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whoaaaaaa, i've been gone for so long and didn't expect all these changes to this website over the years hahah.

but wow, it's coming out! neato :3 i remember waiting for this day to come all those years ago xD

i'll be sure to play when i get the chance!
The game of life.

Phoenix Wright stuff. Currently at the first case of the third game.
Same problem here. Tells me that loe.exe has stopped working and a button to close the program.

Looks like i won't be able to play this time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Crashes every time I try to connect to a server. I might be doing something wrong, but idk  o.O

Unless it's something wrong with the 64bit version. Even though I'm using it on a 64bit laptop.

Although my favourite is Rainbow Dash I can't number the rest of the ponies. Fluttershy is so cute but Pinkie is so happy but Twilight is so BOOKS but Applejack is so YEEEAAHHH and Rarity is so... Her.

You get the gist xD
Dear god, can't people take two seconds to read the at least ONE of hundreds of previous posts posted that say the exact same thing?

No one knows when then next OSW will be. End of story.

Quote from: Gugulynn on 2015 Feb 06, 22:02:48
So when are the servers going to be open  I downloaded the game a couple of days ago and I want to know when the servers will be open to try the game out  >:/

They were open for a weekend, but that weekend is long gone. No one knows when they will open next.
Quote from: SuperKirbylover on 2015 Feb 06, 16:31:44
There is more info to be revealed, I know, but, does this mean only Earth Ponies will have pets? I'd kinda hate that, to be honest.  :l

Considering that Pegasi and Unicorns could get pets in the previous OSW, no.
The Retirement Home / Re: Game stuff
2015 Feb 06, 08:19:16
The servers were only up for one weekend. Now, they've taken them down and they won't be up until another OSW.
Quote from: Morphius on 2015 Feb 02, 00:45:06
o.O HOLD IT, Tiger...!! You thought that LoE was after the events of Season 2 (the concurrent events of IDW FiM, & Penstroke's Past Sins), you say? Well looking at Season 3, seeing that there's the revival of the Crystal Empire (Crystal Kingdom in LoE), then how is it in Legends of Equestria when it should've been hidden off the face of Earth, due to King Sombra's curse that took a toll later in Season 3 premiere...?  (:

Well, the point in time when they mentioned that it was around Season 2 was quite a long time ago, before the Crystal Kingdom was even confirmed yet. I'm not sure if they've changed the timeline since then or something.
According to the Urban Dictionary, the term 'brony' is typically given to male fans of the show.I'm not sure if that means simply liking the show, though.

Tell your brother that not all bronies are raging bronies :U
Quote from: Morphius on 2015 Jan 27, 01:44:37
-Golden Oaks Library (gotta keep with the times that the library was incinerated by Tirek & was replaced by Twilight's Rainbow Castle)

They've stated that they won't do that because they've already gone through all the trouble of modeling Twilight's library. It would be a waste if they were to remove it and put the castle in its place. It would also be rather frustrating to keep changing the game just so that it's canon to the present as there are bound to be way more changes to come. If they were to comply to all those changes, the game would take forever to finish.

I think they said something about LoE's time line taking place at the end of Season 2 or something.
I had fun, just like every OSW. It never ceases to amaze me how fun this pony game is.

There is something I'd like to comment on, though...

The quests. Specifically, Midnight Breeze's missing package quest. It's really... Long.

I understand you want it to be something that you have to work for, but come on. You have to go back and forth between areas at least twenty times. It took me an hour to finish it even though I knew the locations of most of the NPCs mentioned in the quest.

Also, the quest seems very... Hatred-based. It's like we're meant to hate characters like Astral and Pyrite <xD

Apart from that frustrating quest, I had a lot of fun during this OSW. And the DDOS protection added in after this is neat, too!
Well, I do suppose that a lot of the areas in this OSW are completely broken...

Yeah I got nothin'.
Quote from: LostSanity on 2015 Jan 25, 19:25:06

Did you try being an earth pony first, which sets your spawn point in Ponydale, then relogging and changing your race to Unicorn at the character creator?
I think you can change it when you connect to a server, at the pony creator section. I'm not entirely sure though.
Quote from: FriendOfYourFriend on 2015 Jan 25, 19:02:22
"Open Server Weekend"


A lot of us only got Saturday and Sunday, and others like me only got the Sunday!! This was not an Open Server Weekend, it was a Glitchy Server Weekend, and an Open Server Sunday.

While I will say that last year's OSWs were better, it's not like this OSW was completely unplayable. It's actually easy to get in during the off-peak hours when most other people are asleep.

Sure, maybe areas like Cantermore and the Heartlands are broken. And the mines. And Evershade Forest.

But that doesn't mean you can't still have fun in the other places.

Yeah, the Heartlands and Cantermore both seem to be broken at the moment. The Mines and Evershade Forest, too.
Quote from: pfiutek1 on 2015 Jan 24, 06:51:52
"Warning - While you were reading a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post." NO. i dont want to review my post please remove this warning,

whoa man, chill.

The warning was added so that people wouldn't post what other people have already posted before. It used to be such a huge problem before the warning was added in.