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Fan-Fiction Discussion / Reunion
Last post by NikTimeSage - 2021 May 10, 23:36:40
*the outskirts of Ponyville afternoon*
*Nick Crashes into the ground like a meteor*
Nick: Ugh ow I've had softer landings. *Nick looks around then at his hooves*
Nick: Ahhh!!!! what did i change into?
Rainbow Dash: it landed over here. and there's a stallion there.
Apple Jack: You okay hun?
Nick: Uhhh... I'm ok just a little frazzled and lost. I'm not from these parts.
A.J.: You're in Ponyville sugar cube a town in our world of Equestria; you really should go to the hospital just to be safe. we can guide you there.
Nick: Thank you I'll follow you there.
*as they're walking to Ponyville hospital*
Rarity: So what's your story darling how'd u land here?
Nick: Well to keep it short. I was once a freedom fighter I met the love of my life on a recon mission, she was also a freedom fighter but from a different world.  we helped each other through several missions. until an infiltration mission went wrong and I was ordered by her to flee. I never saw her again. I gave up being a freedom fighter after that and took the quiet life of a monk. until the transcendent  of time appeared before me. and told me that I will be with my beloved again, but I had to take up the  spell-sword role again. my mission seal off or defeat the transcendent of darkness. but mid battle he threw me through a portal and I landed here.
A.J.: so you're looking to reunite with your lost love get back home and defeat this transcendent of darkness?
Fluttershy: Oh that's sweet.
Rarity: if you don't mind me asking, what's your name?
Nick: Oh. I can't really say I have a lot of enemies and though you seem like a capable group I don't wanna put you in any danger. but ok. My name is Nickolas S. Chrono.(note this is a fake name built for fictional story purposes) but you can call me Nick.
*arriving at Ponyville hospital after checking in and putting Nick in a hospital bed*
???: O.k. Mr. Chrono I am Nurse Hera lets see what the damage is... wait that pendant where did you get it? only resistance members are given those.
Nick: I was once part of their freedom fighters until a mission went wrong and I quit. *Nurse Hera pulls out a pendant around her neck that matches Nick's*
Nick: those colors... Would Your first name happen to be Aerith?
Aerith: Yes... but how did you know that? I'd remember a high ranking freedom fighter of the resistance from promotion ceremonies unless... Nicko?
*Nick realizing who it is gets out of the hospital bed and hugs Aerith*
Introductions / Re: I got ignored ;-;
Last post by Antibet - 2021 May 09, 18:48:33
<3 you will be nouticed some day
Introductions / More noob Friendly features
Last post by Antibet - 2021 May 09, 18:34:28
I found this game no too long ago and start playing am get lost realy fast.
In comperesing to MMO like WOW, that is realy old (2004), its hase veard UI, beginer Quests and very, VERY empty world and some visual bugs i came in to contact in first  2 houres.
It could have beeter UI - its hard to adjust and after adjusting and entering new location it comes back to size before i touched it.
After first Quests at the beginning of the adventure i did not has any new ones, i cant found them on the map, and i cant even open map and im stuck with minimap.
Its very emty i entered at the time then there was no players on a server, somehow, and world looked very empty and dead. few ponies around Quest locations and stores. None walking streats.
Adam Dash
Allseing Eye
Autumn Dawn
Baby Demonic
Fiery Breeze
Flare CloudDancer
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Lil Strawberrys
Optic Rainfall
Red Velvet
Standard Issue
Starfire Dream


WASD has been standard since what, the early 90's with Doom? How are you used to moving? Have you only played a game where the arrow keys are for moving or something? What feels "normal" to you? Right-clicking is also fairly normal, at least among AAA titles.

You can edit your binds in the options while in-game, just like in most games. If you would rather use another set of keys to move you can configure that set there.
Legends of Equestria Discussion / How do I move around?
Last post by Flufferanian - 2021 May 07, 19:42:56
It seems like I can't do anything at all anymore. The WASD/arrow combo is already confusing enough, and now I have always have to right click whenever I wish to talk to an NPC.

How do I fix this to make my experience playable? Can someone give me a template for the regular controls?
If you want to learn more about the programming team you can find it here:
Same here I'd like to know the programming language used, where I can learn it, and how I can help (I am really wanting the Mining and Farming Talents to get their starter Quests)
Next Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet

Date: Friday May 730th, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: The Heartlands Castle Ruins
Style: Adventure
Host: Nightstalker
All ponies, old and new, welcome.

We have a group Discord. 
You can find it at
Hello, I'm interested in helping out the design team. I see a lot of the quests still have bugs and LOE isnt as popular as it once was. I'd like to implement some ideas on how to make the game better and more fun. If any mods are interested in talking about ideas then please send me a message. I'd like to see this game revived to its former glory! Send me a pm! Thanks!
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