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Throughout the show we've seen Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash come a very long way and are well on their way to realizing their goals and ambitions.

Rarity rose from being an unknown, small-town tailor to a rich and famous fashionista.

Rainbow Dash is swiftly rising as a new Wonderbolt and is impressing the bigwigs at every turn, she's clearly got an amazing career Wonderbolt ahead of her.

And of course, Twilight rose from being an everyday commoner to a princess based entirely on her own merit, not genealogy.

But when it comes to Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, well...they're just sort of there. What have they accomplished in the last 5 years in terms of their own lives? They never really seemed to have any life ambitions like Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow Dash did, being more content with their own lives as they already are. It feels like half the main cast is being pushed to support roles, having little in the way of their own goals.

Applejack in particular I have to sympathize for. I mean, she had originally wanted to make the rural flight and see more of the world than the farm she was born on. She went on a pilgrimage as a child to the city to get a taste for more of the world, but then here cutie mark was just like "LOLNOPE" and sent her right back to the farm, and there she's remained. She seems like her life goals like with family rather than wealth or fame, but if that's the case then she and Big Mac are doing a pretty terrible job of keeping their lineage going. I mean, Applejack is in her late 20s and Big Mac is like 30. If they want to continue their bloodline then one or both of them better start looking for a mate soon.

Regardless, these 3 are sorely lacking in personal character development. I feel like they're unfortunately getting sidelined in favor of the other 3. I hope season 6 addresses their personal stories...or lack thereof.
Video Games Archive / The Long Dark
2015 Feb 27, 06:45:16
The Long Dark is a promising new survival game that's available for early access on Steam. It's currently half off so now would be a good time to grab it up. The game is set in rural Canada following a global power loss due to a geomagnetic disaster. You play as a lone survivor looking to survive and bring some order to the chaos. Currently only sandbox mode is playable, the story mode is still development.

the game has an Amnesia-y vibe to it, but less linear. The game looks really good for alpha, even has quality voice acting for the protagonist. I'm interested in seeing if this game spawns a multiplayer mode, it would make a really good deathmatch game.

I pretty much spend all my time in GTA Online racing but it's so hard to get a good races in randoms. I'd like to find some communities of people who want to actually race instead of just spend the whole time trying to crash me and block me into a corner. It seems without fail there's always at least one person who completely ignores the race and just trolls everyone. Anyone in or know of some crews or groups that specialize in clean racing?
I'm going to get The Crew soon but I'm on the fence about weather I should get it for PC or console. Anyone got any insight as to the communities of the two platforms and which would be more enjoyable to play in?
At last, we have a Civilization game based on the future of humanity rather than the past. In this game humanity has exhausted Earth's resources and must leave to found a new civilization on a new planet.


Gameplay Demo:

As a technophiliac I'm pretty stoked about this. That tech web looks pretty sweet. Rather than racing technology in one direction like in Civ 5 you now choose which direction human technology will develop. Here's hoping there's the tech victory is more involved in this game. The space race in Civ 5 was just uninteresting and anticlimactic.
Globetrotter is a geography game where you try to locate specific cities of the world as fast and accurately as possible. As you advance in the game it will start to give you more obscure cities in larger countries, making it harder. By level 7 it will completely take away the country boarders.

See how good you can do! I fail on level 10 every time.
Off-Topic Archive / How fast can you type?
2014 Jul 15, 00:40:08
You can use to quickly test your typing speed and accuracy.

Show your results!

Can you do better?

Video Games Archive / Plague Inc. Evolved
2014 Mar 01, 12:49:36
Once of the most popular mobile games of 2013 is moving to the PC in the form of Plague Inc. Evolved. The PC game is still in heavy development, but is available for purchase on Steam for those who want to take part in the interactive development stage, where fan feedback will help shape the final product.

The new features include co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. Modding tools that allow the creation of custom scenarios, disease types, and even planets. As well as a completely rewritten stat and AI system that will make the game more strategy-based and less linear. Oh, and a mega-brutal difficulty for those who found brutal too easy.

The launch trailer, narrated by Dr. Kleiner Ndemic Creations lead developer:

Video Games Archive / Banished
2014 Feb 06, 22:25:10

Banished is a new town-builder strategy game created by a one-man indie developer, Shining Rock Software. The game will be released on Steam later this month for 20 USD.

