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Why does this forum not have any section for game suggestions? There's just site suggestions  (right here) and general LoE talk with that tiny little "no suggestions" hint :o

So where's the right place to put suggestions regarding the game to? :I

And I've got one really important one, probably even gonna file this as a bug report. LoE badly needs Y-Invert, ETA: yesterday, please lol
And as I'm writing this, I'm 120% sure I made this suggestion already in January 2016 when the servers were open for a weekend. So there must have been a suggestions section that got removed... o.O
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2017 Sep 16, 15:55:03
The color lock in LoE. Can't have my colors 'cos it changes the values while I'm trying to type them im >:O
Quote from: Ellowee on 2017 Sep 07, 21:53:03Step 2) Click the + (Plus) in the top right corner and click "Create Bug (Public)"

Can't find that one. The link does work though, but it's far from being comfy to dig out that one for reporting. My menu looks like this:

Actually, I have to say that for an alpha version made by fans, even with the timeouts, login problems etc. this is running quite well ^-^

I've seen commercial MMOs being released with a lot more problems like unreachable login servers, pings over 9000, kicks, even bans due to timing out and stuff lol

No matter how long it will take until LoE will be kinda finished (well, MMOs are never really finished), it will definately be 20% more awesome :3

I'd really love to see some love from Hasbro (pun clearly intended), to make to possible have use the real names and characters. It'd be so bucking great to do quests for Twi, Dashie, Applejack etc... ;)
How can I lie down? My emotes list is empty as is the whole book thing... doesn't feel right o.O

Edit: Dear princess Celestia, today I learnt that I can drag that slider above the health bar lol
I can hear the other ponies clopping (not what you think, dirty ones)... my own pony doesn't make any sounds when trotting or galloping around o.O
Is it just me or are most of the keys bound not working at all? Things like inventory, char screen, map etc, basically almost everything except WASDQE, Space, Ctrl and the numbers. Nothing happens, but I can open char screen and inventory at the same time by clicking that backpack in the LR corner.

The fun would be doubled if I actually knew how to play instead of trying to figure stuff out by myself lol

At least I want to find Ponyville before the servers are taken offline... :3
No character selection room is running at this time o.O

My guess is the servers just need more power to handle the legion of bronies trying to play lol
I'm so excited... :3

Downloaded the launcher, it fetched some files but it got stuck at "extracting", then again I tried and it told me another update would be available which was then stuck at installing... well, I just gave the loe.exe inside the game folder a try and it seems to work, now the launcher just comes to "ready to launch" ^-^

Just wondering two things:

1. Does the game use this forum account? The register button of the client brought me here
2. Is mouse Y axis invert for camera control possible? I'm a G1 brony who played 3D games in times when this was default (good ol' Duke3D for instance, and, of course, flight sims) and not having it enabled makes me feel derpy