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Original Characters / Littlemoon my OC
2014 Apr 17, 17:24:57
Disclamer littlemoon was a alicorn before but I made a better story for her and made her Pegasus just to keep it nice but shes still a alicorn as my very main pony but she has a normal Pegasus oc for stuff like Equstrian relams legends of equstria ETC

Littlemoon Woke up on the ground in the middle of the forest She dident know who she was and were her mom and dad were because she was a filly when this happened She looked all over the forest for them when she bumped into a pack of wolfs the wolfs took her in When she was 12 she left the cave forever to find a new home she sometimes come back to the cave to remind her of the family that took her in When littlemoon was 13 she found her own little cave to be in she came out at the night looking all around the world In hopes to find her real mom and dad she remembers more and more every day she looked all over the world She ate new food learned about diffent ponys and make friends littlemoon dosent remember because her mom and dad were flying to a town and Littlemoon fell off her dad her mom and dad looked for her in the forest but it was to dangeros so they had to keep going they been really sad for the years They thought littlemoon was dead but littlemoon looked across the entire world for her mom and dad she wishes on the stars to find her mom and dad and every time she sherches but all she knows is that her mom was a Pegasus and her dad was a Pegasus One day littlemoon will find her mom and dad

Well littlemoon had her cutie mark when she woke up in the middle of the forest she dident know what it was it was a purple moon  <3

edit: I forgot shes part batpony shadowpony and a tiny bit changling(only thing she can do as changeling is turn into stuff) but she dosent do that stuff much nor nopony knows but her mom and dad who are currently far away from littlemoon