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Started by DarkSpectre, 2014 Aug 11, 15:27:28

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2014 Aug 11, 15:27:28 Last Edit: 2014 Sep 06, 19:33:07 by DarkSpectre
Hey y'all, just finished uploading an extended version of one of the songs (Character select/Pony Creation) from the game onto my YouTube channel. I am still working on looping the others, but my hope is that I'll have everything looped and uploaded by Wednesday. You should be able to listen via the following link, since the YouTube button keeps saying "Invalid YouTube Link" for some reason... Hope you enjoy!

Update #4: I've got a mere 2 days left on my recording/editing software, but I'm definitely going to finish with all of these songs one way or another. I got one more uploaded today, the oh so calm music that plays in ponydale at night!

Same deal as before, listen via the following links since the YouTube button claims that all of the links are apparently invalid (though my friends have reported to me that they bring you to the right place), or check out my channel for the playlist that will contain all of them. Enjoy!

Pony Creation/Character Select:

Cloudopolis Day:

Cloudopolis Night:

Ponydale Day:
Ponydale Night:

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Thank you for this. I've been looking for the LoE music all over. Found the original versions, also on youtube, but this is much better. 30 minutes without any audible repeat, very good.

Just one question, would it be possible to just get the mp3 files somewhere, instead of the versions with video in it?


@jaaasgoed I'll see what I can do about that, but it'll have to wait till I get something worked out with the audio team lead. I've temporarily stopped uploads of the music upon their request. Probably once I can get things rolling again I can put some links in the descriptions.

Thanks for the praise, some of the music didn't have an obvious point where I could loop it like that, but through lots of listening I was able to find (or occasionally, make) a spot to work off of.

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