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Ok, after two months of work on the history of my character, I finally finished. Feel free to criticize, and if you want, let me know where I can improve. ^-^
However, I am aware that this topic is very long to read so I apologize in advance for having wasted your time. :c

Silent Shadow
Age: Approximately 26
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Special Talent: He can move in the shadows (literally), he has a great agility and speed and also a sensible hearing (in fact high-pitched sounds make him go crazy).
Colours: The same in the photo.
Cutiemark: A symbol that represents the shades and the darkness
Significant feature: He has a scar over his right eye (but it doesn't affect his vision) end sharp teeth.
Like: The night, heavy metal, his music box song (see below), flying, low temperatures.
Hate: Who touches his dagger and his music box, crowded areas, high-pitched sounds.
Fear: Fire, lose his friends, Slendermane/Sladerpony.
Trivia: Although Silent Shadow is very agile and quick, he's not very strong. He never go anywhere without his dagger, even if he never use it.
Spoiler:  Appearance • show

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He has always lived in the everfree forest since he was a colt; he has lost his memory and doesn't remember anything about its origins or who he is. The only memories of his past that are a dagger and a music box. The dagger dates back to before he lost his memory, his power is sealed and can not be used unless it's freed by a huge dark power, however he feels to have some sort of bond, as if their aura was the same. The music box shows the same symbol in his top face that silent shadow has as Cutiemark. The melody played evokes in him a feeling of peace and draws him the warmth of a family. Inside the music box is shown an inscription: "Be happy, be yourself, follow the path where your heart takes you. Remember that Mom and Dad will love you forever, Silent Shadow."
He has always lived alone and had to get food alone, having to also fight against other animals to contend food. Although his stealth skills allow him to take what he wanted without being noticed. To this were invented numerous legends about him as the forest phantom.
It happened that other pony who ventured into the forest, have met him and have fled in fear, yet he had no intention to scare or hurt them.
Even if it looks menacing looks he has a gentle nature, he takes care of all the injured animals he comes across, which are his only friends.
Once it happened that a small filly had been lost in the forest, he found her, strangely wasn't frightened of him. He helped her to find the way out of the forest, and later he returned to the forest. The day after the filly returned to the forest to meet again with the mysterious pony. Once she managed to find him, she smiled; Silent Shadow had never seen another pony smiling at him as if she was happy to see him. She was. He approached the filly curious as to why she had not run. She asked his name, he replied that his name was Silent Shadow. Then she said: "What a strange name! Can I call you just Shadow?" He nodded. Day after day, the two forged a profound friendship. She told him that he had no friends outside the forest because she was different. Sometimes she wore items from the city like candy and cakes. Shadow loved them; in fact he never eaten those before. One day she brought him a drawing she had done for him. The drawing depicted the two who were happily playing. This was the happiest day of his life, because he realized that he had a friend.
One day when he took her out of the forest, as he had done every day, he found those who were looking for the filly. Scared to see the "forest phantom", they attacked him. One of them was able to hurt him in the right eye and gave him a scar. From that day on he never saw the filly again. Even today, they are after him but all that they saw was a shadow in the darkness.
The years passed, and more and more ponies went into the forest to hunt for Shadow, even if no one could see him.
