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"Yes, I suppose we could split up..." The shopkeeper stroked his grey-green beard with his right hoof. "Or," he suddenly lifted the hoof into the air, "I could use a tracking device to find him!"

With that, with a grin, the stallion hopped up from his box seat and ran through the crowd of festival-ing ponies, leaving the Lotuses and chubwoof behind--but not for long. Relatively quickly, the green-haired red stallion's head could be seen making its way back to them, before finally, "Behold! The tracking device!" The stallion was near Mystic again when he lifted up a gold amulet into the night air (it's night now, by the way  ovO), it's shiny surface reflecting the lantern lights around them a peculiar snake etched into the metal's surface, its head one of that of a dragon and its body possessing clawed legs. Other than the amulets obvious worth, nothing seemed to give away the fact that it was a tracking device, other than the stallion holding it up, saying it was so.

"Well?" He looked at the Lotuses (and chubwoof) with a smile, his chest puffed out as if the thing he was holding up in his hoofs was some sort of trophy.
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2017 May 17, 03:41:14
Writer's block. 'nuff said.

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((( I AM WEEKEND, DESTROYER OF WORLDS, AND YOUR--she's just a unicorn in magical, runic armor, and then some.)))

Weekend glanced back at the pony she bumped into, long enough to stare into her soul see the pony she bumped before continuing on her run to the others. (Specifically, the others who aren't Nightlight or Mimic lmao  lol).
((( @Nightshade Star Specifically Blazing Legend, Marble, Terraxipi, Nightlight, and the two Peaces )))
Quote from: Julien999 on 2017 May 13, 03:17:04
((Oh, Gamepaw the woof?))

The silence and the pony standing there doing nothing made Cloudchaser(?) understand something. "... You didn't mean to scare me, it seems. I forgive you."

Then she heard something howled.((Not sure where are the peoples that should be near your characters position))

((( No, just some random woof. I'm not sure why I put that part in.. Guess it was cause I was wondering where Gamepaw was at the time. And, no, we didn't forget you @Misty Fly. Oh! And by the way, Julien: Your character is understands right. )))

"Yeah, um..." The armored mare then continued to stand there, now her muzzle pointed to Mimic as she spoke. "You..." And then she slowly, gradually backed away, still facing Mimic, before she turned about fully and ran the direction she came from. (Towards the others *cough cough*).
"Er... Right." The scary pony said. The pony then lowered her raised forehoof, and she then appeared to just stand there silently as a nighttime ambience sounded about them.

A (chub)something howled nearby.  lol
((( @Nightshade Star Weekend Warrior (My OC for this roleplay) asked her question to Mimic the "fake" Cloudchaser, not Malware. )))
"Are you alright?" A metallic voice called to Mimic from the forest brush.

The source of the voice was a semi-large robot-looking pony, the armor the Unicorn was wearing causing her to look like a shiny, metal pony-statue come to life with red, glowing eyes. A forehoof of hers was raised as she stood in the open behind Mimic (Mimic, right?) beside a splintered tree.
"That's strange..." He said as he stared at her, his eyes creased. "One would think that when one of your 'clones' disappear, you would show a bit more concern! Heh." He sat his red flanks and strange, jade-colored dragon cutie-mark on a nearby box and looked at the two Lotuses. "You know, I could help you two find him."
Honest looked Shadow in the eye, a his right brow raised. "Good luck."
(((@Julien999 By the way, are you still with us? I hope you are!
Anyways, Nightshade Star! Love the sound of that music! I can't understand it, sadly... But it sounds good! Just wish that I could figure out which parts of this RP fit the music in. )))

Far from the others, Weekend crept up to where she saw the light from earlier. And, as she did, she couldn't help but feel that there was something else. Her eyes fell upon the ground where Mimic fell.