The game begins with a group of 20 or so people who have been banished from society and must build their own township from scratch in order to survive. In this game, your townspeople are born, grow, and die over the years. You assign your people jobs and direct the growth and evolution of the town over the generations. You must ensure that the society survives natural difficulties such as famine, winter, and disease.

Anyone else think this game has potential to be something big? The next Minecraft, perhaps?

<== Beautiful montage video.

<== Gameplay overview.
With the release of Elder Scrolls Online looming on the horizon, I thought I'd get some statistics as to the makeup of you guys.

As for me? Redguard dragon knight, no question.

Tamriel Foundry contains all publicly available information on the game. If it's not on this site then it is NDA protected information.
Imagine that in the finale of each season from here out a new pony is made an alicorn and given a royal position in Twilight's court.

Video Games Archive / SteamOS
2013 Oct 26, 01:16:18

Official Site

Valve, the leaders of the PC gaming industry have revealed recently that they are developing a new Linux-based operating system. To my knowledge, this will be the first operating system built specifically for gaming.

Valve is designing this OS with their future console; the Steam Machine, in mind. However, it will be freely available for download to PC. Compared to Microsoft charging 200 bucks a pop for their home operating systems, this is good news indeed.

I've been very pleased with what I've heard on the OS, as had the gaming community at large. Many prominent game developers; including Markus 'Notch' Persson, have praised it as amazing news for the gaming industry. My one concern thus far is that, if this OS catches on and becomes the new standard for gaming machines, it means that Valve will have a monopoly on the gaming industry. Such a situation could lead to some real trouble for the industry down the road, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a single corporation have such power.
Off-Topic Archive / Personal Heroes
2013 Sep 29, 20:41:47
If there is one person in recorded history that you admire the most, who is it and why?

Benjamin Franklin

While not necessarily genius by definition of the word, I consider Franklin to be one of the smartest men who ever lived in terms of using his intelligence. He was an expert in many fields, not just one. From science, to engineering, to politics, to philosophy, Franklin led the pack. It's a real shame that he was never elected president; I consider him the single greatest American to ever live.

Who are some of your personal heroes?

Please try to avoid controversial heroes such as religious figures.
Forbes reports of a player loses a very valuable limited edition ship worth approximately 9000 USD. It is so valuable because there are only three in existence (well, two now.). That's more than half of what I make in a year.

In a game like this where things have such staggering real-world values it makes me wonder if I should take EVE up as a second job. I know that one of my best friends from my first job sold his EVE account for 4000 dollars; enough for him to quit his job and become a full-time college student.
If you're going to get this game, no need to wait for the price to drop...because it's already only 20 USD.

Spoiler: show

I finished the game in 5 hours of playtime. Definitely a downgrade from Dark Descent. There is no health, sanity, or even an inventory anymore. All interaction with the game world is done in real time. By extension to the lack of sanity, darkness is no longer a hindrance besides obvious visual impairment. If you're feeling cheap you can crank the gamma way up and play the game without ever raising your lantern.

BTW, your lantern is electric and requires no oil or anything. You can keep it up indefinitely.

You will know when enemies are around because when they are nearby all electric lights (including your lantern) start to's never explained why. Not that it really matters, since most of the time enemies are just ambiance behind locked doors and junk. I think I came into contact with 6 actual dangerous enemies through the whole game.

The story is very confusing, though that's forgivable because the game is supposed to be about being confused and not knowing what's going on. The ending I did not see coming at seemed really illogical and very anticlimactic.

All in all a very dumbed down game from the first. I'm glad it was only 20 USD, I'd have felt very ripped off if it was released as a full priced game. I would suggest that people not buy it and instead just watch a playthrough on Youtube if you want to see the story.
Off-Topic Archive / When Was I Conveived?
2013 Sep 06, 02:49:29
For those of you who aren't satisfied with one birthday a year, this interesting website allows you to find out your likely conception week, as well as some of the most popular media of that week. This can result in some rather unfortunate implications.

For example, this was the movie that may have inspired my parents to conceive me:


Official Game Website

This ambitious project shows what a gateway modding can be. Several of the best Bethesda community modders have joined forces and formed their own indy game company. They are currently starting work on this new game. Clearly inspired by The Elder Scrolls, EOT is an open world-RPG taking place in the land Midengard. The world is destined by fate to end. You play as a hero known as the Unwritten; an individual who is not bound by the wheel of fate as others are. Thus, his or her actions can change destiny.

