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The shopkeeper only stared, still grinning at the two (or more) ponies in his bowing pose before he stood up, again with a pleasant expression about his features, walking into the alleyway himself now.

As the group walked in, the alleyway gradually got darker. The light from the moonlit sky and street-lamps fading, as if they couldn't reach where they traveling to. Somehow, it had gotten so dark, that it was almost impossible to see anything other than the others in the group. They each were almost highlighted in the void of darkness they had walked into. Even the floor seemed to be invisible, though it felt as if it was the same.

Somewhere, up ahead, a figure could be seen.

It was a pony. He seemed highlighted like the rest of the group and in the void they were in, yet the pony--a pegasus--was under a lamppost, and the light from it could be seen from where they were approaching.

The light, however, only lit up the stone ground around the pony, the light forming an oval around the pegasus, who had his shiny, jade-colored back and wings turned to the aproaching group, himself seeming to sit there, staring at the void they couldn't see.

Everything about the alleyway--if they could have called it that--was completely silent, the hoof-steps themselves completely silent. Until-


The Pegasus spoke--no--roared. His voice echoed all around them, yet his body didn't seem to move, it just sitting there, like a doll propped up, back still facing everyone.

At this point, it seemed that even if the group wanted to stop walking, they were still going to approach the jade-colored pony, an invisible force pushing them along. Now, they were so close, that they could finally make out his cutie-mark--a sword and flower.

"H-help me." His voice sounded all around them.

Until they finally stopped, but they were now only a hoof or two away. But before they could say anything, he suddenly turned his head sideways, one of his eyes looking at the group, it no longer the pegasus's, but of a dragon's. "If you won't help me,"--his body lengthened and stretched--"I'll help myself." And suddenly the darkness about them exploded away.

And all that was left was a 50 foot Jade dragon in their midst, one that resembled a serpent, which had the audacity to deafeningly roar for a few seconds into the sky before looking hungrily at the group with glowing red eyes.

"Looks like we found your clone counterpart," the shopkeeper said, his face and voice unnaturally calm, before the dragon lunged straight for the group, it's gaping maw wide open.
"I'm with you." Weekend said, removing her curious eyes from Mimic's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Tax's Medusa hair.
(*ahem*) After a moment of silence and looking between the Cloudchaser, Nightlight, and the two new ponies, "Well, I've got my suit, but I'm not too sure it's an electric device, per se; It runs on magic, I think. Kind of figured it did after wearing it for a good couple hours." Weekend's suit's glowing, visor-eyes flickered a little when they saw Nightlight's horn. But only after a moment's hesitation, "Here." Weekend's armored horn then glowed crimson as her magic aura engulfed her helmet, encompassing the robotic, pony-like helm entirely. Clicks and bouts of steam could be heard within the helm, and, quickly as her magic appeared, it disappeared and the helm at the sides folded in before it fell off her head, revealing the now (messy-haired) blonde, alabaster pony underneath with her kind, red eyes as she held up the helmet to Nightlight. "Maybe you could do something with this?"
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2017 Jun 13, 21:01:03
Night fell upon the town, and the crowds minimized in number as the sun lowered ever more beneath the horizon, giving way the full moon and star-lit sky.

Lotus and the bearded shopkeeper now walked steadily through empty, lamp-lit streets, the red and green pony with his medallion looking on with a pleasant expression on his face as they approached their destination. Only a few groups of ponies here and there walked about now, many of them the size of their own; A group of three or four, and nothing more. The emptyness of it all gave way to the ambience of a night beneath the stars, crickets here and there making themselves known with their song.

"Alright. We're here." The bearded stallion stopped suddenly, and he turned about to look the two Lotuses (and perhaps chubwoof and others) in the eyes with his own.

Around them, there seemed to be just the street-lamps, the street, a few passerbys, and the buildings around them -- up until one notices the dark alley way to the shop keeper's right. "After you (all)."  ovO he said before bowing with a grin and, with his hooves, gesturing to the alleyway.
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2017 Jun 13, 03:21:22
My bad again. XC I'm really bad at making my dues on this site X.X  I just keep on trying to figure out how to improve my posts as I go, and I don't see myself improving much. And, also, I'm just wondering how this electricity thing works in the universe. Does it have something to do with magic? Magic to electricity conversion? Or rune programing? I think this is something we'll have to discuss first before we go any further.

