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Started by WolfsGhost, 2012 Jul 09, 12:47:10

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Aww. Surely gonna miss you being here. Some good times.

Thanks for the memories. Really wish you the best out there. Stay talented ^-^ .
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I left, and didn't tell anybody! xD
But I'm back I guess. xD
Lots had changed with me and Relic, I think I changed his little topic page too. x3
Anyways, hope most of you remember me. xD


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Sorry guys but I may be MIA for an unknown amount of time. I have to restore my laptop to factory settings AGAIN because apparently I'm missing a lot of important security updates. I'll try to come back ASAP and I'll post my episode thoughts when I get back. See you guys soon hopefully...


Okay I'm back. Hopefully anyway.  X3
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Back after my unannounced MIA.

My previous Windows 7 laptop may be dead. I'm going to try to get ASUS to repair it, but if it's unrepairable, I have a new Windows 10 laptop that I'm using to make this post right now.
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August 22nd, 2016. That is all.

See 'Dumb Things That Annoy You' for more details.

But I didn't mean to ruin your 'celebration.'

Please... continue...

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I am assuming that this thread is still allowed to be posted in, since it is tagged, so I am going to do so.

In an effort to reset my priorities, I will be leaving indefinitely from these forums(at least, the thread side of it). This has nothing to do with any kind of drama, no situation, nor any of the people here, simply an effort on my part in real life to improve and grow. I am posting it here because it does not mean permanently, and I may hop back on every now and again to chat on the Chatbox, but otherwise, I am likely not to post on, nor make, any more threads.

Also, whenever the game releases, I will see about playing it, should anyone be curious on that note.

Anyway, that is the end of my post. I pray you all have a blessed one!

P.S: To Sparkle and Peace, you guys know how to reach me, should you want/need to. Those mediums will remain.

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Good Bye ^-^
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