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RP posts do not go towards your post count either.
Resolved Issues / Re: Automatic Scroll
2017 Aug 29, 15:51:30
You can click on the "New" icon if it's present, or on the last post date in the "Last post" column to go to the latest post of the topic.
Won't fix for now, the mod isn't compatible with the forum software update.
Resolved Issues / Re: Profile comments?
2017 Aug 25, 11:51:32
This feature is gone, as it wasn't compatible with the forum software update.
You can still send private messages to forum members for birthdays etc.
There is already a 'Mark ALL messages as read' on the bottom right of the forum home page.
Or you can click on the icon of a board and then click on "All Read" to mark all messages as read for this board.
Resolved Issues / Re: just one suggestion
2016 Apr 23, 07:10:50
Hi all,

A verification to send a new post is enabled for accounts having less than 3 posts to help avoiding spam bots.
Once you will have posted more than 3 posts anywhere on the forum, you will be able to submit new posts without any verification.

Topic locked.
Resolved Issues / Re: "Logout" Under "Home"
2015 Jan 19, 13:55:53
Fixed by removing the Helpdesk menu item.

Mentions have been added to the forum!

To mention someone in a post, just write an @ followed directly by the username of the person you want to mention.
A drop-down list will appear with suggestions as you start writing the username, you can just click on one suggestion to select it.

For example: @GoFish will mention me.

When a user is mentioned in a post, he or she receives a notification by email.
You can see all the posts in which you are mentioned on your user profile (click on the "Profile" menu on top of the page, then in "Profile Info" you can see select the "Mentions" option)
If you want to disable the email notification when you are mentioned somewhere, just go to the "Mentions" option in your user settings, and in the bottom-right of the page you can uncheck "E-mail mention notifications".

Please don't abuse this feature, or it will be removed!

Resolved Issues / Re: luna emotes
2014 Dec 28, 12:46:44
I added that Luna smiley:  :luna:
You can re-open a thread if you want a Cadence smiley too, but be sure to provide the smiley image if you do, please.
It's too much work to add this feature, sorry.
Resolved Issues / Re: Profile Comment Bug?
2014 Dec 28, 12:04:59
That might happen if you click the "Submit" button multiple times rapidly when trying to post the comment.
Resolved Issues / Re: Who's oneline!
2014 Dec 28, 12:02:03
It now says "Viewing the chatpage."
Resolved Issues / Re: Reply problem
2014 Dec 28, 11:51:12
I'm locking this thread, please re-create one if you still have this issue.
I can't reproduce this bug, and it's a minor one, so I'm marking it as solved.
Resolved Issues / Re: The help desk...
2014 Dec 28, 11:42:06
Both words exists apparently, and in our case it's the mod we are using which chose "Helpdesk", we didn't write that word ourselves.

And you can't see yourself in the active users list when you are browsing the forum because you set it to be that way, you unchecked the "Show others my online status" option in your Account Settings. Go there to check it if you want:;area=account
There is now a limit of 10 emotes per post.