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Or maybe not. Anyone's character have an electric device with them? I can't seem to figure if Weekend's suit either runs on electricity, magic, or both. >.<
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2017 Jun 09, 04:06:05
Fortunately for Mimic, Wonderbolt's are usually seen wearing their signature Wonderbolt flight suit, which doesn't show the individual's eyes or cutie-mark. Therefore, none of the ponies there in the clearing -- I now deem this place we're at to be a forest clearing in the Everfree -- should have really any clue which could have them suspect that Mimic is not who she claims she is. Unless, of course, they've seen the real Cloudchaser's cutie-mark and eyes.

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By the way, the forest clearing in the Everfree thing is up to everyone. I just imagine that's where we would be if there was a giant hole into ground leading to Ponyville's power plant.
Weekend's ears perked up at the familiar name. "Cloudchaser? As in the Wonderbolt Cloudchaser?" Weekend's eyes re-examined Mimic's appearance from where she stood, to her eyes to her mane all the way to her tail, and they lit up in surprise not too long after they began. She took a sharp inhale before breathing it slowly out. "Y-you're Cloudchaser?" Explains how she was able to lift her up from that hole earlier. "What are you doing here?"
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2017 Jun 05, 03:54:10
So, um... I guess we're just waiting for a confirmation of "everyone is in the same area now," now?
Weekend just stood there and stared at Nightlight's confusion. "Yeah... I'm not a robot."
Weekend doesn't notice the strange diction as she stared at the hole that she's nearly fallen in twice now like it was the maw of some giant, taunting, hulking beast.

It even seemed to talk a little before she shivered and turned to face her earlier savior-from-falling. "No, I'm not a robot, I'm a pony; The armor, however, probably is." She tapped the armor lightly for emphasis, which hummed a little light and echoed the taps in response. "I'm not too sure yet," she said as she'd never actually heard her armor echo any noise before. "I probably shouldn't have worn it before uh... understanding it." She smiled sheepishly under her helm.
"Your eyes deceive you, my friend." His smile faltered, it now being a barely noticeable frown. He lowered the medallion down from his chest and jerked it a little, a chain necklace looking of the same golden metal falling loose from the strange thing. "Like I said," he held the chain necklace above his head with a hoof. "You have to be me to use it." His smile returned, and he put the shining metal over his jade-green mane and beard, where it then proceeded to rest visibly upon his breast. "Let's get going then, shall we?" He then calmly turned about towards the thinning crowd, and, after he found an opening, he walked among them towards their destination. (Bye wizard pony on the balcony  0:) )
Honest said nothing as he scanned the trees and holes one last time before he took off into the air, waiting for the cart to begin moving once more.
(My bad X3) "Weekend. My name's Weekend," she said.
The stallion smiled a little wider at the question, and he deflated a little as he lowered the medallion to chest-level, staring at it intently in thought. "To use this medallion..." He trailed off, still staring at the amulet, before, "You have to be me." He said bluntly, still smiling. He looked to the Lotus's eyes, before turning his head a bit and looking at the ground. "So," he looked to Mystic before returning his eyes to look at Lotus, "ready to follow me towards your counterpart?" His smile became slightly lopsided as he looked at the two Lotuses with one eye from the side, him showing them slightly a few pearly white fangs in his jaws.
Weekend looked down the hole, and immediately fell down into it (MUAHAHAHAHA! lol ) "AHHHHHHH! HALP ME!"
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2017 May 30, 23:58:42
Ohp. My bad if it seemed like I was doing nothing.

I was going to post something beautiful in response to Nightshade Star's genius join plan, but then it got deleted.

I thought, "I spent literally an hour making that post." Then, I looked at the time on my phone. "I'm just gonna..." Before I fell promptly to sleep.

Sorry everypony.  0:)

Oh, and I also got unbelievably busy being a substitute grandma.

