Re: Anypony still on the MLPGameloft app? (post Friend Codes here!)

Started by O. Vannen, 2016 Aug 15, 13:25:48

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O. Vannen

Turns out Amazon's GameCircle and WhysperSync don't work with the MLPGameloft app . . .

I had to start over! ovO >:O D: My Friend Code is in my signature (92428, for those on Tapatalk). Add me, please.

Comment your friend codes so I can stalk add you as well.

P.S. - If you haven't touched the game for a while, there was an update about a month back.
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Thunder Spin

I'll add you (even if i do not even know you on loe) my code's something called abfa8 , or something. I do not know it very well. X3
Mine did not work well, but i closed it when downloading the uptades. :D

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