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News Archive / Re: Want to play?
2012 Sep 29, 12:08:35
63 pages o_O well im not going to look through that many sorry :D
some bugs i noticed, when you sit and then hold left alt your head will spin mega fast, while its funny im sure thats not intended
if you log out as an pegasus mid air, then relog back in as another race you are stuck in midair and need to log back out and log in as a pegasus
stacking hats, currently walking around with 60 bookhats (additem 16 kind)
not really a bug this one but weird, when you are an pegasus and you keybinded movement as arrow keys left and right will keep on barrelrolling you instead of turning (not sure if this is intended? but its awkward flying)
some zones you fall through and get stuck, everfree, the trainstation staircase right behind the spawnpoint in canterlot
Also got stuck once leaving twilights library, not sure if that was lag or a bug though, luna server went down not much later after that

Other then that REALLY loving the game, music is also fitting on every zone you can visit so far, keep it up everypony!

edit: forgot one thing, for some reason F12 isn't saving my screenshots even though it says in game its doing it, is it going in another folder or also a bug?