:] Surprisingly tiring when you've got to take care of literally everything in the house.

Here, I'll try to make more posts to make up for my lack of posting.

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I'm so evil. ovO

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Mmm not my best post, so far, but it gets the job done.
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2017 May 24, 19:58:05
Quote from: GlassMirror on 2017 May 24, 18:02:58
@Aqua Fire
@Misty Fly
@Peace Keeper
@Nightshade Star

First let me give a brief synopsis how what's happening so far after I left... xD

Ok so, from what I read, it seems that everyone (other than Marble's OCs and idk about Weekend sadly... xD) on page 7, is at the power plant, including Azure of course... Also, you guys are destroying the power plant? Isn't that bad? I mean, you guys are only turning it off for a while, not destroying it, ponies won't have power at all unless I'm reading that wrong. xD

Also, it seems as though some of us are going through your own tangents, meaning that some of you might be not following each other and stuff... You guys need to be on the same page, and not on different stuff and all. I don't want anyone to be confused or feel left out.

I have a story plot for this rp, and it'll be executed a little later once Mal shows up again for like, the 2nd or 3rd or whatever time.

We're all so split up though... Everything's gonna get confusing that way. Why can't we be in one place together? Malware can't be in multiple places at once... xD

Post Merge

I actually would like for everyone to come together and stuff and not stray away for now... Since some of us are confused (I'm kinda confused myself just a little bit since everyone seems to be doing their own story within this rp. xD)

TBH I was sort of waiting for something solid to pop up due to everyone's characters making their own inferences on what exactly they were going to do about Malware. That's sort of why Weekend's still inside of "the forest." Also, Julien and Nightshade Star's characters just joined and needed a little solid footing, you know? I wanted to have a little fun with their OCs  ;) . And, also, Weekend probably would've just continued to watch the power plants getting destroyed, not partaking in them. Therefore, if Weekend was with the rest of the ponies at the power plant, I wouldn't have really posted anything other than, "Weekend felt sorry for whoever was going to clean up this mess," and etc. In other words, she wouldn't have added anything to the story (or whatever that is at the mo). And uh... Yeah. If you're confused on what this paragraph was about, it sums up to this: That's why she, Mimic, and Nightlight are still not with the others.

Am I a bad pony for doing this? ono

P.S. @Nightshade Star @Gamepaw  We need to put up "Where's my chubwoof?" pictures around Ponyville, A.S.A.P.!
Aaand suddenly Weekend trips over a vine, her hoof splintering it nearly in half, but, alas, 'causeing her to fly forward in slow motion, straight into a tree, who's trunk suddenly had an armored horn jammed into it plus a very surprised unicorn.

Oh, and, apparently, the tree was just about to topple over into a deep ravine due to soil erosion (I now deem this place to be Everfree) due to previous uncontrolled winds and rainwater.

"Dear Celestia!"

Therefore, when Weekend slammed into it, it slowly--I said slowly--creaked until the tree tipped over into the fairly deep ravine, the tip of it's treetop now pointing downwards towards the chasm with Weekend still attached to its trunk, all the while Weekend was panicking upside-down inside of her armor, not daring to move a muscle due to the shock of her situation. Thankfully, the tree stopped, a root or two still connected to the cliff side, and there were a few branches keeping her weekend from falling into the ravine. However, the branches were thin, gnarly, and old. Frankly, even though she couldn't actually tell they were so, she could feel them not willing to hold up her weight for very long.

Is this how it all ends for Weekend? Is this truly the reason why I created her in the first place? Am I evil?

Find out on the next episode of-

(((By the way, As far as I can tell, we went into a forest for no reason; Ponyville, either in the past or the future, is definitely not separated by a forest. Like, at all. So... Yeah. Just an FYI/Who's idea was it to have us in a forest just to go back into Ponyville? Is it wrong of me to assume this was even remotely canon? And why Ponyville? Why not some strange remote city not in Equestria?

Also, apologies for not putting this in the OOC thread, but I'm pretty sure that there are some of us here that don't even know it exists.)))