now.

Enjoy your hours of frustration.
I can browse the forums normally, but when I try to view certain topics they never load. My browser just keeps loading and loading and loading until the inevitable timeout.
It only seems to be on my end, since I can see people are still posting in them.

I've tried Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. All of them yield the same results: Forever aload.
Round 3 is no longer recruiting! Wait until next round!

When you sign-up, keep checking your inboxes. I will send you your role and request verification. If you don't verify within 24 hours, you run the risk of being replaced. Sorry.


Type in EDT into the second location box.

First Time? Read Me!
Spoiler: How To Play • show
DISCLAIMER: This is a modified version of an already existing and already popular forum game; if you recognize it, good on you. I did not steal this game nor am I claiming to have made it; I have simply modified this game so it could work on this forum. I cannot link to it due to it potentially breaking rules, which is why I modified it - so it can be family friendly by this site's standards. If you have any questions regarding the original version, shoot me a PM. Otherwise, I will not refer to it outside of the basic rules.


Innocent VS. Corrupt. What is it?
In it's simplest form, Innocent VS. Corrupt is played between two teams. When a game begins, all players are privately told what their role is by the "Moderator", the host of the game (in this case, me).

A Civilian is told that he is Innocent. The Civilian does not know everyone else's role... just his own. He wins when all of the Corrupt have been banished.
A Corrupt Civilian is told his role, and is also informed who his partners in crime are. He wins when everyone else besides him and his partners have been banished.

How do you play?
There are two phases to the game: DAY-PHASE and NIGHT-PHASE.

During Day-Phase, the people in the game will talk (in the topic - private conversations constitutes as cheating) amongst themselves and try to logically decide which of them is Corrupt, while the Corrupt try to blend in. Each person can vote to banish whomever is the most suspicious. They can change or remove their vote at any time. When a single person has received a majority (over half) of the votes, that person is banished.

During Night-Phase, nobody is allowed to talk. The Corrupt secretly decide (through PM's or outside chat systems) who they want to exile (remove) from the game, and then send the choice (through PM) to the Moderator (me). That person will be removed from the game during the night.

This cycle continues until one side wins.

What does a typical game look like?
Spoiler: Sample Game; Long Post • show
Basic Setup:

- 7 Players (5 Innocent, 2 Corrupt)

The game is starting in the Day-Phase. All players are allowed to speak. With seven players, it will take four votes on one person to banish them.
First days almost always results in an Innocent getting banished because discussion is light and nobody has any opportunity to act suspicious yet.
(Innocent 1 has been banished)
Surely enough, this guy must have said something that was misinterpreted! He tried to explain himself, but four people voted for him anyway, which sent him out of Ponyville forever.
When somebody is banished, the moderator (me) reveals the poor soul's true identity (He was an Innocent Civilian) to everyone, and then Night-Phase begins.

During the Night-Phase, everyone "goes to sleep" and is not allowed to talk to each other. The Corrupt, on the other hand, secretly talk to each other (in PM's or Instant Chat Systems) and decide on who they want to banish during the night and send their decision to the moderator (me).
Once they have made their decision, Day-Phase starts again.

The moderator announces the Day-Phase and the unlucky pony from last night. When someone is banished during the night, their true identity is revealed.
(Innocent 2 has been exiled in the night)
This guy was just an Innocent Civilian.
With five people in the game, it will take three votes to reach a majority. The players must try again, hopefully doing better.
The Innocent must be very careful. With only three Innocents left and still two Corrupt, if they banish an Innocent by mistake the Corrupt will outnumber the Innocent and win the game.

Paranoia and suspicion run rampant. Everybody keeps talking, trying to logically decide who the Corrupt is. Meanwhile, the Corrupt are adding to the paranoia as best as they can without getting caught.
One person is accused of "Vote Hopping" (changing who they vote for very quickly). Another is accused for "Lurking" (not participating enough in the conversation). Eventually, they come to a decision to banish...

(Corrupt Civilian 1 has been banished)
He is banished and the group learns of his identity. He was a corrupted civilian! The group made the right decision. Congratulations!
Once again, his role is revealed and Night-Phase begins.

During the Night-Phase, everyone "goes to sleep" and is not allowed to talk to each other. Being the only Corrupt member remaining, he alone makes the decision on who to remove from the game. He sends his choice to the moderator, and Day-Phase begins.

