Helping With Hooves Medic Troopers

Started by SandFire, 2017 Sep 11, 23:19:08

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Welcome to the Helping With Hooves Medic Troopers
Though we are currentlly small with a number of : 1
We will try are hardest to get you the help we can as soon as we can
This group effort is lead by the filly known as Dreaming Dots
'Led by a filly for the Right choices, Not the hard ones'

Some things of note: As we are a small we are not the most well equiped for medic duties. The hope is that the more that join us the more we can help. Wether it be on site healing, providing a potion or *shudders* an apple, as well as just having someone to talk to we can do our best to help.

Application form:
In Game Name:
Gender:(Kids will be Colts and Fillies while adults are Stallions and Mares)
Special talent (Not required as this is a volunteer effort):

My Form for Dreaming Dots.
Spoiler: show
In Game Name: Dreaming Dots
Race/Species:Earth Pony
Gender: Filly
Special Talent: Connecting the dots for mysteries.

Part of The Kingdom of Roses

Night Striker

Seems like fun for my unicorn character ^-^

In Game Name: Harmonic Dreams
Race/species: Unicorn
Gender: Mare
Appearance: You could just look at my signature to see which pone I'm talking about :P
Special talent (Not required as this is a volunteer effort): Magic

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

Want to be in a herd? PM to get more details to join the NLR!


Since I have a nurse OC in game, I'll join in on the medical fun!  :D 

In Game Name: Nurse Invy

Race/species: Earth Pony

Gender: Mare

Spoiler: Nurse Invy • show

Special talent : Combat Medic


Hey, I'm the leader of the New Lunar Republic. I was wondering if our herds could be allies? I have a decent Wiki page, so adding you as an ally would be beneficial! I could even help you publish your own page!
Filly Swift

Vivat Nocte!

Moore Tides

I have interest.

In Game Name: Moore Tides
Race/species: Unicorn
Gender: Stallion
Appearance: Sea-green coat, and sea-foamy hair
Special talent (Not required as this is a volunteer effort): Programming


I would like to join please

In game name: Electra Strike

Race: Pegasus

Coat: Amethyst

Eyes: Deep Emerald

Talent: Healing
Lightning Strike


can i join

In game name: Sakura Blossom

Race: Pegasus

Gender: Mare

Coat: Cherry blossom pink

Eyes: Lavender

Talent: Cooking

Why not visit ?

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