Voice Acting Auditions #3

Started by Hirosashii, 2012 Jul 21, 19:11:44

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Opens July 21 at 7:00 PM EST
Ends August 11 at 12:00AM EST


Happy Auditioning.


Awesome! I'm not much of a voice actor (it runs through the ENTIRE COUNTRY), so I don't think I would apply. Good luck to those who do anyway! :D

A link to my tumblr above!
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I'm still in high, so I wouldn't be very reliable, though I might try this out for kicks at some point.
Also, that's one godly sig.

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Uh... I'm very good at Acting and Getting the voice for the NPC or what ever.

But I can voice Act... I think... just... who knows who you'll Voicing for....



Gosh darn it, I feel like I'm so useless. I have no talent  :'(


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Here's my audition for male elderly voice.

Edit. Typo spotted.



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Here are my auditions

Tough Pony: http://soundcloud.com/silverlighthouse/tough-male-pony-audtion-for

Elderly Pony: http://soundcloud.com/silverlighthouse/old-dude-lines

Youtube Link (With contact information):
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My first attempt at voice acting! Yeeeaaaahhhhh!  x3

I think I'm the first girl to try out so far, woohoo!  :D
Read the description in the video for how to contact me  =P

Edit: If I get in, I will have an excuse to buy a new microphone! yay! So the audio will be much better. Please keep that in mind listening to my audition! Thanks!  *-*
poni poni poni =P


hey :D
here be my audition thingy me bob, for the male ponies ^^


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Don't know exactly what role I'm auditioning for (kid, teen, adult) but just thought I'd throw this in.


I could buy a new microphone at any time.



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I had several tries at this, The Brattish Voice, Tough Voice and Elderly Voice.
For some reason I like ranting about the Everfree forest lol

Edit: switched it to a Youtube link because apparently the mediafire link wasn't working.

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Oh god.
Well, here goes nothing.
Hopefully it isn't too terrible.


I'm really interested in trying this, I'd love to be able to help.  :D
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what would condescending mean? never heard that word before but ill voice act do you do sound cloud o_O :3


Quote from: hyper drive [HD] on 2012 Jul 21, 23:58:41
what would condescending mean? never heard that word before but ill voice act do you do sound cloud o_O :3

Quote from: from dictionary.comcon·de·scend·ing? ?[kon-duh-sen-ding]  Show IPA
showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority: They resented the older neighbors' condescending cordiality.

And yes, they mentioned that they do soundcloud.  ^-^
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