(Innocent 3 has been exiled in the night)
Once the decision is in, the moderator announces the identity of the poor little pony that was lost to the night. It was an Innocent Civilian, of course.

There are three people left. Two votes are needed for a banishment. If one Innocent places a vote on the other Innocent, the Corrupt might quickly place their vote on the same one, resulting in a banishment. This is called "Speedvoting". The only way for the Innocents to win is for both of them to target the Corrupt Civilian.
Two players place their vote...

(Corrupt Citizen 2 has been banished)
Yes, he was the last Corrupt team member. The Innocents win the game!
When a game is over, all roles are revealed.
Even if you were banished when your team wins, you are still considered a winner, so don't be afraid to sacrifice yourself for your team if you find it necessary.

This is just one of many possible outcomes of a game. It may seem confusing at first, but once you start playing it becomes easier to understand and can become quite fun. Especially when specialized roles are introduced...

What kind of roles are there?
Team Innocent:
Civilian: Have the power to vote in the day. Nothing else.
Cop: Can investigate one player per night and learn of their team and role. To investigate, send the moderator a PM on which player you want to investigate.
Doctor: Can protect one player per night; this pony will be immune to the Corrupt's exile for the night. To protect, send the moderator a PM on which player you want to protect. The Doctor cannot protect itself, and is instantly eliminated if protecting a Corrupt member.

Team Corrupt:
Corrupted Civilian: Having the power to vote in the day and vote in the night.
Corrupted Cop: Can investigate one player per night and learn of their team and role. To investigate, send the moderator a PM on which player you want to investigate.
Traitor: He knows his team, but his team doesn't know him. When investigated by a Cop, he is revealed as Innocent. He has absolutely no say when exiling in the night - the moment he reveals who he is, he becomes a Corrupted Civilian.

These are some of the most basic ones. There are a lot more, but we'll just stick to these ones for now. Keep in mind: You won't always see every single role in one game (Like there might be games without a Cop, or a Traitor).

Spoiler: List of all roles introduced so far • show

Possible Alignments: Innocent, Corrupt
Power: The Civilian can vote during Day-Phase. The Corrupted Civilians can vote during Night-Phase.

Possible Alignments: Innocent, Corrupt
Power: The Cop can investigate a player once per Night-Phase and learn of that player's Alignment and Role.

Possible Alignments: Innocent
Power: The Doctor can protect a player once per Night-Phase. They will be immune to the Corrupt's Night-Vote for that night. In large games, the Doctor is instantly eliminated if protecting a Corrupt member.

Possible Alignments: Corrupt
Power: The Traitor knows who the Corrupt are, but they do not know him. He protects Corrupt through Day-Voting. All inspections from Cops will turn up Innocent. Once revealed, he is converted to Corrupt Citizen.

Possible Alignments: Innocent, Corrupt
Power: The Roleblocker can, once per cycle, block the power role of their target. During Day-Phase, they must announce that they block the role of a player. During Night-Phase, they send who they want to block to me through PM. A blocked role cannot use their power during that phase (i.e. Cops cannot investigate, and Doctors cannot protect). They also have a hidden ability...

Anything else?
Vote: X This is used during the day when you're voting on who to banish. Replace the X with who you want to vote for.
Unvote: X This is used to unvote for players in case you change your mind. Beware: Once a majority decision is announced, you cannot use this command.

And those personal messages?

Revealing your role and backing it up with evidence is fine, but only by using attained knowledge from IN THE GAME. The role assignments are NOT a part of the game, and therefore are NOT allowed to be used. Disobeying this rule will result in a modbanish from the game. Repeated offenses will result in the player being banned from future games.

This is your only warning.

Pro-tips from an experienced player:
-Be suspicious of everyone unless you know they're on your team. Keep an eye on their posting method; the words they type, how they type it, and how often they post. You must also watch for how they vote as well, as that might raise suspicion.

-It's not always smart to reveal your role in public. You CAN do that, but it's an extremely high risk.
If you're Innocent: The Corrupt side will know exactly where to put you on their priority list (i.e. if you reveal to be a Civilian, you'll be the last target. If you reveal to be a Cop, they'll prioritize you in the next Night-Phase)
If you're Corrupt: The Innocents will gang up on you to banish you during the day. Your Corrupt team members will also gang up on you to keep suspicion low on them. In other words, it's everypony for themselves.
And that's not considering the fact that they could be lying to deviate suspicion.

