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Well, Discord has this new 'provide mobile phone number' requirement that has me locked out of Discord (I don't have a mobile phone and even if I did, I would not be using it as a personal identifier online) so I guess I'll ramble on here.

New skill to learn! Weather skill!. So I've bought the two necklaces. With 21 million bits and not much to buy, the few thousand bit cost was no big deal. So now I have the necklaces, I guess I'll have to find a few new quests to bump up my level in this new skill so I can buy the actions to go with these necklaces.

Lots of odd stuff going on. The NPC's are spinning around when nopony is looking. Lots of them end up nose pressed to the nearest wall. The jump-ring into Fluttershy's cottage is gone, but clicking on the door works. The bookmarks in the book don't always work, I have to click on the 2nd bookmark to then get the 1st bookmark to work. Trading is a bit tough when my saddlebag inventory don't show when the trading window opens, then the saddlebags are slow to respond to clicking. Good thing I know the keyboard shortcut for 'character' and 'inventory' or I'd not be able to change in or out of my armor. The enhanced flame noises for campfires is cool, the kinder, gentler 'pop' noises when MOB's keel over is... interesting. Like warm rain or old farts tooling down the street in their motor-bike style wheelchairs. Like, what?, OK, that's a thing. 8^D Oh yeah, another newism: the haeatea (heats, eat, tea) dropped something new, a power force or something in that vein. I did not manage to clear slots in my inventory fast enough to snag it, alas. Another challenge!