The stallion took a step back and blinked twice when he heard her voice and saw her face. "A mare?" His brows furrowed. "I don't understand." He scratched a hoof to the back of his green-maned head, and he turned about, his eyes searching above the many walking ponies around them before he looked back to her. "You haven't seen a stallion about your... Everything--" his eyes fell upon Mystic's shield and flower cutie-mark,"--minus the cutie-mark flying around, have you?"
OOC: Really? Seven Burst?

How about:

Weekend Warrior uses...
Psychic Artillery

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Nah jk.

I wish. My favorite character and skill btw.  ^-^

Oh, and Eve is best class.  0:)

Weekend was following along with the group, silent as she could in the full plate armor she was in. Luckily for her, the armor seemed to have gotten easier to move around in, yet she didn't know why, except for the vague hint that it was slowly eating up her magic, as she could feel something siphoning from within the metal shell.

Just then, she heard the boom of something loud and explosive not too far from her, her being a little ahead of the others, and she stopped to turn just in time for her to see through the trees a little light before it disappeared.
"Don't know where it went, eh?" The shopkeeper narrowed his old, jade-blue eyes at the cowering lotus--specifically at his back--before he lowered his green brows, instead them having come together in what could've been mistaken as a unibrow. "Huh. You seem to be the wrong pony; You're missing a pair of wings!" He said, his deep voice making him sound incredibly wise for no apparent reason at all.

However, as he said that, he noticed Mystic at the corner of his eyes, and soon, an angry gaze fell upon her, and his brows lowered yet again. "You!"  He pointed a hoof at the reading Pegasus. The old stallion marched right up to her, him being visibly taller.
/ooc And then, time stopped for about a month or so, before Irroro decided to make the next post due to everyone not posting anything for about a month XP

Just then, an old red earth stallion with a green beard and eyebrow hair to match Starswirl's angrily marched up to Lotus then, before looking him up and down, eyebrows sharply raised. "Well?" the stallion asked.
Honest shivered a good bit under his armor, right before he moved his stoic, somewhat teary eyes from Shadow and Illusion when he heard the sounds of earth being thrown about again. His eyes scanned the ground, up until he saw the dirt flying out of one of the tunnels, and he quickly took off into the air, off of the cart, to hover right beside the reactive tunnel. He glared at the tunnel then as he softly landed on the ground beside it, and he gave a quick glance over to the other members of the group, before looking back at it again, his legs bent, alabaster wings opened wide.
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2017 Apr 15, 16:43:10

MrCry.... You're not a YouTuber, right?  ovO

Nevermind. Ignore me. Even if you were the person I suspect you to be, I've nothing other to say than this: Your videos were very helpful. Thank you. And if your not the person, I apologise. It must be the madness that Thundergirl mentioned. XP

I forgot to say welcome! So, welcome!

These forums are awesome despite their looks. They are a rich depository of knowledge and fun hidden beneath the guise of normalcy, I swear this to you.

So, enjoy your time here on the Forums if you can! As I never say, "Fun can be found even in the most boring places on the web." Or was it, "People make the party not the party itself."? I don't know! Welcome!
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2017 Apr 09, 13:07:03
Weekend was confused. It seemed obvious that she shouldn't even be here with these ponies. After all, they seemed to be able to handle themselves. Her in her armored battlesuit (which she'd commissioned just awhile ago), she felt totally out of place, and she slowly blushed at the fact. However, soon as she noticed, with haste, she quickly put back on her silver full helm, a small glow appearing throughout the armor, the action triggering something silent within the runic metal, which hummed with a somewhat eerie glow. She watched under helm then as the pony who'd tried to sneak away walked away from the group, looking quite upset.
Honest swore as he saw this, and he just stared as three more fireballs impacted the ground. He looked to his other companions, wondering what they were going to do, before, "Ugh!" He dove for the diamond dogs on top of the cart, landing on top of it before he attempted a kicksweep at the nearest one, getting reading to shoot him into his digging companions with a hind hoof kick, which, if successful, should cause the dogs on the cart to stumble off.