Legends of Equestria is Recruiting!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Oct 16, 19:20:14

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man I really want to volunteer but I'm not old enough


Ahh this might be late. Good luck y'all :3
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when will a moderator position be available?
 :D  :D


Man if i knew that if this game needs help in new playable races i would gladly help i'll try to make the enviromrnt and house but also draconequus but for body parts probaly just basic animal parts of known animals head and ears would be like discord but  I don't know maby someday


does having a deviant art account count as a portfolio because i really like to help i could try todo new npc of different races like zebras or draconequus or changeling both reformed and evil ones i just like to help out or just give examples to hold on to if someday the want to put new races in


Quote from: mr100dragon100 on 2017 Nov 18, 11:13:37Man if i knew that if this game needs help in new playable races i would gladly help i'll try to make the enviromrnt and house but also draconequus but for body parts probaly just basic animal parts of known animals head and ears would be like discord but  I don't know maby someday

From the last Legends of Equestria Panel at Nightmare Nights Dallas, that was a question asked from a fellow player as well. In response, Rattletrap made it clear that there won't be any other playable races other than ponies. And I'd know that cause I was there.

It would be a cool idea to have other races to be available to play, but the complexity of it would be too much and could cause issues. I'm not entirely sure on all the specific details Rattle said, other than just that only the Pony race would be the only race to play.
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I Look Forward to this application! :D.
Just passing by, looking forward to make friends! :D.


I just applied. I hope it isn't too late!
Good luck for everypony who has applied as well! 
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Quote from: Ellowee on 2016 Oct 16, 19:20:14[NOTE: This post is no longer updated! Please check here for our latest recruitment information!]

Hey again, everypony!

Our Open Access Release is well underway, and we're getting a lot of great feedback from all of you - feedback that we're working hard to implement into the game. We can't do all that work alone, though; that's why the Legends of Equestria team is hiring!

If you're interested in game development, passionate about ponies, or simply need a hobby that will put your talents to use, we'd like to hear from you! We have a pretty extensive list of teams with different roles and skills, so even if you're not super-technical but still want to help us out, there might be something for you here!

We are currently accepting applications for the following departments: Level Designers, VFX Artists, Systems Designers, Programmers, 3D Modellers, 2D Artists, and Moderators [last updated November 23rd, 2017]. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age, unless specified otherwise by the team's hiring message.

If you're interested, please find below a little bit of info from each team's leader on what they're looking for, and how to contact them! Good luck, and we hope to see you on the team soon!

(Note: if for any reason you don't hear back from the team you've applied to within a week, please contact [email protected] so we can work out what's gone wrong!)


[size=12]>Level Designers[/size]

Level designers should have drawn work (hand or digital) of macro or micro scale level designs which factor in standard gaming conventions such as pathing, points of interest, mob spawns, elevation, framing, terrain features, quest potential, etc. Previous experience in a 3D engine (Unity, Unreal) is highly sought after. Map/level designers should expect to be trained in Unity to allow the implementation and editing of their designs. Please email [email protected] with examples of your work.

[size=12]>VFX Artists[/size]

VFX artists will primarily be in charge of creating and implementing spritesheet animations to be used for various player abilities and ambient world effects. This role will require a blending of traditional toon styled art creation and design with technical implementation in Unity (Shuriken knowledge is a HUGE plus!). If you enjoy creating particle based effects to add an extra kick of visual stimulation, this position is for you! Please email [email protected] with links to examples of your work.

[size=12]>Systems Designers[/size]

Systems designers should have the ability to form clear, concise, to-the-point written work which quickly and efficiently describes a complex system to programmers, writers, or other relevant team members. Applicants should be able to design the technical formulation behind conventional experience, leveling, crafting, and ability systems. knowledge of excel for tables, graphs, and formulas is a huge plus. Please email [email protected] with links to examples of your work.