One night a mare with her mane blue as the night was headed into the forest accompanied by other ponies, who seemed to be his guards. The mare ordered the guards to check the surrounding area far from where she was. After a while she turned toward the tree where Shadow was hiding. She told him that there was no reason to hide from her, because it wouldn't hurt him and that she sent away the guards on purpose. She introduced herself as Princess Luna, convinced him to reveal himself and led him out of the forest where the guards and the other inhabitants of Ponyville were waiting for her. The moment they saw Silent Shadow guards began between him and the princess, with the intention to attack him, and other people who called him monster. Just before Shadow returned to the forest, the princess shouted: "Enough! He is not a monster! He is dangerous and he never wanted to hurt anyone! He has abilities. Abilities that allow him to move with shadows and for this he will come to Canterlot. And will become my personal guard..."
The moment she finished speaking, everyone gasped, even Shadow did not know what to say.
"...Only if you want..." said the princess, turning to him.
He nodded, thinking that this was the best thing that had happened in many years, and so he could show without being attacked.
Princess Luna called his coach calling Silent Shadow to follow her; he refused because he first had to get his things, and then went into the forest. Shortly after he returned with a bag (which he himself had built with leaves and vines) and climbed into the carriage. They made their way to the castle of Canterlot and, when they arrived, Princess Luna, called Silent Shadow to take residence in the palace and meet her and her sister to the throne room the next day. He agreed. The next day, as planned, he met with the two princesses. The older sister looked closely at Shadow for a few seconds and said: "Silent Shadow, I am Princess Celestia. My younger sister told me about you last night and I came to the conclusion to make you officially become his personal guard. Your task will be to relate what happens outside of Canterlot. Tell me, is there a particular city where you want to be transferred? ".
"If possible I would like to stay in Ponyville, I lived in that place ever since I can remember. But before that, I would stay at the palace some time and study the history of Equestria. Since I have lived all my life in the forest, this world is still unknown to me I would also like to know my roots, in other words who I am and where I come from.
I do not know how much it will take me, so I would like, if possible, request an audience when I have finished my research. " said Silent Shadow
The princess spoke to each other, and Celestia said, "Very well, if that's what you want, you'll be welcome at the palace."
"Thank you very much your majesty" said Shadow bowing to the princesses.
Five years passed, Silent Shadow asked for an audience with the princesses.
"We have been told that you wanted to see us. Speak us." Said Celestia.
"Your majesty, after years of research I came to the conclusion that in the books I can never understand what I am. The only way to find out is to wait for the moment when my powers will be freed. I came across a book in which he talked about the magic of friendship, and how this can unleash the hidden powers of each pony. So I would ask you to go to Ponyville and learn what friendship means. I will continue to monitor this place and I'll continue to send the reports to Princess Luna as I always have." said Silent Shadow.
Princess Celestia smiled and said: "Excellent, I will inform my faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, of your imminent arrival and also prepare a carriage escort you to Ponyville."
"If you do not mind I would like to go alone with the help of my wings, I do not want them to think that a noble is coming to Ponyville for a royal affair, I could also fly over the area in search of some potential problem." Silent Shadow replied.
"As you wish, in this way you will avoid that you could create confusion among the ponies of Ponyville. If necessary, we can always count on you and your abilities. At our next meeting, Silent Shadow." said Celestia
"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. I owe you my life after you saved me from the prison of my solitude. I will do everything in my power to serve Equestria and its people. Goodbye, your majesty. " said Silent Shadow.
Leaving the palace gates, Silent Shadow, was stopped by Princess Luna: "Wait, before you go, take this, is the act of ownership of a plot of land in Ponyville, you can use it to build a house. I hope it can help you."
"Princess Luna, you've always been so kind to me, the duration of a lifetime will never be enough to express my gratitude to you. But for now I want that you take this crystal statue I did for you as symbol of my gratitude. Hope to meet you again soon, Princess. " said Silent Shadow.
"I've said many times, just call me Luna" she replied.
He smiled and said: "Thanks Luna, thank you for everything."

