Anybody who uses Switch?

Started by BludSpammd, 2018 Jun 04, 17:06:49

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I'm looking for more fun local party games to add to my Switch collection.

Mario tennid aces and Rocket league are the first two to come to mind.

Is there anything else?

Also, who here are hyped for the Octoling update in Splatoon 2?
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If it's fun and local party games, I would suggest Mario Kart 8 DX and Kirby Star allies. Kirby Star allies may be an adventure game, but it's also fun and local party game since it has 4-players and of course if you're doing story mode, you guys have to work together. Lives are saved and there are no penalties for using lives for co-op mode. Puzzle rooms can be worked out with dream friends as long as they have the right elements and friend ability.

Mario kart 8 DX is also fun and local game and can support up to 4 players as well, but you can play with CPU of the difficulty of your choice, with or without them as well as circuit such as 50, 100, 150, 200, and mirror CC and as well as you want items, no items (coins only) and coins (items only), or both.

Mario & Rabbids kingdom battle, well i'm not sure if that's fun and local party game even though there's a versus and co-op mode. co-op mode is unlocked after you get luigi, but for better results in co-op mode, you just need to get everyone, their best weapons, and battles to unlock first. Versus mode, you're going against each other, but you can use all of the characters regardless of your story progression, and the character skills and weapons are fixed and skills can't be assigned manually, and weapons you obtained in story mode can't be equipped. Weapons and skills are based on the character's skill build you select. The way versus mode works is that it's the last team standing regardless if there's a last man (or rabbid) standing and you get 3 action tickets and making a move, attack, and using skills consumes 1 ticket regardless of which character is using them. if you use all 3 actions, you can't select a hero and it will end your turn automatically. There's a time limit on making a move so think fast on your moves. As of co-op play goes, there are victory and defeat conditions. The victory conditions will contain defeating enemies including mid-bosses, moving to the area, and escorting toad and toadette to their designated area. The Defeat condition is when all party members die, the escort dies, and turn limit has passed.
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I play a good bit of both Splatoon 2 and Rocket League, so if you want to play together sometime, then here's my friend code. 4350-2663-5236 .

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