Reporting posts helps keep our community clean!

Started by Liska, 2013 Feb 21, 19:32:06

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Reporting forum posts is an important part of the forums, you're helping the moderators quite a bit by doing so!
Our forums have over 13,000 members, 4,000 topics, and 360,000 posts. We get about 1,000 posts a day.

Some of these posts break rules, and having our moderation team sift through 1,000 posts everyday is a nearly impossible task.

When you see a post breaking a rule do not quote it. This makes your post just as inappropriate as the original.
Report any inappropriate posts by clicking the "Report to moderator" link at the bottom of the post. Enter a comment with the reason as to why the post is inappropriate.

Reporting posts is anonymous, the original poster does not know who reported their post, and they never will. You are, however, helping our community and our moderation team a whole bunch by doing so!

Last but not least, read the forum rules! There is no excuse for not reading them if you're going to be posting on our forums.

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