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My pony is still a foal as a personal challenge, to see just how far I can get while still a foal. Opening up quests such as the Bat Costume and WWU to foals defeats that purpose. Also, I suspect that new talent quests (for instance, dress making) would be closed to adults, ergo, as a foal, my (potential) options are still open. Leveling up is a long haul and I'm not too keen on starting again from scratch, if I don't have to.
Introductions / Re: Hello ponies :)
2021 May 19, 11:44:29
Small library with a big cave filled with peculiar Crystal Kingdom beasts. ^_^ Fix the gait and build proper robotic pony! The Dynamics "cheetah" runs like a pig.
Art / Re: Soobel's things
2021 Apr 16, 16:31:41
I love your Fauve style fat horses (they make me laugh) and the model Ponyville is amazing.
Well, Discord has this new 'provide mobile phone number' requirement that has me locked out of Discord (I don't have a mobile phone and even if I did, I would not be using it as a personal identifier online) so I guess I'll ramble on here.

New skill to learn! Weather skill!. So I've bought the two necklaces. With 21 million bits and not much to buy, the few thousand bit cost was no big deal. So now I have the necklaces, I guess I'll have to find a few new quests to bump up my level in this new skill so I can buy the actions to go with these necklaces.

Lots of odd stuff going on. The NPC's are spinning around when nopony is looking. Lots of them end up nose pressed to the nearest wall. The jump-ring into Fluttershy's cottage is gone, but clicking on the door works. The bookmarks in the book don't always work, I have to click on the 2nd bookmark to then get the 1st bookmark to work. Trading is a bit tough when my saddlebag inventory don't show when the trading window opens, then the saddlebags are slow to respond to clicking. Good thing I know the keyboard shortcut for 'character' and 'inventory' or I'd not be able to change in or out of my armor. The enhanced flame noises for campfires is cool, the kinder, gentler 'pop' noises when MOB's keel over is... interesting. Like warm rain or old farts tooling down the street in their motor-bike style wheelchairs. Like, what?, OK, that's a thing. 8^D Oh yeah, another newism: the haeatea (heats, eat, tea) dropped something new, a power force or something in that vein. I did not manage to clear slots in my inventory fast enough to snag it, alas. Another challenge!
Oh my! A windigo costume! Must have! And a striped chromatic scarf? I am intrigued! Alas, no Science for little pegasus foals? Ah, road apples. The particle updates intrigue me. Download is at 20%, one hour to go. At least my speed has increased to 5 x dialup. Will this Update find a use for Mystic Infusions? I hope the opals are opalescent! Or at least spotted. Payback Harmony? So many new things to see and try! Good thing I'm not in school and I have free time! 8^D Thank you Ellowee and her legions!
Cool beans! I'll have to give this soothing thing a whirl, I remember some skill or other had a soothing component. I wonder how long it lasts? For instance, to mine minerals on the Naiad Island in the Heartlands I have to knock out the trio of beasties to get some breathing room (and to clear the cloud of bubbles). Time to see if soothing is a viable option!
The only spot where I've succeeded in getting turquoise from a Dalmatian Diamond Dog is in the diamond dog camp in the Evershade forest, and _very_ infrequently indeed.
Forum suggestions / Re: Reduce Bits Drop
2020 Jan 05, 14:33:32
The current bit drop situation doesn't bother me. After the first 500,000 bits, it became a challenge to see just how many bits I can collect. I have nearly 13 million bits now and I'm still cashing in sun and moon armor to build on that. I've spent bits on fireworks and on rubies (to level up in armor & harmony smithing), but it would be interesting to be able purchase really expensive items. Like an apple dryad companion. Did I mention that some of the MOB's would make cool pets? Or how about boots that leave a trail of flowers? Million bit boots.
Get a dark mode extension for your browser, for instance, for Firefox: That will allow you to rest your eyes while retaining readability for those not keen on dark mode screens. ^_^
Oh sweet! Would you look at that armor! Plus new places to explore? Fabulous! Thanks for all the hard work, LoE team!
General News / The (fine) print
2018 Apr 01, 20:55:37
Thanks Mysteli! I've been pressed for time so I didn't read the announcement as attentively as I should have. 8^)
Seems that foals can't clean up winter? I can see ponies flocking to the City Hall, but I don't see the sky blue pony. But I did buy a lovely spring dress from Ensemble in the Crystal Kingdom and my socks now fit! I look smashing in my polka-dot socks and spring dress.
Chrome Thunder: right-click on the zipped folder you downloaded. In Windows, this should give you a menu, select unzip folder, you will be prompted with a destination for the result, the destination should be in the same folder containing the zipped folder. Press OK. Unzipping will take a few minutes, after which you will have an unzipped update 11 folder in which you will find the launcher -- it's a feather icon. Double click the feather.
General News / Socks!
2018 Mar 29, 17:52:45
Socks will fit foals! I will be able to make room in my saddlebags (for more socks) by storing extra stuff at the Cantermore bank!
Windows 7. I downloaded the Launcher file first; clicking on the exe file after extraction gave me an error message. I downloaded the 64 bit file, I got the usual feather icon after extraction and it connected me just fine. After about five tries was online long enough to select all the attributes of my character and take a few steps in Cloudsdale.
News Archive / Re: Servers Now Closed!
2015 Apr 16, 11:00:33
The Open Server Weekends get announced well in advance on various MLP:FIM fansites as well. The OSW's are already well publicized.
If I put this here, will people see it?

Here's a possible solution that can be suggested to people who find that email from this forum is getting blocked. Important emails, like ones with their registration confirmation code. If they can't fish out the email from the spam trap for whatever reason, what they can do is _send_ an email to the forum ( noreply at legendsofequestria dot com ). That should clear the way for subsequent emails from the forum to get through.

Only two more days until Open Server! *squee!*
The whole Legends of Equestria environment is beautiful and fun to explore, I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the game and keeping it running. The swarms of players trying to populate your game is testament to how awesome it is. ^_^ Keep up the good work!
I went for the 64 bit version on MediaFire, was annoyed by the "Play" button to get the captcha, downloaded it anyway (Firefox 23, Windows 7). Extracted the files, ran the exec file, looks like it's working! I'll see how it goes when the serves open! 8^D