A (Hallow)Tide of Spooks is Coming... The Fall 2023 Update Is Now Live!

Started by Ellowee, 2023 Oct 21, 05:30:33

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Hey again everypony! Hope you're all keeping well in this crazy ol' world of ours. Over in Equestria, it's rolling around to Hallowtide time, so we figured it was a good opportunity to release an update; that means v2023.04.01 is now available to download!

As with our previous updates, if you'd like to read through the entire list of changes and additions, you can check out our changelog post... but here's a little taster of what we've got in store for you this time!

With Hallowtide on the horizon, all your favourite locations have put their decorations up, Ensemble's gearing up to make the spookiest costume ever again, and some ponies are ready to give out candies to all the fillies and colts! Let's hope it's enough to appease the spirt of the dread pirate Black Flag for another year...

As you can already tell, Hallowtide is a time for everypony to break out their favourite costumes; to help with that, we've added a couple of new ones! Whether you'd like to traverse the depths beneath the sea as a kelpie, or show off your fiery nirik spirit, we've got you covered!

A few new quests have made their way into the game too! Would you like to help your classmate Wanda with her investments, or investigate the rumours of the legendary batmare? Who knows what new stories might unfold! (Well, we do. We wrote them, after all.)

We've also added another brilliant menu art submission, as well as a fantastic new music track to go with it! We really love featuring these pieces from our dedicated community, and we hope you like seeing them too! Remember, if you'd like to see your own artwork featured in-game, you can get all the information on submission process over here.

There's plenty more in this release; some improvements to the friends system, a few optimisations to help with the game's performance and stability, and a whole smorgasbord of fixes that range across the entire game!  My personal favourite is the one that reduces the 'gem bomb' attack from thermonuclear status, meaning it's no longer audible from the other side of the map.

As always, the full details of what's included in this version can be found in the changelog. If you're playing using our Windows launcher, your files should update automatically; other platforms may need to visit our downloads page to get hold of the latest game files. If you're playing on mobile, you may need to visit your app store to prompt the update!

Thanks as always for all your support, everypony! Seeing you enjoy what we've crafted is what makes all our efforts worthwhile. We hope you like what this update brings, and we'll see you in Equestria very soon!


Feeback - Whatever you did (and it isn't mentioned in the change log), the LV 50 Rock Golums have become significantly harder to kill. Getting 1-shot killed by them happens too often, and they seem to take a lot more damage than before. With two of them there, beating them is nearly impossible. Two days ago, I could survive their kill shot losing only about half of my HP. 

Either that, or I am REALLY off my game today.


Is there something going on with Mega(upload)? I tried five times to download the latest version and the download froze midway every time. I did not get past 53%. So I used the windows launcher gizmo. That worked so my game is updated and launches. I don't know what went wrong with Mega.  :o  Not a peep from pop-up blocker, no activity from Ghosterly. Maybe Mega is snubbing Firefox. It's like Mega is trying to sneak in something halfway into a download using a subroutine not supported by either my browser or OS.  :/

Teal deer: Successfully updated game, it works, but Mega download froze every time I tried it.

I wonder if the Nirik makeover has animated flames!  O:


More feedback - the lv 50 rock golums really are nearly unbeatable now. Game is too unbalanced to play.

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