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Off-Topic / *confusion*
2020 Mar 17, 22:55:33
I guess... wait? No ones here. Are the uehfufueiwiiwosodifif people bots? Or... Is anybody still here? If so, what sites have you gone to?
They should make cough drop flavored extra sour warheads.

Ummmmmmmmmmm. I'm here.
Ummmm. I saw a cool looking site with something about a new game, so I just popped in. I guess I can do a small intro. Ummmm

*typing is pain
*on too many mlp websites
*terrible at names JUsT DRaw A WoRd fROM ThE WAStEBASkEt of wonderrrrrrs anddoit.
*if not actively posting, ghosting (that means just reading)

Ok then. That looks good. Not as bad as my other intros. Hopefully the pack accepts us and the wolves will eventually back out into the thicket.