Making a game, but with only 3 people... what programs should I use?

Started by Phoeberia, 2014 Aug 14, 17:04:09

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Im pretty much the art behind a possible game me and my friends hope to make, I just need something that will help me build the entire world lmfao.

I guess... Making a 3D character, animating it so forth programs that are good together maybe even all in one. I'd also enjoy manually {by tablet I supose} coloring my models aswell, even if I cant oh well... I dont have to worry about the programming we hopfully have someone for that, I just do... everything else and most of the writing. Any suggestion on programs?... I have Photoshop... at some point I aquired Poser aswell... but its not much use at the moment...


I don't necessarily need a 'best' I do all my art on Sai and don't need coral or Photoshop for good pictures lol.

I'd preffer not to spend tons of money when I can do about the same I want with blender or something less lol... But thanks, it does give quite abit of input on stuff.


Okay, thanks x.x I just hope to be able to make a MOBA of sorts, it'll be free to play but buyable stuff and all XD so im not sure how that all works.


lol not to hard, theres always people willing to play. I also wanted to make an MLP tactics game but.. idk how to even begin that lol.

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