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All good tips and I know a fair bit, I can make models, concept art, animation materials and everything art related, I CANT PROGRAM XD thats the one fallback, but i have ppl who can, like three of em maybe, the one thing is mainly making things like... character customization and the open world bit of it all
I guess first off making the open world portion lol and also making characters customizable  in shape size gender etc so I guess whoever has some game making knowledge id like some input from ^~^
Im in the process of making a visual novel so I'd really like to get ahold of some good music if ya dont mind. im also looking for a good opening theme of sorts i just dunno what I wanna go for lol.
Well just to know abit of information from a reliable source lol.. Im working on a type of... hmm... I guess flash comic but im having a few problems.

Number one being what size should I make my screen and resolution, also fuzzy images be fuzzy x.x
lol not to hard, theres always people willing to play. I also wanted to make an MLP tactics game but.. idk how to even begin that lol.
Okay, thanks x.x I just hope to be able to make a MOBA of sorts, it'll be free to play but buyable stuff and all XD so im not sure how that all works.
I don't necessarily need a 'best' I do all my art on Sai and don't need coral or Photoshop for good pictures lol.

I'd preffer not to spend tons of money when I can do about the same I want with blender or something less lol... But thanks, it does give quite abit of input on stuff.
Im pretty much the art behind a possible game me and my friends hope to make, I just need something that will help me build the entire world lmfao.

I guess... Making a 3D character, animating it so forth programs that are good together maybe even all in one. I'd also enjoy manually {by tablet I supose} coloring my models aswell, even if I cant oh well... I dont have to worry about the programming we hopfully have someone for that, I just do... everything else and most of the writing. Any suggestion on programs?... I have Photoshop... at some point I aquired Poser aswell... but its not much use at the moment...
Introductions Archive / Yo everyone!
2014 Aug 13, 08:51:22
Im so happy to be here, I've yet to really download LoE, ubber excited about getting on there. Goodness If I could get ahold of designing the game, be lookin fancy as all hell lmfao. Im a hopeful game designer, well concept art. Me and my friends are making a game company and im co-owner.. well president? XD anywyas at the moment im hoping to hel pwith LoE concept art or somethin else x3