Hi! I'm new and I'm gonna stream my adventure here!

Started by Jackal_Z, 2020 Dec 14, 19:33:52

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Hey everyone! I'm a long time brony but aside from hearing about LoE when it was just starting out, I hadn't heard much about it. Honestly I had assumed it got hit with a C&D like Fighting is Magic did way back.

All that aside, I just started playing and I'm gonna be live streaming my adventures in equestria on my twitch! (I'm only just starting out on twitch, don't judge me lol)
If you wanna follow and support me there, I'd be incredibly grateful. If not, no biggie! You can find me at http://www.twitch.tv/jackal_z

Whether I see you there or not, I look forward to exploring with everyone!

Khan Azura

Welcome!  :D
I just checked your twitch! You've gotten so far in the game! I can barely make 10 quests in a day.  X3 Btw another Pegasus player! Nice! *-*

Cyan Spark

Hey there! I enjoyed watching your first impressions playthrough of Legends of Equestria on Twitch. If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask them in the official LoE Discord chat! It's a fair bit more active than the forums, and players sometimes organize activities there as well.

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