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Quote from: Cloudy Skies on 2018 Mar 17, 17:40:26OMG I love how to train your dragon!

 lol  lol  lol
Granted, here's your one second...

I wish I was born in English speaking country...
Granted, now you drive everypony crazy  :D

I wish for the night eternal... :luna:  :luna:  :luna:
EG: Legend of Everfree is missing in the options ;)
Granted, now you're able to attend the classes from the place you live in. You only need to travel 6 hours a day by a coach...

(Oh, and I wouldn't give Gary that kind of magic if I were you... Firstly this might be actually the power he was looking for, secondly as it is said in Dune- "Once you gain the power to destroy a thing, you controll it". )

I wish the ice and snow magically avoided all roads...
There would be no space race between countries, because all you need to go to the Moon is to mess with Celestia :D
I think it would be actually a good idea to have a regularly updated list of planned features, things that are in development, known bugs and things that have been rejected for some reason. It would keep us up to date on what's going on, what to expect and it would prevent reoccuring questions about the same things over and over (for example left over quest markers). I know that there is a phabricator, but it is mostly for reporting bugs. It's kinda hard to get more complex picture about game development from it and some info just isn't there.
Yes, you can get a lot of info from forums, but it would require very extensive reading of long dead threads and given the amount of posts, it is almost impossible to read them all.
It would be just nice to have it all well arranged in one place, so everypony could get the image easily and fast.

There's an example of what I have in mind (It's from Kerbal Space Program game wiki- this one is unofficial, but I think it's generally a good idea):
I'm sorry for not being present, but RL got in the way once again :/
It's the princess of the night! No discussion necessary  :luna:  :D BtW- Where is princess Big Mac? lol
Definitelly the Sweetie Belle. I'm also able to burn a toast into a liquid state  :s
If you use Deviantart, try linking the sole picture, not the whole page. (Right click + View Image option, then copy the path) Works for my Deviantart...
Thread Games / Re: king of the hill
2018 Jan 03, 19:31:24
I come to the hill, showing you a court sentence, stating that the top twenty meters of the hill must be mined and taken away as a hill-and-accessories-selling tax. Once you stand aside for the mining operations to begin, I take your place. I plant a flag on the top, stating: "The sovereign Empire of the Hill declares independence from the rest of the land! Long live the Queen!" :celestia:
Since the Empire of the Hill doesn't tolerate any former structures, you are forced into exile.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Changelings
2018 Jan 03, 19:04:25
I'm not sure, where exactly she said it. But she probably meant, that the love, once drained from the ponies, could be somehow stored for later use.
Another explanation would be, that those "conteiners" they were kept in, were some kind of magical stasis. It would keep them in suspended animation, prolonging their life and having them ready for "later use".
The last one I can think of (but improbable due to the kid's character of the show), would be, that she actually wanted to create some form of farm to breed ponies and keep them in form of livestock. They would feed on their love then, but never to the point, where the pony would die. They would be given time to regenerate and produce new love...
Quote from: Master Masher on 2018 Jan 02, 14:37:47not so i have seen Starlight glimmer use the teleportation spell in season 7.

S07E14, about 15:00 time mark (Just before the song)
S06E21, multiple times at the beginning
S06E25, after they narrowly escape changelings at the castle
I think she actually is quite powerfull for a unicorn (though not as much as Twilight or GlimGlam). Her main downside would be lack of concentration and proper training. She actually has problems learning the transformation spell (teacup), but once she does it for the first time, she then casts it without even slight difficulties. And she is able to cast teleporting spell relatively easily (Even if that's a misfired one). Only Twilight and GlimGlam are seen using it.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Changelings
2018 Jan 01, 22:58:13
If it is even possible to steal all of love from a pony, I think the result would be either mental breakdown (With results varying from turning evil or insane to practically lobotomizing the pony), or even death.

It's true I saw that version (turning pony into changeling) once or twice around the fan-made stuff, but that seems illogical to me. There are the reasons:
1) Changelings and ponies are different species. There is even part of their reproduction shown- it is clear drones hatch from eggs.
2) Anatomy- Every changeling has a horn and wings. No exception AFAIK. Result of turning pony into a drone would be rather having three different types of drones- And probably none of them would have horn and wings, except the queen herself.
3) Changelings probably don't feed only on ponies, but on other sentient species as well. The result would be even more types of changelings.
4) In the "Where and back again" were all changelings transformed into a new species. That should only apply to those already born as changelings. If there were turned ponies, they would probably turn back, or don't change at all...
5) A changeling needs love to survive. They would starve to death- And I think Chrysalis was actually trying to kill Thorax by sucking all the love out of him. So the result of turning a pony into a drone by stealing all of the love would have similar effect- the resulting drone would instantly die of lack of love...
6) If that was even possible, it would be probably mentioned either by Thorax, or somepony else who knows about changelings. One thing is, when they just act as parasites and steal the love under cover, but if they were actually killing ponies, or making them disappear, the fact would spread among ponies.
7) If this was actually a possibility, it would have been definitelly used during the first attack on Canterlot. Chrissaliss would have either turned Cadance into a drone right away, or if Alicorns were somehow immune, she would definitelly use it on Shining instead of just making him a puppet. The same applies on the second attack- Some of the most important ponies (Princesses, Mane 6, etc.) would be rather turned to drones, then just kidnapped...
Well, I always thought Trixie is one of those unicorns, whose talent is magic. She just wasn't properly trained yet...
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Changelings
2017 Dec 31, 12:47:57
And as far as wiki goes (I don't own the 5th issue of FIENDship is magic, so I can't confirm that):

"It is also revealed that the original changelings were born from a carnivorous plant that grew from a rotten acorn that fell into a magic pond under a cemetery. They were inadvertently released by Star Swirl the Bearded, who nailed a warning sign to the plant to keep others away, only to create a crack from which the changelings emerged."
No snow and no ice in the CK! It would mean the end of Equestria as we know it :D

(Ok, IMHO there should be some snow outside of the city limits)