What's Your Desktop Background?

Started by HerpyDooves, 2012 Jul 03, 20:20:53

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Thunder Spin

I changed my background. Here's my new one ;

Night Striker

I use Wallpaper Engine for my animated background so I ended up picking this wallpaper cause Princess Luna is best Princess :P


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My most recent wallpaper. (Operating System: Linux [Ubuntu 17.04])


I have a whole bunch of pictures that change every hour for my desktop, and most of them are drawings I've drawn XD


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Yeah, it's boring, but I like it.

Icy Shield

Let it snow!


Can't post a screenshot because it might not follow forum rules, but it's the final pose of Ryuji's All-out Attack from Persona 5.
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I have nmine set to cyclle through a bunch of pics. Mostly my furry pics. some pony stuff but all of it is pics of my charicters mostly. some other syiuff thrown in. atm I have only 168 pics that cycle on both monitors. So that's the best I can give hehe.

Need more


I cycle through backgrounds myself.  On my laptop I just changed to a 230 wallpaper pack I got HERE.  Before that point I was using a Background Ponies wallpaper pack with 50 wallpapers in it, I think.

Quote from: Icy Shield on 2017 Sep 10, 22:17:27A new kinda sad background  :c
Found a higher resolution version of it HERE.  Shame the original source (Deviantart) seems dead.



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Ehh, my Background was here, but it's broken again and just vanished for some reason  >:O Dunno how to fix that, sorry everypony... On the one half it had Luna and on the other one Celestia.


I saw it via F12, the link is from one of this terrible wallpaper sites that steal images and refuse to allow direct image links and instead make you select for a direct download via a bunch of links of different sizes instead of just giving you the largest size and letting Windows or whatever OS you use to scale it.

Anyway, I changed my previous wallpaper a lil bit.
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Made it using this image: https://wingedwolf94.deviantart.com/art/Gamepaw-499662181
and photoshop cause tis a thing.

Thunder Spin

I seriously can't use only one picture as my background, I get bored of it and change it all the time. This is also my discord theme
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 I have mine cycling between the images in this album:

 Lain Wallpapers

 All of which are originally from this website.

 ⌈ Wired Sound ⌋

 Epilepsy warning by the way, it's super trippy, and probably won't understand the context unless you know what Serial Experiments Lain is about...  o_O

Stranger Wings

Welp, hope it's not some kind of necromancy, but here's mine.

Sweeped it up a lil for you guys. Dunno why, but I haven't changed it in years. It calms me in a way, and god knows I need that...
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Cloudy Skies

Shnuggles are nature's way of saying "Want a hug?" :P
Also they are a way of saying "I'm scared." :P
They also could mean "CAN I LATCH ONTO YOU LIKE A CRAZY PONY!?!?!?!"

Sweet Brew

For all you wallpaper fans, look up "Wallpaper engine" on Steam.
I'd show mine, but I can't because it's animated. lol


Apparently Windows won't let me set my dual backgrounds because it doesn't think my copy is genuine, so i'm extremely irritated right now.
I managed this at least.

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