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Finally got around to finishing Yooka-Laylee. Man that game broke my heart. It was so bad.
I've also been playing a lot of Persona 5, which is incredible.
It's hard to pick favorites, it really is.
I've been playing Sm4sh since it released a couple of years ago, so that's gotta be one of them.

Animal Crossing new Leaf is pretty great, too. That game helped me through some pretty dark times, and for that it's become a real soft spot for me.

Oh, and Panel de Pon/Puzzle League/Puzzle Challenge/Whatever. It goes by a bajillion names, and has a million faces, but it's such a fun puzzle game! It's super fast and addictive and I love it a ton
General News / Re: Legends of SOCKquestria!
2017 Apr 01, 13:59:08
Hate to say it, after all the wait, this game kind of socks
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Sep 20, 21:55:40
Mood swings have been getting intense, and I'm a bit worried about other things that I'm starting to pick up. I'll hang in there, and maybe see my doctor soon.
Guh, I've been looking for an unburdened swirlix for ages, and I'm having no luck. If anybody can help me in this search, I would greatly appreciate it ^^;
I caught a Shiny Geodude in between jobs today. It just came out of nowhere, and I yelped out loud when I saw it!
Quote from: Galapagois on 2016 Aug 27, 18:16:04
You don't need to be a super-pro 3D Modeller to enter; we've got our own team for that! Even if it's just an MS paint drawing over the top of the template, as long as we can tell what it's supposed to be, we'll consider it!

Case and point, here's my own completely awful example of what we'd be happy with for an entry:

See, this is why I'm in PR and not any of the actually talented teams  ;)

(P.S. This is just an example image, and should not be taken as my own entry or anything; I ain't entering)

Bacon for hair? Man, can't compete with that
Video Games / Re: Your favorite video game?
2016 Aug 20, 12:51:02
Aw man, I never liked this question cause my favorite is always changing.

Panel de Pon was a game pretty close to me, and I loved that game a ton.
Animal Crossing New Leaf was also pretty awesome too. It helped me during a harder time in my life, and I deeply appreciate it for that.
But if I was to say the game I've played the most, and just have enjoyed for a long time? Probably Smash 4. It's the only game I've ever seriously played competitively, and even after almost 2 years of it's release, I still play it almost every day.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Aug 07, 13:53:39
Hypnosis really is wonderful. It can do so many things  <3
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Aug 02, 14:51:26
Last night I had a sudden burst of sadness that I couldn't quite understand why.
But I feel much more hopeful and better today. I'm about to drop off a few checks in the bank, and maybe replace my old 3ds that's been missing for a year soon ^^
So I've been curious
Aside from myself, who still plays Smash? I've really taken a liking to this game's competitive scene, and I still love this game just as much as I did when it first came out, just minus all the hype ^^;

Also have you guys heard of the rumors of a "Turbo edition"-ish thing that's gonna be launching with the NX? I kinda hope that would be the case... Maybe combining the 3ds and wiiu stages together, plus a couple new characters (I'd love to see the icies make a return). That would be pretty neat
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Jul 31, 14:17:57
It's been such a productive month!
Bronycon, ended a bad relationship, made some new friends, started a new blog, quit my second job to give me some room to breathe, and slowly getting everything back together.
Oh, and I'm in the process of changing my name! Which is super rad ^u^
I got back into Freedom Planet after owning it for a couple of years an only beating it with one character. I really, really adore this game's world, and all the colorful visuals that come with it! It's just soooo charming.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Jun 22, 14:29:48
I've been bustin' my booty with my new job to try and quickly get some money back for my new job. It's been rough, but I know I can do it  ^-^
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 May 22, 20:15:31
Got a TON of job applications in today.
Sure one of them will call me back. I'm feeling hopeful ^-^
For the first time ever, I'm finally getting a chance to play Kingdom Hearts.
It's alright so far... I had to find food for our raft thingy at the start of the game, and it was sort of a pain. I'm sure it'll get better, though.
I've been considering making a new team of Pokemon lately, so I've been doing some minor playing of the Pokemon.
... But I'm still practicing for Smash. I'm number 40 in our region now, and kind of found a bit of motivation to push myself up even higher!
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Mar 08, 13:58:05
Financial struggles are awful. I really wish everything would just work itself out sometimes.
I placed third in a weekly tourney, and triumphed over people who I thought were much better than me.
I know I could have done better though, as the person I lost to I SD'd in almost every game. I had such good momentum going for most of them, too!
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Feb 23, 09:56:49
Last night I slept so peacefully.
I went under hypnosis and was put in a trance where I felt like I was being held. I still felt it in the morning when I woke up ^-^