Hoping to make an open world game but i need tips.

Started by Phoeberia, 2016 Jan 11, 19:18:22

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I guess first off making the open world portion lol and also making characters customizable  in shape size gender etc so I guess whoever has some game making knowledge id like some input from ^~^


I can help with what I know, but it depends if you know anything about games, and what kind of things you're looking for, can you be a bit more descriptive?  :I

Anyway, I'll shorten these down for you.

1. Forum,
if you want a way for a download link or anything else your forum might be used for, make one, (etc) Or hire someone who can make one for you.

2. Game,
The most games i've seen that are not being paid to work on, are powered by UNITY or another device, try to find a safe client that you feel happy to work with.

3. Staff,
We all know that no one is able to manage a game on their own, and it is always hard if you try, near impossible if the game gets popular. Hire people that you can trust for big roles, and hire DT's, and other people to make the game possible. (may cost a lot  >.<)

4. Connection,
You will need to pay for connection to get the game online to all across the globley internet, and keep it online (unless turning it off for maintenance and other things.)

5. Idea,
Most games have shut down due to money and copyright, but mainly because the owners ran out of idea's! Keep a steady plan and listen to members idea's.

6. Advertise,
yeah you get the point of this one on your own.

7. Game itself,
The game will need models, (etc) and here comes good old money again.. Staff are needed badly here, this is just going by what I know hope this helped.  X3


All good tips and I know a fair bit, I can make models, concept art, animation materials and everything art related, I CANT PROGRAM XD thats the one fallback, but i have ppl who can, like three of em maybe, the one thing is mainly making things like... character customization and the open world bit of it all


Thank goodness you have all that.  ^-^

If I were you, i'd go to a big game like World of Warcraft, and take some advice from them, they even let you use some of their models if you're lucky.  :nod:

As for open world, again I used to make maps, but only threw note pad so I don't know much about making a game quickly.

(notepad: aka is where you must type in a location on the map, and then reload the game client, then texture that object, but there is a faster way)

As for character, again it depends on what you're making, is it MLP, Fiction, NonFiction? Bit of both? It's really up to you at that point.

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