Spoiler:  At Twilight home • show
So Shadow took off and headed for Ponyville, but first he wanted to take a tour of Equestria and take some gifts to make a good impression on Twilight and her friends.
When he finished he went to Ponyville and, as mentioned by Celestia, he went to the library, where Twilight lives.
When he got knocked on the door and was immediately greeted by Twilight and her friends, who after seeing him well were silent with an expression of amazement.
After a few seconds of silence Silent Shadow took courage and said, "Uh ... Hello, I think you're Twilight Sparkle, I am honoured to make your acquaintance. Princess told me a lot about you and your research on the magic of 'friendship. Anyway, I am Silent Shadow and am delighted to make your acquaintance. "
Another veil of silence spread in the room until Twilight said, "Well ... um ... The princess had written to me that there would be a new pony in Ponyville, but I did not expect that it would look ... uhm. .. "
"Scary!" shouted Pinkie Pie.
"Shhh Pinkie! Do not be rude, it is new here, you want him to be a bad impression of us?" Rarity whispered to Pinkie Pie
"Don't worry, this is always the first impression that I do with the other ponies." said Shadow.
"Ya know partner, it is the scar that troubles us" said Applejack.
"Yeah, how did you get that scar anyway?" continuous Rainbow Dash.
"Uhn? This thing here?, It's a long story ... Um ... but shouldn't you be in six? Where's Fluttershy?" asked Shadow.
"I-I'm h-here," said Fluttershy while hiding behind a shelf.
"Hey, do not worry, I will not hurt you, I'm here to make friends." Shadow whispered with a smile.
As she came out of her hiding place she whispered: "O-ok"
"Wait, maybe this will help you to trust me a little more ... Where did I put ... Ah, here it is, a gift for you." Said Shadow smiling.
"W-what is i-it?" asked Fluttershy revealing a gold foil.
"It's a pass that allows you to enter at will in the royal Canterlot garden" continuous Shadow
"My goodness, thank you, thank you, thank you!" said Fluttershy
"Hey it is not fair that only Fluttershy has a gift, I want one too!" said Rainbow Dash
"YAY, I WANT A GIFT TOO!" Pinkie Pie continued while bouncing around Shadow
"Do not worry, I have a gift for each of you ... Let me see ... This is for Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack ... And this for Twilight. Princess Celestia had told me of your thirst for knowledge and find a book that you had not already been quite difficult. "said, giving each pony the respective gift.
Rainbow Dash was opening her pack and she find a book "omygoshomygoshomygoshomygosh this is the Wonderbolts biography autographed by all the members! omygoshomygosh thanks bud!"
"O my, this gem is-is-is marvellous! where? when? how did you find it?" Rarity said with the sparkles in her eyes. "I found it in one of my trips over Equestria, or better under Equestria. It's a shape shift diamond, it change colour and shape of anything you want. Glad you like it" he said with a smile on his face but before he could say anything else Pinkie Pie stepped in front of him with a huge smile that exceeded her own face "YAY!! HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE TOYS, WE'RE GONNA BE FRIENDS FOREVER!! AREN'T WE?? YOU PROMISE?? PINKIE PROMISE??"
"what's a pinkie promise?" he asked, "It's her way to make promises, be careful not to break them, the last pony who has broken the promise the chaos has been unleashed" said Twilight looking at Applejack "Trust me, you don't wanna know."
"Ok... uhm... I promise we're going to be friends forever" after that, Pinkie stopped a few inches from his face "NONONO! NOT SO! DO AS I DO: CROSS MY HEART, HOPE TO FLY, STICK A CUPCAKE IN MY EYE!" after that she put her hoof over her right eye, "ok... cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.".
Pinkie's face lighted up in happiness and she start hopping everywhere yelling "YAY! WE GOT A NEW FRIEND! THIS REQUIRES A PARTY!". Applejack stopped her "Hold your hoof sugarcube. Ah think he wanna take a rest for the long trip, by the way what's this thing ya gave me?" Silent Shadow turned to Applejack "It's a rope made of carbon fiber, has the properties to be very durable and have a greater tensile strength, in short, can withstand a lot of weight before tearing. In addition all possess an excellent resistance to temperature, it is practically fireproof! I thought it might come in handy."
"Well that's  kind of ya, I can't thank you enough for this" said Applejack while holding the black rope with a smile, "Glad you like it, by the way, uh... Twilight do you like that book I gave you? I wasn't sure if you already had it... uh... Where is she?" Fluttershy whispered "S-she ran upstairs after opening the b-box", "I bet she liked it... eheh... it's better if I leave, I've an house to built" he said heading for the door, but was stopped by Rarity "Wait darling, the least we can do is to help you build your house, or rather, THEY will help you, I'll take care of the ornaments and finishes. It will be wonderful~"
Silent Shadow began to cry, "Hey! Why are you crying? Are you hurt?" asked Rainbow Dash, Twilight teleported herself in front of him and start scanning all of his body "Well you're not hurt anywhere, so I don't know what's wrong", "A-are you sad? D-did I do something bad?" asked Fluttershy, "DON'T BE SAD! A PARTY WILL CHEER YOU UP!" yelled Pinkie Pie. "No" he denied "I'm not sad nor hurt, in fact, I'm happy. I'm happy because now I have friends"
And so the new life of Silent Shadow began.

Spoiler:  The song of the music box • show

Spoiler:  The Dagger • show
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really thought out i like it  :D


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really thought out i like it  :D

Thank you ;) in fact I'm quite proud of it ovO
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