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Started by super_chris85, 2013 Mar 04, 23:43:37

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So first off I did this because I want a unique non-pony character and I don't know if anypony has made this yet as always I love questions and critiques but please keep them calm

Name: Cecil the Hedgehog
Spoiler: show

Personality: Arrogant, stubborn, Prideful Hates being cooped up but very trustfull and will always have your back.He is very friendly and respectful towards other and is willing to help others with their problems, but he is hard to get to know he usually likes to keep his problem to himself
Abilities: Super-sonic-speed (as fast as a pegasus in a sonic rainboom), endurance, and strength
Backstory: Cecil lives on a planet named Littleplanet. He had lived there as long as he could remember. This planet stops by different worlds in it's travels it is connected to the past, present and future. He has made many friends as locals visit the planet when it comes to their world. Well one day it had stopped by Equestria and Cecil decided to explore off the planet but as he did the planet had flown off before he could get back on. He currently is trying to find a way back instead of waiting for  it to cycle back to Equestria.

I changed his backstory.
The idea of Littleplanet belongs to SEGA and Sonic Team


guiii another non pony friend.

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