-You do not pick your roles - I do. Well, technically I use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to pick the roles. Don't be upset that you didn't get to be the Cop; there's always next game. For now, use what role that you have to your advantage.

-Be careful with how you make your decisions. Voting too early or too late might result in suspicion.


I've played this game multiple times in the past on another forum, and I was hoping to introduce it to these forums. It's really fun once you get used to it; there is a lot of strategy involved. I got a greenlight from a moderator thanks to my modifications I made, so we can all play this here. And, if all goes well, I might add more to the game as the rounds progress.


If you want to play, post here saying you want to and I'll sign you up!

Round 3 Cast
-Ozzy (Confirmed)
-Xeno Aura (Confirmed)
-Sponk (Confirmed)

-Darkangel (Confirmed)
-Sonic Heart (Confirmed)
-Legulus (Confirmed)
-Thunder Jet (Confirmed)

-PPBG (Confirmed)
-Blues-Music (Confirmed)
-Teal Turken (Confirmed)
-Hiroshi Goukyo (Confirmed)
-Trege (Confirmed)

-Zilla (Confirmed)

-Tiger (Confirmed)
-snarfgsnor (Confirmed)
This is just a pet peeve, but when I'm looking for a certain user to see what they're doing I have to skim through a ton of unregistered Guests. I wouldn't mind them, except I don't know who they are so it doesn't matter to me because they are unidentifiable; if they were all registered users I wouldn't be so bothered by this.

Could there be an option in the 'Look and Layout' section of our profile preferences to filter them out? I sound like I'm being picky and such a feature sounds more complicated than I make it to be, but it's worth an attempt to request.
Resolved Issues / New Window for smilies.
2012 Jul 23, 08:32:26
When you post, there's a list of smilies above the box. However, there are apparently hidden smilies that not everyone knows the code for (just like the old forums where Trixie was hidden). So, here's where my idea comes into play;

Instead of filling the window with tons and tons of smilies, how about having either
A. A drop down box
B. A button that opens a new window
that will reveal all the smilies you could possibly use. The box/button would be labled 'More' or 'More Smilies'.

Not only would this allow the addition of many more smilies without taking up unintended space, but it could clear the Post Reply/Start New Topic window of the tons of smilies (on some computers in my experience, they take an unnecessarily long while to load); removing some of the more situational ones (or the ones that everyone knows) and leaving only the basic ones that are easily understandable. Have the rest in the box/window.

(Finally, I can start spamming Big Mac everywhere...)
Resolved Issues / Sticky compilation.
2012 Jul 10, 13:58:58
I clicked the Legends of Equestria Discussion page. It looks like a mess. There's like 7-8 stickies on the top, and they block off half the topics available for viewing (Celestia help you if you set your profile to view only 5 or 10). Why can't all of those stickies be compiled into one big FAQ Sticky? That way it doesn't look so in-your-face.

Like, this, this, and this could be merged into one topic.

This and this could be placed in a FAQ.

This shouldn't be it's own topic - it should be part of the rules. Not only that, but it's stated right under the section hotlink. To me, it just seems repetitive.

Just some suggestions.
(( This is an RP that you were required to sign up for. If you didn't, there isn't much chance of you getting in at this point, and I sincerely apologize. This is my first RP. Maybe in the future I'll be more open when it comes to space, but I cannot have too many ponies in this one for certain reasons. ))

One random day, a dark and abandoned mansion appeared in the middle of a large, dense forest. There was no record of construction in the area, and no history of anypony living in this desolate area. When it was discovered, rumors began to spread across to nearby towns. Lots of myths and legends speaking of how it was the spawn of something dark and sinister, or a sign of evil things to come. Others say it is haunted by evil spirits.

"Ha! Haunted? I'll show you haunted!"
A brave Earth Pony name Faith, an adventurer well-known in a few towns, went to explore the mansion with her two partners; Valerie and Bill. They entered the large, steel doors of the mansion, hoping to debunk every rumor emitting from it.

... Five days later, they still have not returned...

The nearby towns grow more and more concerned, and quarantine the entire forest. A small group of ponies, however, rise up to enter the mansion once more, and discover not only the fates of the Faith's group, but to learn about the mansion's deepest and darkest secrets...

You are the ones that decided to enter the mansion. You alone out of all the towns and cities nearby. You are about to delve deep into mystery mansion. You will need to use your combined knowledge, strengths, and wits in order to make it through.
Your goals:
1. Explore the mansion.
2. Discover the fate of Faith's platoon.
3. Escape.

