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Started by Spilled-Ink, 2017 Nov 04, 23:08:33

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Hey, I'm new. I registered the account I'm currently on but cannot seem to log into the loE game. When I click login it stays on "logging in" for a good 4 minutes before giving me this message:


failure: Could not get user

I'd really love to try this game out after hearing such great things from the nightmare nights panel.
Help please!

Night Striker

Hey Spilled Ink, welcome to the forums! ^-^ Did you make sure that you typed in your username and password correctly? And if so, the only thing that comes to mind as to why you are getting that error is the hyphen in your name, so maybe try changing your username or making another account without using any special characters, and see if it works then. Hopefully that helps ^-^

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

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i cant seem to log in either and my username is simply Chromlyon, so its probably not the hyphen

String Stream

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Same issue for me. I even removed the space in my username. No juice.  I tried my email instead, and that didn't work either!  Same error: "failure: Could not get user"

Update: Actually, this seems to have some bearing. Perhaps I need to dig harder for the account verification thingy...


I'm not able to log in despite having the correct username and password. I tried to log in 3 times now and it keeps saying that I have an incorrect username and password.


Same issue, couldn't get user. No idea how to fix it, everything I type in, as in login and password, are correct. As for verification, I haven't gotten any e-mails or such. I rea-ally want to play thiss game, but can't. Please, help

Cyan Spark

Hello! Remember to log in with your forum username and password, not email! If that doesn't work, try temporarily changing your password on the forum to something else and checking whether that works for logging in to the game.

Additionally, if you are playing via the direct download on Windows, ensure that you have extracted the .zip file before attempting to launch the game.

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