Blizzard Nexus Challenge 2.0

Started by Ephnos, 2017 Apr 28, 00:46:49

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For those who may want to get the Oni skin for genji or the D'va cop skin on overwatch and 10 loot boxes u can get it by completing the nexus challenge on Heroes of the storm until May 22 2017, the challenge is to play 5 games with a friend from your friend list each week until may 22, the first week can be done vs bots but the following weeks it has to be quickmatch, thing is that i don't have anyone added that plays HoTS heh, i barely add ppl on soo if anyone wants to do the challenge to get the skins for overwatch i would gladly add and play HoTS(it's either that or try to drag my friend to it and he hates blizzard
i haven't been that active on the forums for a while so i hope this kind of thread is not against to rules somehow  :I

This is the official blizzard site link with the challenge info

I will check this tomorrow after work to see if there is anyone interested of if the thread has gone cold  X3
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I would actually like to. Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten my password because I only used it for WoW and HotS, both games I stopped playing a long, long time ago.

Good luck trying to find someone. If I manage to scrounge it up or something, I'll try to get back to you.
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Heh ye i've been there, i lost my password for the account for a year and a half, after i Stopped playing Diablo, but i got it back with the support team.

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I found a group for the following weeks to make the challenge, but if anyone here needs help with it i will be glad to lend a hand(hoof?), i will leave the thread open till May 22 when it finishes  :]
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