What is inside? You will only find out by entering those doors...

-No swearing (Equestrian is okay, just don't overdo it)
-No going against the general setting (if something is preventing you from flying or using magic, do not fly or use magic. It will fizzle/fail.)
-No blood/gore
-No god-mode
-If you are inactive too long, you will be considered lost to the mansion. You have been warned.


Your group travels through a dense forest, searching it's closed-in passages for the mansion.
The forest feels like a maze with many options regarding pathing, and taking a wrong turn would easily get you lost.

Spoiler: show

Resolved Issues / 'Back To Top' button.
2012 Jun 28, 16:33:32
I don't know about you, but I don't feel like clicking through hundreds of pages of 15 posts each. I view 50 posts per page. Therefore, these pages get kind of big, especially when images or quote pyramids are involved.

Perhaps at the bottom of the page, there could be a 'Back To Top' button, where it would instantly take you back to the top of the page. Many other forums have this, why can't we? Especially since a forum with such an option as 50 posts per page exists.
The first video games I remember seeing is, back some time in the late 90s, my uncle came to my house to show off the "Super new Playstation" (PS1, that is).

He showed three games.
-Grand Theft Auto 2
-Puzzle Bobble 2
-Jersey Devil

The first game I remember actually playing, however, was Ms. Pac-Man with my grandmother. I still play it with her to this day. :D

How about you?
The Retirement Home / Private Servers.
2012 Jun 21, 13:00:55
You know it's going to happen.
Allow me to fill you in.

Spoiler: One • show

Capacitor is clearly for electronics, fits in with TOBOR/ROBOT/Mann vs Machine


6.22 means June 22.

V1500 means 1500 hours (3:00 PM) Victor time. (Military Time Zone, makes sense with the 1500 hours and the fact that the game is combat-oriented, and originally very militarized (less so with new Grordbort weapons). Time zone is -0900, or GMT-9. No countries use GMT-9, must be VALVe time, eh?)

This becomes 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern. Seems like the right timing.

M_M is clearly Mann vs Machine.

Spoiler: Two • show
So as we see in this comic,, the Engineer's grandfather built a life-extender machine for Blutarch, Redmond, and one more mysterious person. We know that Abraham Lincoln was the first Pyro, and that he was assassinated on Apr. 14, 1865. The third receiver of the life-extender machine received it on Apr. 14. It says Built For A___________ with the only part of the first letter showing it's an A. If we analyze the Engineer's Grandfather's handwriting, the capital A in August and the top part of the recipient's name match, so that means the name must start with an A.

Who was the first Pyro again?

Spoiler: Three • show
Numbers on the bottom of the capacitor are 07180125. The last three numbers...
1 = A
2 = B
3 = E

What was Abraham Lincoln's nickname?

It's not rocket science.

Edit: Fixed the link to the capacitor.

Clearly they were outclassed.
The Retirement Home / Three word story.
2012 Jun 01, 17:22:04
We write a pony-related story using only three words per post. I'll start.

One day Twilight
People make mazes, and plug them in to each other, making it into the largest Pac-Man maze ever created. Pick a maze and start chewing through 'em.

Here is a very small sample of what I'm talking about:

(Pac-Man gets a dungeon-crawler feel to it. Good luck completing it within your lifetime.)

You can find it here. While you can play the mazes and keep track of your stats, you need a Facebook account to make any mazes of your own (not that it isn't big enough already...) All it needs is multiplayer and my life is complete.
I haven't had a decent Roleplay in a very, very long time. I'm not fond of posting in the Roleplay topics due to them being... not real-time. In other words, it's slower. Regardless, that's not why I'm posting this. I'm posting this so everyone can remember what Lary, as an OC, really was.


Name: Lary
Sex: Male (Has been mistaken for female by some. See: Backstory)
Species: Pegasus
Coat Color: A very solid green.
Mane Color: A deep blue.
Tail Color: A rather light blue.
Eye Color: Yellow. As all of his kind.
Cutie Mark: A psychedelic circle, representing total unity. It was, at one point, a small flame (see: Backstory).
Family: N/A
Personality: His personality is very sporadic. He can be the happiest pony in the world one minute, and then be severely depressed the next. This could be due to his entire existence (see: Backstory).
Also, he likes nurse outfits. But not in the way that you'd think.

