The hardest Minecraft evil mobs

Started by Thunder Spin, 2017 Mar 07, 08:17:12

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Thunder Spin

2017 Mar 07, 08:17:12 Last Edit: 2017 Mar 08, 06:37:17 by Thundergirl
Simply say the Minecraft mobs that you  can't easily kill. In any version/release and mode of Minecraft you have got. Have you ever killed the mod you want to tell us? Also don't forget to say why you hate them. Btw a mob I can never kill is the skeleton... man, very hard when you're in the hard mode.



Quote from: Thundergirl on 2017 Mar 07, 08:17:12
Simply say the Minecraft mods that you can't easily kill.

I believe you mean "mob", not "mod".

I've come up with approaches for most of them, but haven't played to encounter some of them.
Spoiler: Skeleton • show
Mostly they're a matter of minimizing their ability to attack you by dodging or using cover until you can snipe them back or rush with a weapon. Having a shield helps with the latter.

Spoiler: Zombie • show
I like to use fences and lights to create "pastures" where mobs can't spawn. Zombies will collect outside that, but I can stand off and slash them from the other side of the fence.

Spoiler: Spider • show
These can cross my fences, but if I have at least 16 blocks of lit space around me they won't rush me as hostile and I can control the encounter.

Spoiler: Creeper • show
I don't like them, but with terrain (fences) and a good bow they're usually easy to pick off.

Spoiler: Slime • show
Annoying, but not too dangerous if you fight them in safe terrain.

Spoiler: Enderman • show
The "pumpkin helmet" helps, but I usually arrange a two block high alcove to fight from and attack their legs to keep them from teleporting away.

Spoiler: Zombie Pigmen • show
I usually encounter them only when I build a gold generator, so they're contained in a mob grinder.

Spoiler: others • show
I rarely encounter other hostile mobs. The zombie trap horse is just a gang of skeletons, really.
Watch for "Census Taker" (pegasus), "Chuck Wagon" (earth pony), and "Bug Hunter" (unicorn).

Sweet Brew

To be honest the only mobs that are deadly to me are Zombie pig men, due to their speed and attack damage and Endermen because you can't spam click in 1.9+(I always play the latest release version) so they're actually really deadly.

Withers and the Ender Dragon are also preeeetty bad. ;)

Aqua Fire

Well, i barely play in survival, but if I do, it was either for the tutorial world, for roleplay, or this one time I trapped my dad. If I was in survival, then EVERY HOSTIAL MOB IS THE HARDEST TO KILL.. But mostly Shulkers.. I play the Xbox 360 version. I WANT COMMAND BLOCKS.
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Having fun with that gaia guardian, I'm not a fan of Botania to begin with (doesn't help its boss fight is cheep)

Thunder Spin

Quote from: McClaw on 2017 Mar 07, 10:56:50
I believe you mean "mob", not "mod".

Heh! I haven't paid so much attention to the word x3 . Edited!


The only one I can truly say is the Ender Dragon.  I have virtually no issue with any other mob, even on hardcore mode.

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