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Sooooo close, wonder how many of you I'll see this December  :D
We're planning our next OSW, but on Monday February 15 at 1 PM EST we are doing another panel and we will be streaming just we did on Saturday. So tune in and follow along, this time I will be on the panel!
@Cyan Spark I hope you enjoyed the stream, we appreciate all of you for joining us and we hope our very first live stream was great, see you all again Monday!
Team Biographies / Crimson Feather
2016 Feb 10, 21:17:04
Who am I? I'm only the best PR pony to ever gallop across the internet, and the M.A. Larson of the LoE team, I keep the hype train running like a Big Macintosh with Pinkie Pie's energy  -.-.

When I'm doing pony PR things I'm doing human journalist things (Twilight isn't the only one that discovered how to travel to another reality). I make the cliche and uncreative red and black/grey OC look cool (take that angsty Deviant Art).

You can find me in the chat room randomly, I'm like that magnificent elusive Pokemon that can only be caught with a great ball or better, you don't have to be shy around me as I'm a decent guy (yes, lets go with decent. :/), I enjoy video games, movies and cartoons (Which includes the occasional pony or two).
For those who can't make it don't forget, as always I will live chatting during the panel in the chat room and for the first time ever I will be live streaming randomly during the con!

To watch the stream follow me on Periscope or even on Twitter

And for those of you that will be there, you can chat with us before and after our panel on Monday. We will also be around during our demo/Q&A on Saturday, stop by and say hi! :D
Has it been a week already? It felt like just yesterday we were showing the game off at BronyCon
Everypony asked for it and now it's back! We'll also be showing features of the game at Bronycon this year