The game is currently in very early development. Without corporate funding, it's debatable as to weather or not the game will actually be finished. Then again, look at Minecraft. The Persson brothers went from nothing to being multimillionaires.

So what do you guys think? Vaporware, or the next Bethesda?
Stupid me bought one on the SCM not realized I couldn't redeem it for my own account. Anyone can have it if they want it. I'd appreciate someone gifting it to me if they have one lying around.

Meet Mr. Big Volume - traumatizing Arklatex children as we speak.
There's no doubt that Pinkie Pie is clinically malnourished. Given how much junk food she eats she should be as big as a house, but she's not because her body is running on pure sugar and getting no real nutrition.

Ever seen the show Freaky Eaters? Notice how the people who eat 5000+ calories in junk food a day are not overweight? Same reason: They're malnourished.

One problem: Malnourished people have very low energy, are very weak, are highly irritable, and suffer psychological issues like depression. Not true for Pinkie; she's hyper, fast, strong, friendly, and always happy.

(This video is about a diet of pure fat and grease rather than pure sugar, pretty similar concept though. Couldn't find a more fitting episode publicly available.)

TLDR: This is obviously a conspiracy on The Hub's part to teach kids that a pure sugar diet will make you like Pinkie, when it will in fact make you anti-Pinkie.

Off-Topic Archive / Akinator the Web Genie
2013 May 19, 20:48:37
This very clever AI bot is capable of guessing nearly ANY real life figure or fictional character within only a very few questions. 20Q can't hold a candle.

Akinator can guess even the most obscure background characters that would seemingly have not enough info for it to guess upon. For me it successfully guessed Ysolda (Skyrim), Demoman's Mother (TF2 Comic), and Virgil (Left 4 Dead 2). In under 20 questions each.

It is also capable of guessing some of the better-known fan characters as well. Try to stump it...
Not counting young colts and non-pony races, have two adult male ponies ever held a conversation or spoken directly to each other on camera in all the nearly 100 episodes?

Seems post-pubescent male bonding is nonexistent in pony society. No wonder females run everything.
I had a sudden epiphany about the importance of Starswirl the Bearded.

Celestia talks of him as if she knew him well, and the way she describes him says the he spent much of his life attempting to create new magic, but was never successful. Why? Because he didn't understand the magic of friendship as well as Twilight does. When they say 'Friendship is Magic' they aren't kidding. Friendship is literally what magic comes from, so in order to truly study and develop magic, you have to know friendship in and out.

I'm thinking that Starswirl was a former wielder of the Element of Magic. Much like Twilight, he was assigned by Celestia to study the magic of friendship with five friends who wielded the five parent Elements during their era. So, like Twilight, he was in line to become Celestia's successor as an alicorn prince.

However, he failed; dying of old age before he was able to ascend. He probably wasn't the first, there may have been several incarnations of former Element wielders, but Twilight's party was the first to be successful.
Video Games Archive / Darkfall Unholy Wars
2013 Apr 05, 14:18:13
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Official Site

I just received word that this reboot of the original Darkfall will be released on the 16th. Compared to what it was before, I can honestly say I'm rather impressed with Aventurines progress.

I made the mistake of buying the original game back in 2009. Horrible experience. That said, it looks like this time around they may have learned from their mistakes. The graphics look way better. The combat system is a bit less horrible. The leveling and character development system is much more specialty-based, rather than the first game in which everyone could do everything.

I'm not going to buy this game when it gets released, but I may be keeping an eye on it.
Yep, you heard me.

Due to reasons I'd rather not discuss I harbor no loyalty to my birth name and would rather be rid of it. I've told my mom and she's rather supportive, since she understands why I'd want to change it, as do my sisters. So as of April I will officially be free to start a new legacy, if I ever decide I'd like to.  lol

Plus, I'll be able to troll Saints fans into thinking I'm related to Drew Brees.  >:/

Your Month of Birth:

Spoiler: show
January: Hug...
February: Sing a song with...
March: Share a cupcake with...
April: Play a prank on...
May: Brohoof...
June: Give a gift to...
July: Have a mug of cider with...
August: Throw a party for...
September: Derp around with...
October: Dance with...
November: Argue who is best pony with...
December: Tickle fight with...

