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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2017 Aug 26, 17:47:53
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 I have been having problems with my laptop for a while now. I have a list of problems I have:
  • The battery does not charge past 1%
  • ANYTHING that uses 3D models seems to have the max frame-rate of about 5. And that's just on a good day.
  • It refuses to recognize my Phone's USB charger.
  • The computer is always hot. Even with an external fan.
  • My workstation is next to the trash can, facing a clear door, facing west  DD:
  • Having ore than 3 programs open makes the Explorer freak out.

You know, my dad got me the laptop secondhand, and I think they might have modified the laptop itself. I have ran multiple virus scans and it never really finds anything. Yeah, the low price tag might have been there for a reason.

TL;DR I hate my laptop.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2017 Jul 01, 19:20:14
Time for a complaint dump.

Complaint #1
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I keep seeing ads for those generic, so-called "strategy" mobile games. Now ads don't bother me as much as some people, but what is really grinding my gears is how the ads use a ton of stolen assets/footage. Let me list some I have seen in the past few days:

  • An ad with pictures of actual Pokemon

  • Ad with screenshots from Skyrim

  • Video ad that showed a bunch of dragons, one being Rathian from Monster Hunter

  • One that flat out showed footage from Monster Hunter

  • AAAAAAAnd the usual low-resolution recolored Pokemon clip art.

I would list maybe 20 more but i'm lazy so...


Complaint #2
Spoiler: show

I think my computer is getting old. Any games that use 3D models cause my frame-rate to gradually drop over time to about 2-4 FPS. I tried updating my drivers multiple times, virus scans, restarting my computer, putting game settings at the lowest possible, and nothing would work. Sprite-based games work fine, but I pretty much can't play any of my games. And I don't think my parents would get me a new computer.

Anyone know any way I could get better at this?
Dang, the difficulty spike between 2 and 3 star village is brutal. Ran out of all my healing items fighting Nibelsnarf.   :l

And just so you know during 1 and 2 star I creamed everything.
Well I just found my new least favorite monster (Khezu)
I don't know any books but i'm sure there are plenty guides online.

Of course you can also experiment to see what turns out well.  Thats how I do my game work.
Doing random stuff in Destiny. (Yes I am addicted to it XD)
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Jun 08, 08:00:34
Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Jun 07, 17:40:44



JUST... WHY?!?!


This makes no sense at all. It shouldn't take this long.


I hate woiting long times for games
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 May 29, 14:22:16
I want a main menu in my game... But If I change ANYTHING in my game after that the entire game is unplayable...
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 May 14, 20:22:20
I waaaant a game but I has no money   D:
Doesnt even fit on my phone, even with no photos or apps installed  DD:
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 May 10, 07:34:50
I got my mom to play Wakfu with me  :D
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 May 10, 07:34:22
Trying to figure out an old DOS RPG. I am not used to rolling stats and knowing where to put my stat points. I'm amazed I got through the starting dungeon with no armor.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Mar 23, 11:04:06
I have to wait fro my sandwich to thaw before i can eat it  DD:
Banned for Sweetie belle
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Mar 22, 19:01:08
My brother complains when he gets the slightest lag in minecraft.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 Mar 22, 11:58:54
Its so cold in my house