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I think it would be actually a good idea to have a regularly updated list of planned features, things that are in development, known bugs and things that have been rejected for some reason. It would keep us up to date on what's going on, what to expect and it would prevent reoccuring questions about the same things over and over (for example left over quest markers). I know that there is a phabricator, but it is mostly for reporting bugs. It's kinda hard to get more complex picture about game development from it and some info just isn't there.
Yes, you can get a lot of info from forums, but it would require very extensive reading of long dead threads and given the amount of posts, it is almost impossible to read them all.
It would be just nice to have it all well arranged in one place, so everypony could get the image easily and fast.

There's an example of what I have in mind (It's from Kerbal Space Program game wiki- this one is unofficial, but I think it's generally a good idea):
I saw the episode today and there is quite funny part with ponies (two parts actually). This is just the short version, full scenes are about twice the length.
I'm not posting the whole episode because I have the feeling, that the language used wouldn't fit the forum rules...
Well, I think you should consider dividing important topics like Updates and General news into two separate sections, where one of them would contain only posts by team (with normal users not allowed to post) and the second one the discussions about them. That way it would be easier to see that there is something new- changelog, quick bugfix, important note...

Otherwise the important things tend to dissapear under a ton of nonsense like congratulations, hype, spam etc. and tracing back some important post can be nearly impossible.
I was just writing a reply. Given the facts I'm not particularly good in english and it required some research to be done throughout writing, I completely forgot I was automatically logged off before sending it. I just lost about an hour of work... >:O

Is there some possibility to change the forum so you would be warned you were logged off?
Or the window saying you have no access to the forum and have to log in again, could also display the text you were trying to send, so you can copy it?
Resolved Issues / Game install path
2017 Sep 09, 08:56:54
Hi, I think it would be great to at least warn players about launcher's behavior. I expected it to ask about game install path (as most similar launchers do), but instead of this it installed the game right to the location of the launcher. So now I have the game installed right on my desktop, which isn't where I wanted to have it (It's a SSD with VERY limited capacity) lol

Is it safe to move game files after the install, or do I have to download it again and run the launcher at the correct place instead?
Introductions Archive / Hi there!
2017 Sep 03, 23:27:54
Hi, everypony.
I'm new to this site, co I just wanted to greet all of you.
I only found out about the game just before the cyberattack and hadn't enough time to register then. But now I'm here and can't wait to play the game  x3