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Canterlot Archives / Re: Malware (OOC)
2017 Sep 21, 15:33:44
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I was so tempted on giving up making posts, but now -- IT MUST BE DONE!

...Nah jk. Nightshade, Julien, Misty Fly? Make the next posts for me please.  :'(

I don't have the time (nor the tools) to make awesome stuff up for this roleplay right now.
@Nightshade Star

(I got a little carried away there with her power  X3 A little of my own personal writing got into that post, and I didn't see that I was making her a little too powerful to be affectively dealt with. No worries, though! I'll make it allllll better. ovO )

Malware grinned when she saw Marble charge at her, and grinned even wider when she heard Nightlight. Suddenly, the code that had been consuming the surrounding trees, bushes, and ground receded back into Malware's hoofs, leaving behind nothing but emptiness where the consumed objects were. The ground under Malware suddenly turned darker than black as a massive code hoof reach out, seemingly from underground, and slammed itself into the code-eaten ground in front of her, shielding her as the wave blast Nightlight sent pierced the hoof and blasted it partially apart. An unearthly bellow echoed through the forest as another hoof rose out and pulled as a massive head of a code-pony reared its massive face and body, and glared at them all with the same grin and mischevious face as Malware's, it's gargantuan size rising high above the forest. Malware then turned and ran towards Tax, before the massive code-pony opened is maw and said, "No." It held it's right foreleg up, and a massive ball of zeros and ones formed. "That's not all." It then thrust the ball of zeros and ones at the sky as it split into thirty or so gargoyles and golems, each one screeching in the sky as the gargoyles charged at Nightlight and the golems fell to the ground, rising like sentinels as they attempted to block Marble from reaching Malware, each one standing a head taller as they each looked like Malware, except with glowing eyes and ground-like bodies. The golems hulked towards Marble, each one ready to pound her flat, and the gargoyles screeched as they flew to slam bodily into Nightlight's shield.

(Muahahahahahahahaha!  lol )
Quote from: SandFire on 2017 Sep 07, 12:40:44**Peace is to busy to rp, dont know what happened to Lunar, Aqua Dash hasnt been on since the site been down. The only way i see this reviving is to reset it and get a new cast**

Ouch. Well then, I suppose I will have to say farewell; Going to start another roleplay, you see.

This is Irroro saying R.I.P. to Fractured, and goodbye to you SandFire. May we roleplay again once more in the future.
@Gamepaw @Aqua Fire @LunarDusk @Peace Keeper @SandFire

Did I get everyone? Oh well.

Interest check!

You guys still interested in this totally awesome roleplay? Make a post then to let me know! It'd be a sorry thing to let this plot-palooza go into Oblivion like so many other roleplays, you know, without a proper farewell and goodbye... It'd just be ugleh! :nod:

P.M. me your response or post in the thread. After all, no one's exactly using it right now, are they?
( @Nightshade Star @GlassMirror

I'll do it! At least until you're able to roleplay Malware again.)

"No!" Malware shouted, her face a myriad of anger and numbers. She slammed a hoof into the ground, and from that hoof came a sea of zeros and ones, spreading out across the ground, consuming everything in their path. Everything it touched dissolved as it expanded. She was the only one seemingly unaffected by it as it ate the grass, the trees, and the bushes, causing them to turn into nothing but numbers and bits. "I won't let you!" Malware then grinned as she threw a hoof in Tax and Marble's direction, a blade of code wrapping itself around her (tan? Brown?) hoof, into a longsword. Then with a voice that sounded a lot like that bakery mare, "But I'm glad at least one of you liked those muffins!" She took a step towards Tax and Marble, and her voice reverted back into her own. "Now, be good and stand still while I hack into you."

(I edited the post, by the way, @Misty Fly and everyone else, for various reasons.)
Weekend looked into Cloudchaser's (color changing?) eyes as she said, "Uh... Could you?" Weekend tried to move again. "Maybe just until I get control of my suit again."
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Aug 31, 10:52:02Oh noooooooooooo
I could give back my helmet
Quote from: Julien999 on 2017 Aug 31, 15:51:25((You realize that Mimic did not follow, right?))

Cloudchaser(?) heard something and went back to where was the last time the armored mare stood.


She is stuck...? "Um, did something happen? You seemed to call for help."

(It's alright! Just roll with it, Nightlight. XP Oh, and yes, I do realize that, Julien, even before I posted that post.)

