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Quote from: Green Bird on 2019 Sep 23, 16:02:10You need to go to the Crystal Kingdom library and you will see a snowflake symbol on the floor. 3 of the "arms" of this snowflake make sounds when you step on their outside part. What you need to do is get 3 ponies (you and 2 more) to step together and make the 3 sounds at the same time and just right there the pony who is farther from the library entrance needs to press "T" to activate a secret portal that teleports you to the caves.

Caves are bugged though, you can't get to the end because one of the doors never opens.

oh that'll be fun.
Quote from: xX-Nyan-chan-Xx on 2020 Aug 15, 11:43:51wait if this was like a week ago then how did u find so many? cuz whenever im on im literally the only non npc pony in sugercane corner

It depends there are two rooms in each server and areas. so sometimes switching between them will help. Also, it will be hidden by chat at first. You can move chat by the way.
You know this game is still under development even now. It will probably take years still. At least, it's one of the games that gets updates even if they take a while, but I bet they are awesome when they are done.
This will be useful for myself too.
Quote from: xX-Nyan-chan-Xx on 2020 Aug 21, 09:48:10this just started a few days ago, when i log in to LoE to play the game and it starts loading it takes a while and says not responding and then eventually it loads and then when i finally get into the game i start to lag and if i travel somewhere it says not responding and loads forever and then in my opinion its just complete chaos as if Discord himself had gotten into my game does anyone have an idea whats going on or how i can fix it because this wasnt happening a few days ago and i already got the cat hair out of my ventilators and im not sure if that was the problem or if i should keep Jaco away from my pc please help me i wanna play like i used to

You can go in your settings which are accessible even before logging videos settings and turn the graphics settings down. Sorry, I don't know how to help you more. Maybe you could join the Legend of Equestria discord server.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2020 Sep 22, 12:40:13
Quote from: LunarDusk on 2020 May 17, 21:24:36Time to revitalize this. I'd make a long rant but I'll shave out all the fluff that would've been in it.

People complaining about having to stay indoors because going out is illegal.

"I have fully recovered from the C word so its safe for me to go outside unprotected"

Please, that doesn't mean that you'll get your body compromised once again. They even decide to protest overt his. You think that your personal enjoyment and thought of others' enjoyment of being able to go outside and enjoy large social group activities while an international crisis is going on because its not fatal to you? That overall sounds a lot selfish on its own and those types of actions are whats spreading it to the people that cant handle this type of nonsense and wouldnt be enforced even strongly if people would just listen for once.  :l

I'mma revitalize this too.

I can agree with this person. We have all rights and I think our rights stops where the other people rights starts. So, I hate people not respecting rules and since I live in Quebec (the province/states) we are now in the second wave.
I guess you don't know what Forum suggestion means this is not the place. Sadly, I don't know where it is. It's even it the description.