We're currently looking for enthusiastic programmers to help build LoE. A minimum of basic experience programming in C# and Unity is required for any applications to be considered, and you should also provide samples of your previous work so we can see just how awesome you are. We aren't expecting you to be a professional developer (though we won't say no if you are!); so long as you can demonstrate your knowledge and willingness to learn, we want to hear from you! An obsession with tiny colourful horses is not required, but will be taken into consideration and may improve your chances. Due to the nature of the team, we're looking for reliable people that can be trusted to work semi-independently; if you think you can help us out, email [email protected]ndsofequestria.com!

[size=14]3D Modeling[/size][/u]

To apply for the 3D team, please email [email protected] with links to examples of your skills. Any additional unrelated, high quality designs you have done helps too. Applicants must have working knowledge of 3D modeling and/or animating and be willing to learn, design critically, and give and take critique. It is preferred that applicants have a specialty in organic modeling, 3D animation and rigging, terraforming, or any combination thereof. Please include how much time you are able to devote to Legends of Equestria, as well as a list of programs that you use.

[size=14]2D Art[/size][/u]

To apply for the 2D team, please read the following requirements thoroughly, and then use the application form here: https://goo.gl/forms/J4RLHk3LE2h8tx9L2

- Understand the basics of color theory and principles of design
- Ability to mimic the art style of environments, buildings, characters, and items in Legends of Equestria
- Ability to create vector graphics
- Experience in Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, or other raster graphics software
- Experience in Illustrator, Inkscape, or other vector graphics software

Your portfolio should include:
- Three to five pieces of artwork that display good use of colour, an ability to mimic our existing art styles, and good design sense. This can include characters, items, environments, and architectural artwork.
- If possible, include any work involving textured models/texture sheets.
- Any additional works that you wish to include.

Art should be close to or of similar quality to the following works:
a.) Textures and textured models:
i.) http://i.imgur.com/wnaDU9t.png
ii.) http://i.imgur.com/dEbzLoK.png
iii.) http://i.imgur.com/Y4DWrvf.png

b.) Architecture and environments:
i.) http://i.imgur.com/kPkqqwk.png
ii.) http://i.imgur.com/D3cilk7.png
iii.) http://i.imgur.com/G17VywQ.png

c.) Other works:
i.) http://i.imgur.com/xITE8kB.png
ii.) http://i.imgur.com/QYNN80s.png

Please be sure to fill out the application form listed above.
Any further questions can be sent to [email protected]


Moderation is the team that keeps LoE safe. We make sure that our rules are followed, and that Equestria is a place that everyone can enjoy. We patrol the game world, the forum, and our Discord server, dealing with any issues that arise and answering questions where needed. If you think you can help us do that, we'd like to hear from you! We are currently looking for moderation team members who are able to speak, read, and understand any the following: English, Russian, Spanish, French, and/or German.

Down below is a small application form; please fill this out and email it to [email protected]. Your application will be reviewed and processed by our leadership, and we will respond back to the email if you are accepted into the next stage of hiring.  We look forward to reading your application!



  • Be over the age of 18 at the time of application.
  • Member in good standing in the Legends of Equestria community.
  • Not a leader of a guild/herd.
  • Be able to work as a team.
  • Be able to work alone.
  • Ability to remain calm and collected under pressure.
  • Ability to listen and understand issues from a neutral standpoint.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to make and create reports.
  • Up to date on social awareness and other trends within the community and internet.
  • Ability to use Discord and be familiar with the commands and functions.
  • Speak, write, and understand English as it is the primary language of the team.
  • A love of corgis is not required, but will be extremely beneficial.

Application Form:

  • Forum Name:
  • Main in Game Character:
  • Age:
  • Discord Username:
  • Country:
  • Time Zone:
  • Availability:
  • Languages (Russian, English, etc.):
  • Moderation Experience:
  • Why should you be a moderator?:
  • Contact Email:
  • Additional Info:

Please attach any resume or other supporting documents for the application to the email as an attachment, should you feel the need to do so!

Please remember that Legends of Equestria is a volunteer project being developed by a team of dedicated fans from around the world. These are not paid positions, and we cannot offer any financial incentive for your contributions to the project. All we can guarantee is the warm fuzzy feeling from helping to bring an entire world of horses to life.

And lots of socks.

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