Help! Text And Icons Are Way Too Small!

Started by abba, 2021 Jan 23, 21:20:58

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I've only started playing this game up until a week or two ago, but I need some help.
Whenever I'm in-game and trying to talk to an NPC, the text is way to small to where I have to get super close to my computer screen in order to read it. The same is with the settings, pet, pony icons in the corner.. How do I fix this?


I am also having this problem, but only on my Mac. Changing resolution does not help. Any help would be appreciated

Cyan Spark

Right-click on the LoE application in your ~/Applications folder, then select "Get Info". Select the "Open in Low Resolution" option to disable Retina Display scaling.

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im having the same problem on my windows laptop!

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