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Title: New cool space game coming out soon for PS4 and PC
Post by: DarkZoraLink on 2016 Aug 01, 00:40:35
If  there is a game that should be known.  There is a game coming out in like 8 days called "No Man's Sky".  Now the number of planets in this game is absurd.  They estimated about 18 quintillion planets.  So many planets that if you spent a second on each one you still wouldn't explore all of them in your life time and several of your descendant's lifetimes.  What I like about this game is the fact that you are an explorer in a 3d generated world.  If you come across a lifeform, ship type, planet, system or area like a cave before anyone else does, you get the honor of naming it.  Now its a pretty big game.  You would probably spend quite a long time by yourself before you met anyone.  They said that if you and your friend were to meet at the center of the galaxy you start in it would still take 40 to 100 hours to get there.  Even then someone would end up waiting a while.  It's a really cool game that I know will have my attention. xD