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I wouldn't mind an Ateren Steelbender being done. (My current avatar. I can supply more pics if needed.)  :P
-27  0:)
Banned for supporting my ban!
Yes, it tastes like cotton ca- no wait it tastes like water...

Why oh why do I like peanuts!?  DD:
Granted! But no one will tell you the horrible timeslot it has.

I wish I had a better memory.
Granted! ...I assume you're expecting the flavors to be corrupted per usual? Nah, instead you get... A boot to the head!  ovO
Unbanned for enjoying corgi's!  ^-^
Because you had adorable lessons from Fluttershy.  ovO Or it could be natural. Maybe...

Why am I drinking coffee this morning?
Because skittles needed more advertisement.

Why am I a mod? :3
Banned for referencing another thread game.  ;)
Granted! ...but the mods have taken notice of you... *weighs ban hammer.*  ovO

I wish I wish I was a fish.
Hm. True. Then again, who doesn't like derpy?  :nod:

The pony below me is afraid of spiders.
Capture the ponymon, and don't mess up this time! I'll be awaiting to hear from you.  8)
-9 Crab apple had been the only girl so far.  >.<
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Favourite Mod?
2014 Aug 11, 17:18:55
That Ateren fella seems pretty cool.  :nod:
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2014 Jan 08, 14:59:33
I was given a hug other than my own mother. That's a rare event for me.  :]
Huh, much simpler than my name suggestion.   :]
Quote from: FanofRainbowDash on 2014 Jan 07, 16:41:13
Quote from: dynamite on 2014 Jan 06, 23:08:48
If there was only one best that would mean only one type of pony should exist and that's no fun... thus can't choose which is the best, need them all to make a whole.
Then that race would be...... an alicorn with zebra colors and holes in their hooves like changelings!  :D   Who wants to draw it? I'm too busy right now.
Spoiler: Spoiler that the image will be held in (DUH) • show

What would you call such a pony? If it's anything how it looks and described... then Chaliuniegarthbralings is my guess.
This topic is funny by having off and on activity throughout a few years. I never did bother to explain fully how I became a brony here on the forums. Now for a few paragraphs.  :P

Back in April of 2011, I had a friend of mine that was always crazy and into weird things. He was one of those guys that would think earthworms would one day take over the world crazy. After a minecraft server breakup he messages me one night saying, "Make sure to have your daily dose of pony before bed!" My first reaction was a double take and spouting out "Whut?" Soon he gave me a link. I shrugged and clicked the link to reveal the Eurobeat brony mix of the CMC concert song. Being late at night and half out of it, I looked at the CMC and figured, "Oh okay, a music artist with a pony persona." I didn't pay much mind since I've listened to people like Renard way back before this and didn't think it to be strange.

However, I came enjoy the music that was created and went on just assuming differently. The next day my same friend kept laying down a bread crumb trail to the actual show. Soon as I connected the dots and realized there was a show and what not about it I just watched from the beginning onward. I've been known to only be picky and entertainment that exceeds the bounds of how much vulgarity I can take. (Thus pretty much stopped watching TV after the nostalgic shows died out.) Familiar with the previous generations of MLP and the comedic video splicing variations. (Although hard to come by good ones.) I went in with a different forethought than most going into the show. I'll be honest, I had this awkward grin and chuckle through episodes 1-6, but ended up watching all of season 1 in... one day. Quite unhealthy, and weirded out even my weird friend from before. It was an awkward breath of fresh air. A mixture of "You kidding me?" and "Finally, something clean and entertaining!" A rare breed imo. About... one month later I got a steam notification about LoE. (Equestria Online at the time.) And dropped my gmod video creation like it was a bag of hot coals. But that, is another story.  ;)