Backstory:  Lary was not born a normal pony. He was once, and may still be considered one, a Life-Long named Larson. A Life-Long is a pony who has practiced the special magic of "fusion", which allowed two ponies to join together as one. Doing so will result in many changes; Along with the aging process heavily slowed down and any and all diseases cured with the fusion, the ponies' personalities become intertwined, their colors blend, their knowledge brought together, their strengths and weaknesses mesh, and the pony which is the result of the fusion has their Cutie Mark corrupted. The Cutie Mark becomes a unique color pattern in the shape of a circle (representing unity), which is what Lary has obtained after doing so. As massive use of the spell can lead ponies to look exactly alike, their Cutie Mark is what makes them distinguishable from one another - each having their own color pattern. The one casting the fusion spell would have their soul take control of the final result. As for the other soul that was involved with the fusion...

A long time ago, a forbidden tome was discovered underground that taught the reader how to perfect the magic of fusion. This was quickly made public, and ponies began to selfishly use the magic on other's, which lead to many ponies suffering cruel fates. The princesses soon took action and forebode any and all use of said magic, and had the tome destroyed. This did not stop the ponies from continuing to use the magic, so the sunlight and the moonlight were reinforced to evaporate anypony that had destroyed others' souls through use of the magic. This lead the ponies that refused to stop practicing the magic to create their own dimensional space in the middle of a dense forest, where no normal pony would find them and no sunlight or moonlight to bring harm to them.

These ponies were known as the Life-Longs. They prolonged their lives through the fusion magic. Of course, this did have it's faults. Too many personalities and colors meshed together brought them down to a level just above a living zombie. Although they were knowledgeable, they barely had any kind of "life" in them. There were exceptions, however. As the Life-Longs had foals, only -some- of the genes passed on, giving them slightly more life than their parents... until they themselves started to fuse with other ponies.

Spoiler: Larson • show

One of those foals was Larson. He spent most of his life in the space with the Life-Longs, not knowing about the magic of fusion until he saw it before his very eyes - his father fused with his mother right in front of him. Afraid that would happen to him, he escaped the magical space and into the world of Equestria - not knowing the sunlight would be his doom. As he flew out, the sun hit him like a fiery grill. He didn't know the sun would eventually kill him in seconds. As he crawled toward a lake a mint colored Unicorn found him and, not knowing who he was, tried to help him. As she grabbed onto him, he performed the fusion spell on her, resulting in a green-colored pegasus which has become immune to the sun's deadly rays.

Spoiler: You may want to kill me. • show

The unicorn in question.

With his newfound freedom, he felt immense guilt. The fused pony refused to let the unicorn's soul die out. Through careful communication, the two souls interacted with one another, and agreed to share the new inhabited body with a new name: Lary (sounds a bit more masculine, but it retains all the letters in 'Lyra').

For the longest time, Lary wandered Equestria in complete distress. He didn't know where to go or what to do. He was completely lost. That is, until he found another Pegasus who was just as lost as he was. Her name was Alesti Ward. They became fast friends and travel companions, and became rather intimate with each other. One day on one of their adventures across Equestria, she was lost in a lab accident while being held captive by a mad scientist. Lary still blames himself for what happened. In order to cover up what really happened, he brings up the same lie every time he's asked about her: She went missing without a trace one day, and hasn't been seen since.

Soon after losing her, he went into hiding. While guilt tripping himself, he took up medical studies in private. He never received any kind of certification, but he illegally practiced on hospitalized patients. Almost all of them woke up the next day as healthy as ever. He became known in the back alleys of Equestria. With his medical expertise, he could have become very famous had it not been for his curse of being a Life-Long; it was something the Princesses would never allow.

A few days after his most hated holiday, Heart & Hooves day, he met Moonbeam, a frail but beautiful pegasus. They eventually became intimate as well, and Lary felt happy for the first time in a very long time. She cannot fly, which is most unfortunate, but he's determined to teach her in any way possible. Despite them getting to know each other and opening up to her, he still holds one deep and powerful secret that he intends to keep to his grave...


Far more detailed than my previous writing on the other website. I said I was never good at writing backstory. I'm sure to get flamed for some "mary-sue OC nonsense" or "contradictory backstory" somewhere. There's also the fact that my story technically "kills" Lyra, which some will hate me for.

But yeah. Do your worst.  :l