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Started by WolfsGhost, 2012 Jul 09, 12:47:10

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I will not be here on the weekdays because I will be busy with other things and school.


Also, I can't come on Sundays. But I'm available any other time.
I'm back

Asterian Starfall

There is a possibility I will be going dark all through September. Stress from work, collegiate, and family is being to finally set in.

Like I said, this is only a possibility, not a probability.
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Teal Turken

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So the scoop on me is that I'm gonna be painting PROBABLY all day tomorrow and POSSIBLY the next day. I'll most likely have an hour or few to get on and see whats up but until then I'll be offline.
I'm probably gonna be tired and sore too so I might not get on at all for a couple days.

Post Merge

So turns out I'm gonna be another 2 or 3 days painting. I thought'd we paint the entirety of the house today but nope. x3

Nala Valor

Hey guys... I'm not good with goodbyes so I'll make this simple.

I just feel like my good rp buddies left some time ago and I just never followed because I didn't have anything to do. Now that I got a new PC, I can finally play stuff I wanted to play in the last year and roleplaying here doesn't interest me anymore. So I think it's my time to go.
I'll still say hi from time to time on other threads of the forum and it will always stay in my favorites on my iPod but I'll almost never here. So with that, I say farewell.

Fluffy Cloud

Guess this won't be much of a shock, but I'm leaving. Again. I don't know when exactly I'll be back, but it'll be when my art improves. Bye.


Being forced to write a book. I can't come here as often as I did before. I don't know when I'll be back.


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I'll miss you. You were fun.
I'm back

Teal Turken

Today at 5:30 pm I'll be leaving for HHN and won't be back till probably midnight or so.


to everyone,

I will be gone for the next month getting ready for college finals and taking care of my sick kitty. take care and bbs


Starting soon, I'll probably be much less active, and won't be participating in RP so much anymore. But I'll come when I can.
I'm back

Teal Turken

Coming this holiday, I'll be leaving for a 3 day trip to Tampa, Florida. I'll be back probably around Friday but until then I'll be away.


I'll be on my honeymoon this month, so I won't be back on here till about February. Hope you guys have a Happy New Year, and I'll talk to you again soon!  <3


i'm quitting rping here and moving to a new site but i'll still be around from time to time its just the rules here have been driving me insane and well i used to come here to get away from too many rules and have fun but their recent constant removal of remotely wrong things just is driving me insane so i wont be here that often since i've now moved to canterlot.com
ay i'm no longer using this site

Bravo 658

Leaving indefinitely!  Stay safe, everypony!


Alright, I'm leaving. I might pop in every now and then. I've made a profile on MLP Forums. I will be active there, most likely.
I am leaving these forums due to the fact that I've broken the rules some times. I wish not to do it again and cause dismay to these forums.
Here is a clue to my name on that forum, if you really wish to find me: the surname is a variation of my pony's (Forest Wyvern's) name.

Little Star

Won't be on during the week days until April....
The play is starting up and I'm one of the main characters so I have to go to all rehearsals.

Meh, I might check my phone at rehearsals x3


hey look I didn't leave man I'm such a liar
I will never leeeaaaveee


Due to some complications with getting internet in my new home, I may be gone longer than I thought. There will be small periods of time now and again where I will be available, such as these next couple of weeks, but otherwise I will not be on often.

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