"Huh?" Weekend attempted to move her head to turn to the voice that spoke before, with a grunt, remembering she couldn't. "Ugh! Yeah, um, I can't seem to move," she told the voice, before her face lit up in realization. "Oh, hey, Cloudchaser! Uh... That's you, right?" She tried to move her body again, but to no avail. "Could you...? Could you help me out here?"
(Never fear, I am here!)

Well, this was a predicament.

Even though Weekend totally said that she was going to follow them, she absolutely didn't! She just stood in place and stared as they went off into the distance and interesting sounds came out of the forest. But, it's not like she couldn't go after them, right? Nope!

She tried lifting another hoof -- and it didn't budge.

Everything from the neck down absolutely couldn't move. It's as if the armor had locked itself in place. Maybe due to lack of power? No, it couldn't be. It shouldn't! After all, she was moving around without putting any power to it earlier. "Uh... Anybody there?" She called out, hoping someone was still around. "You guys didn't leave me right?" She said with a bright smile, but it was one that was quickly fleeting as time passed without an answer "...Huh." They couldn't really have not noticed her not being there, right?

A predicament indeed, as she could hear sounds of fighting not too far from where she was standing, stuck.

"Well, this is unfortunate." She couldn't even turn her neck to look around!
A stallion walked out of a massive mansion, smiling, looking about at the frozen welcome mat before stepping down stone mansion steps, a handsome white unicorn bachelor-in-a-suit. Around him was the rich duchess's front garden, it's expensive stone statues posed in all matters of ways. At it's center, a glorious fountain depicting a unicorn wearing an extravagant stone hat and monocle. All of it was covered in a wondrous blanket of snow.

The unicorn walked through this castle of a mansion, confidently as one who practically owned it could be. That is, until, the luxurious oaken doors of the mansion behind the unicorn opened, a unicorn mare stumbling through in red dress. "Wait!" The stallion stopped. His smile stopped too. The mare went down the mansion steps, and, at the sound of her clops, the stallion turned around, face to face with the white unicorn mare, their breaths intertwining at the distance. Gently, she lifted a hoof and she stroked the stallion's handsome face, tears welling up in her scarlet eyes, threatening to fall. "Won't I see you again?"

The stallion in question looked deeply into her eyes with his own emerald-blue. But, instead of saying anything, he only leaned in to kiss her, which the mare gladly embraced as if it was the last they were ever going to do so. The moment lasted like an eternity in the cold, and the love practically melted the snow around them before, with reluctance, the stallion let go, and, with a sad look in his eyes, he turned and walked away. The mare could only stare as the stallion did and continued to do so, away from her, into a valley of white...

(I spent three hours on that one, and yet, I still feel like I did something wrong with it! lol Guilt, maybe?
Edited for paragraphing.)
The mare shook her head up and down before resuming her shaking of herself and her hugging of the table, not once taking her eyes off the new ponies.

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"Good idea." The shopkeeper then promptly walked over to a cake he'd been staring at for a good five seconds or so. He then lifted a forehoof, and he promptly stuck his hoof into the blue and white delicacy. He took it out, and, with an analytical eye, he looked at it with precision eye-aiming. Then, he stuck said cake into his mouth, eliciting a satisfied and surprised "Mm!" from the stallion.

The blue mare suddenly was no longer staring at the others; No, she wasn't. She was just glaring now. Yes. Glaring at the pony who dared further defile her--

"Ey, this cake is pretty good!" The shop keeper said, blue and white frosting now lining his beard and mouth.

"...Y-you really think so?" The mare suddenly said after a moment of silence.

"Yeah! Tastes sweet and"--he took another mouthful, his cheeks suddenly full of cake--"Ish goo!"

The mare was no longer shaking at that point, but instead she was smiling. Just a little, though. It looked a little bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter. She still hugged the table like it was her lifeline, however. But, at least now she didn't look like she was going to strangle somepony.

The shop keeper swallowed. "Ah... Nothing like a sweet night-time snack." He grabbed a nearby cloth and he wiped his beard and mouth with it.
(("Solidify the plot." Ha! I made it seem like I was doing all the work there, didn't I? Anyways, made you guys wait long enough. Here it is: A continuation of what I was doing before! Because, apparently, me making this -- ahem -- us making this stuff up isn't a bad way to go, is it? After all, that's what we were doing in the first place, eh? (I feel so smart now.  ^-^)

The bakery was a mess. Inside, the store had been ravaged not unlike how they would've been if they hadn't avoided the jaws of their dragonized comrade. Cake had been thrown about, bread broken, bite-sized claw marks lined the walls and -- luckily -- there a white-maned blue unicorn mare hid, shaking under a table, hugging the trunk of the thing like she was going to fall into a chasm of doom, seemingly unharmed.