Your Day of Birth:

Spoiler: show
1st: SweBow
2nd: AnyaSmash
3rd: McSleuthburger
4th: Tiger
5th: Rad Thunder
6th: Pinkie Pie
7th: Blues Music
8th: Coffee Rush
9th: Lord of Madness
10th: Science Woona
11th: Ethereal Nebula
12th: Julius
13th: Book Smarts
14th: The Stars
15th: Chishio Kunrin
16th: Trege
17th: Night Pony
18th: Midnight Breeze
19th: Lyra Hearstrings
20th: Little Judas
21st: Morning Glory
22nd: Travius Trott
23rd: Johannes
24th: Computer Deathglare
25th: Ryo D Disk
26th: The Silent Wolf
27th: The Wandering Magus
28th: Pipkin
29th: Jenzy
30th: Gracie Sky
31st: Bravo

Happy Birthday!  :]
Off-Topic Archive / Your Stupid Habits
2013 Feb 23, 20:36:03
I lock the door while in the bathroom, even though I live alone.

I set two alarm clocks, one for 5:30 and one for 6:30 because I like an hour long 'snooze'.

I file my nails more often than I brush my teeth.

I always manage to mop myself into a corner.

This deserves a lot more popularity than it has. The song is beyond good enough to be played on the radio.
I just turned on my air conditioner.
Who would be paired against who?  O:
Y'all may or may not have heard, a couple of days ago a trailer was posted on the official TVLand website of an upcoming episode about Joy dating a brony boyfriend.

Equestria Daily reported on it, it's supposed to have aired tonight, but I didn't see it. Hot in Cleveland is definitely not on my list of shows to keep up with. Anyone manage to catch it?

Animations Archive / This Spy Aria
2012 Dec 19, 23:32:13

In case you somehow still haven't seen this, here's the nice little anim. I find the audio editing quite impressive.
Over the last week I've been in the process of moving. For the first time I've got my own place all to myself: No parents, no roommates. Gonna take some time to get the place furnished. In total I have a bed, a dresser, my computer and desk, and a couch spread out through a two-bedroom apartment.  lol Only downside is that the building isn't soundproofed very well. I can hear my neighbors talking during the day. Working 12 hour day shifts, though, I don't hear it very often.  :]

It's still hard to believe that I'm a full-grown adult. I still feel like a child.  ^-^

Well, due to a certain medication I've gained 17 pounds in three months; going from 145 to 162. Now I know 162 is nothing to sneeze at for a 5'10'' male, but it's got me worried and stressed.

I feel so fat, even when everyone around me is telling my I'm lean and skinny and that they're jealous of me. I count calories and get very stressed if I eat more than 1500 calories a day. I'm obsessed with aerobic exercise, constantly running and climbing stairs all day. I even try to avoid heavy lifting because I don't want to build muscle. Call me crazy but I'm an effeminate man; I don't want to be strong and muscular, I like being small and lanky.

Am I on a bad path, here? This might just be the OCD talking, but I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place. I'm scared of getting fat, but just as scared that my efforts to not become fat will lead to anorexia.  >.<
Off-Topic Archive / Feast of Three Hams
2012 Dec 05, 22:07:22
So, both my parents and I all work at the same hospital where all employees get a free ham during the Christmas season. So now we're sitting on a mountain of pork.

Somepony have a barbeque cutie mark around here? There's only so much you can do with so much ham!  :I

I really didn't see this one coming, but when I think about it, it makes perfect sense. I used to listen to the original on loop all the time.
Off-Topic Archive / I'm a Great-Uncle!
2012 Nov 12, 20:44:14
Well, my oldest niece's baby shower is next week. She's due for her first son in December, right after her 20th birthday. Seeing as she and I live in the same apartment complex, I'm sure I'll be babysitting often.

I like to joke that I was born 'in the wrong generation'. I was an unexpected baby born very late in my family. My parents are in their 60s and my sisters are 38 and 41 respectively. My oldest niece was born just a year after me, so she's like a sister to me. Unfortunately I wasn't able to push for an MLP themed baby shower, the baby being a boy and all.  X3

Today, at 5:12PM December 20th, 2012; Aidan Michael Scott May-Sparks was born! Wish I could have witnessed his birth, I was working in ER when I got the call that my niece was in labor and headed up. Unfortunately, my mom, sister, and step sister-in-law were already there and they wouldn't allow a fourth visitor, so I had to wait outside.

Not sure if it's okay to post a picture of him, I will if a mod gives permission.