Legends of Equestria Is Recruiting!

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Apr 10, 19:57:41

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i i'm so excited to play this game!


Where can I download the game? The official website's download link is dead and IDK why... >:/

Honey Bell

launcher currently doesn't work, you can use the direct downloads.
Hello I'm Honey Bell. Got a problem, I'm all ears, and hooves *giggles*. You can always find me right here, in Discord or Ingame


I really wanna help out but i'm not exactly sure how... I am able to draw a decent amount but I'm not sure I can mimic the used art style with the same quality shown. I have been following the development of this game for a few years now and really REALLY wanna help. :D  Though... I do have an idea of how to get people who cant exactly draw or have programs to work with what you have now easily. I Suggest a small group of game play testers to help the game become more player friendly. And don't get me wrong. I love and appreciate everything that been done so far, but because I've played LoE for a while.... I've found some things that could be adjusted for easier game play.  ^-^

And I am aware that some people might not think this new group would be useful... let me change your mind. though you most likely get feedback form a few people who play casual and all. Not necessarily looking for anything that needs to be added or changed. Its not the most direct and consistent flow of feed back. Now, if a group of people were to be told to "go try and break the game" or "find bugs" stuff like that. :3  Those people would not only be focused on finding things like that but it would be a very direct and speedy way of getting ideas and needed changes out to the programmers, animators and the like. lastly, what good game can you think of that didn't have a few game testers playing their games to get direct feedback and suggestions for a player friendly experience. (I my self have a "small" list of things that could be changed or added that could make positive changes to the game. I am also willing to share that list if you wanna see it ^-^ )

But! I do understand if there are reasons this kinda thing isn't well... a thing. This was merely a suggestion. <3



I can help with audio I'm equipped and can mix and master


Is the team still looking for programmers?

Cyan Spark

Quote from: 6DPegasus on 2021 Jul 07, 15:14:12Is the team still looking for programmers?
If you're interested in applying but haven't sent an email yet, you should send one to [email protected]!


Quote from: Cyan Spark on 2021 Jul 11, 13:59:00If you're interested in applying but haven't sent an email yet, you should send one to [email protected]!
Thank you! I have sent my application over^^


I'll be concentrating on reconstructing my art style so that I can apply for the two-dimensional art department! Wish me luck everypony!
I also don't know.


So... can i apply for level design?
(Side note i am kinda extremist about size or difficulty of my work almost masochist like type of worker... i would gladly help with level design if i can)


Boo Bunny


Im excited to apply voice acting but idk if i can do a grat voice! hahah

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