The slim mare was staring, wide eyed at the new ponies who'd entered through the store's unlocked glass doors, still shaking. She had a blue and white cake for a cutie-mark, and she looked up at the shop keeper's strange medallion and chest as his hoofsteps reached her table. He leaned under and looked at her with a bearded smile. ovO "U-um..." The mare said.

"Uhp-buh-buhp!" The shopkeeper smushed a hoof to her lips. "We'll take care of it." He said with his deep wisdomy voice. The mare only hugged the wooden table tighter, his hoof still on her lips. The shopkeeper stood up to turn to (insert ponie names of those who followed them here  :P) "So," he smiled as he looked (at each of them?), "what'll we do now?"

The colorful and well-lit bakery was strangely silent. Yes, it was absolutely messy, pastries having been dropped onto the floors from their stands, breads having been broken to little pieces, mixed with some of the cakes. The place that seemed to be the front desk where orders would be taken had it's things thrown about, leftover free cake samples from the festival included. The cupcakes in display in the glass casing under it covered the glass in chocolate and candy sprinkles -- but no sight or hearing of the dragoned Lotus.

That was, until the sound of a loud but tiny burp echoed from the kitchen beyond, the door to it slightly ajar, and the sounds of a thousand of pots and pans hitting the ground.
(Sorry for the four-day late post, guys! I'd been having a bit of trouble trying to find the strength [and time] to get this one out there. To be honest with you all, I've just been making this all up as I went. XP And I kind of ran out of creative juices for my creation machine. Not to worry though! I will see this roleplay to the end. So, just hold on tight. This roleplay will be going, going, and going. Just umm... Wait one more day, yeah, guys? X3)

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(Or two days. Two days or more. Gotta solidify the plot and whatevs.  0:) )
"Well...!" He yelled after her. "I don't actually know who it is," he muttered before looking back at Lotus and the blue wolf. "Coming along, you two?"
The shop keeper rolled his eyes. "Well, yes. I mean, it's not permanent, but yes. Anyways, don't you want to save your friend?"
"What do you mean?" The shopkeeper looked at Mystic, brow raised. "Other Lotuses? My medallion only ever tracked that friend of yours -- dragon, I mean. And right now..." The stallions eyes looked straight at a building across the road. "Your friend is inside of that bakery."
"I'm right behind you." The shop keeper smiled, looking nothing worse for wear and being exactly behind them. He walked calmly over to the edge of the roof, and he peered over the alley. "Your significant other, however," he gestured into the now baby-dragonless alleyway below with a forehoof, "seems to have moved elsewhere."

The shop keeper was right, as the baby dragon crawl/slithered away as soon as it hit the floor, downsized. "N-no," it hissed, its two-tone voice hiding nothing of the great hunger and desperation it felt. And as it crawled away, a green orb at it's neck pulsated a sickly green glow, one that was pulsing slower and slower by the minute. "I can't go back... No!" And with that, it disappeared around the alleyway corner, heading straight towards a building that smelled of baked goods and pastries.
"Not so fast, little Lotus." The dragon's voice boomed. It sounded like it had two voices, one of Limbo's and another of somepony else--that of a mare. "Don't you want to help me too?"

Indeed, Gamepaw did look like a giant fluffy marshmallow, a big, blue, juicy one, and it was only a matter of time before those red eyes fell upon that marshmallow. "Don't you?" it asked again, feigning sadness in its eyes, before it dashed forward and lunged at the wolf, making sure it wouldn't miss again, before it opened its gaping, salivating maw, fangs aimed at the wolf's entirety.
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(Oh. But @GlassMirror said that she probably won't come out until everypony in this RP is in the same area, and @Peace Keeper and @annosrules aren't in the same place so we've got to wait a bit until she comes.

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(Did this thread die?)

(No, I believe we're all just waiting for Malware now.)
The dragon snapped its maw shut around empty air, and it bellowed angrily as its glowing red eyes searched for its would be meals in the now broken alleyway below.
The dragon's jaws narrowly missed the two Lotus's, but as for the shopkeeper, he disappeared as the dragon rammed into the solid ground where the group was standing. The dragon didn't seem to care, however, and it reared itself back up to glare at the two ponies before it lunged again, jaws ready to snap shut around the two.