Should I get the Danganronpa series? (help I guess)

Started by LostSanity, 2016 Oct 05, 17:55:40

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2016 Oct 05, 17:55:40 Last Edit: 2016 Oct 05, 18:07:58 by LostSanity
To be completely honest... I'm not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else. So I posted it here. If this is the incorrect area, a mod is free to move it to it's proper location.

So... I just read that Danganronpa is being re-released for the PS4.

I've heard A LOT about this series. Too much honestly. I was planning on watching the anime too. I don't know much about it. Well... I know a little about it from stuff I've read about it.

The question now is... since the first 2 games are being re-released for the PS4... should I get it?

I would like this forum's opinion on if I should get it or not. I want various opinions that aren't biased.

I guess it's similar to Ace Attorney? Is it? It seems to be but I'm not sure honestly. I mean if it is then that's a plus to get me to get it.

I just want some opinions here. I've heard too much about it and I'm curious to see what the big deal is.

So... should I get it?

Feel free to persuade me to get it if you're a fan of the series.  ;)

I would appreciate any help with this.

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